Exchange Students

Vampire Knight x Harry Potter (Crossover Fanfic).

Set in Order of Phoenix. Good relations between Cross Academy and Hogwarts lead to an exchange program offered. 10 students go to Hogwarts for a year. Based on plump-york's A Bloody Hogwarts Year. VKs are split into various houses. Read to find out more ; !Slow Updates!


2. First Day

With a whoose and a clatter, hundreds of owls came soaring in through the upper windows. They descended all over the Hall, bringing letters and packages to their owners. Professor McGonagall was now moving along the table handing out schedules. She halted after handing Harry, Ron and Hermoine their schedules, looking deep in thought.


                “Miss Granger,” she turned to Hermoine who looked up from a copy of the Daily Prophet inquiringly. Professor McGonagall shuffled through her pile of schedules and pulled out one which was slightly different – printed on a pale lavender coloured paper. “Would you do me a favour?”


                “Well of course Professor,” Hermoine turned to face her directly, eyeing the paper curiously.


                “Thank you,” Professor McGonagall said, flicking her wrist to hand her the paper. “Please give this to Mister Kiryuu if you see him, will you?” With that she continued on her way. Hermoine was already well engrossed in studying the timetable.


                “Look at today!” groaned Ron. Him and Harry having missed the small exchange between Professor McGonagall and Hermoine. “History of Magic, double Potions, Divination and double Defense Against the Dark Arts... Binns, Snape,  Trelawney, and that Umbridge woman all in one day! I wish Fred and George’d hurry up and get those Skiving Snackboxes sorted...”


                “Do mine ears deceive me?” said Fred, arriving with George and squeezing onto the bench beside Harry. “Hogwarts prefects surely don’t wish to skive off lessons?” The trio of brother launched into conversation whilst Harry turned to notice a particularly quiet Hermoine.


                “What’s up Hermoine?” He asked, “something wrong with your schedule?” Her head shot up and she almost slammed the piece of paper onto the space between them.


                “Look at this!” She whispered urgently. Harry wondered why she was whispering. “It’s the new guy’s timetable!” That got Harry’s attention. She continued to read aloud the contents and subjects listed on the paper.


                “Kiryuu, Zero. Gryffindor, 5th Year. Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Astronomy, History of Magic, Herbology, Divination and—” she gasped.


                “What, what is it Hermoine?” Harry asked, panicking silently.


                “He does Arithmancy!” Her voice swooned. Harry could’ve fallen off the bench. Instead, he did a double take and snatched the paper from her fingers, inspecting the schedule.


                “Harry!” Hermoine snapped.


                “He’s..” Harry’s eyes double checked. Triple checked. “He’s got the whole day with us.” Hermoine’s reaction was definitely not expected.


                “YES!” She punched her arm through the air.


                “Hermoine, how are you excited about this?”


                “Excited about what?” Ron’s voice cut in, causing them both to turn to him. His brothers had sauntered away to look for their latest victim and he had just caught the end of their conversation.


                “She’s excited we get to spend the whole day with the new guy.” Luckily, Ron had just swallowed his food.




                “Not just that, I’m excited that there’s finally someone capable around here!” Hermoine added, rolling her eyes for effect.


                “What do you mean?” Asked Ron.


                “The guy does Arithmancy,” Harry answered for her. “Since we don’t do it she’s probably hyped that there’s someone who does it too.”


                “Jeez Moine,” Ron drawled, “does the guy even look like an honour student to you? I give him a week tops. He’ll probably switch to Muggle Studies or something.” Hermoine was about to retort but stopped short when she noticed that the Hall had become considerably more quiet than usual. She turned her head to glance at the entrance and a smile split her face as she literally jumped up and begun waving madly.


                “Zero! Zero, over here!” The guy flinched at the sound of his name being called like that before turning to see a girl waving him over. He debated his options and decided to head over, shrugging.


                “Yes?” He asked politely when he was close enough. He could feel the eyes on him but ignored it. The girl held out a pale coloured slip of paper in his direction and he raised a brow, looking up from it at her. He slowly reached out and took the paper, retreating his hand to glance at it. He nodded in silent understanding once he figured it was his school schedule.


                “You have the whole day with us,” the girl piped up. He stopped studying the paper and looked up at her. “We can show you around, if you’d like.” He could tell that she added the end part just as a part of courtesy. Debating his options once again, he decided there would be no problem. And it’d save him the trouble of asking for directions.


                “Thanks,” he begun to say but suddenly stiffened. He could really deal with not having his senses internally screaming at him this early in the morning. The girl was about to ask him what was wrong, but he whipped around before she managed anything. Hermoine’s eyes followed the direction he was facing and widened in surprise to see another two of the exchange students walk in. The two from Slytherin made their way toward them calmly.


                “Ohaiyo, Kiryuu-kun (Good morning),” Hermoine shivered unnoticeably at his voice. If his voice was tangible, she imagined it being like flowing silk. Zero grunted in response. He caught himself in time as the girl lunged at him, wrapping her arms around his neck cheerfully. Due to her height, she dangled from her grip on his neck and her toes didn’t even reach the ground. Zero snorted but a hint of a smile crept onto his face as he hugged her in return briefly before untangling her arms and placing her back down.


“Good morning,” Kaname’s voice said once again, in English this time, to Harry, Ron and Hermoine. They stood stunned for a moment before returning the words. “Do you mind if I borrow Kiryuu-kun for a moment?” They glanced at each other, wondering why he was asking their permission if they were the strangers and he was the one who knew Zero.


“No, go ahead,” Hermoine finally answered. Kaname smiled at her and turned to Zero, indicating with his hand to step away for awhile. Zero followed hesitantly. Shiruba was left behind and she turned to the other three.


“Hi, I’m Shiruba,” she introduced herself politely, “but you can call me Silver.” She extended her hand. Hermoine was first to act and took her hand, shaking firmly.


“Hermoine Granger,” she expectantly turned to the boys, urging her with her eyes to do the same.


“Harry Potter,” he waited for some sort of outburst from her at his name but none came as she instead turned to Ron.


“Ron Weasley.” He didn’t shake her hand. She withdrew it and smiled at them.


“So you’re showing Zero around?” She asked.


“Yes, he’s got the same classes as us,” Hermoine decided it was best if she was the only one talking. “Which reminds me, why does he have classes now? Aren’t you supposed to start your classes when we have third period?” She watched Silver make a silent Ah face.


“Most of us, yes.” She nodded, beginning to rock back and forth on the balls of her feet restlessly. “But Zero and I have classes with both you and our students.” Hermoine was surprised. Then her eyes widened, does that mean they get to take extra subjects? Shiruba resisted the urge to raise her eyebrow in a knowing manner before continuing.


“We have nine classes a day. So that way we cover both your shifts and our own classes’. Although most of the time we may shuffle around. For example,” she tipped her head in Zero and Kaname’s direction, “Zero is taking the day with you guys whilst I’m having classes with our guys.” She watched as Hermoine’s brows pulled together into a frown. In the corner of her eye she also caught the other two boys whispering to one another urgently.


“But,” Hermoine piped up, reverting Shiruba’s attention back to her, “why?” She shrugged nonchalantly.


“No need to worry yourselves about it for now,” her smile seemed more like a smirk, “you’ll find out sooner or later anyway.” Another glance at Zero’s direction alerted to her that the boys were making their way back to them. She sidestepped as they rejoined the loose circle of people. Kaname flashed a charming smile to the group.


“Thank you. I shall hope to see you again,” he nodded before adding, “good day.” He locked eyes with Shiruba before turning to head off.


“See you around!” She waved enthusiastically at them, beaming. “Zero, stay out of trouble!” She was mid-skip before abruptly changing course and winding up beside Hermoine in a flash. She leaned down and whispered coyly into her ear. “Oh and it’s pronounced, Zehro”. Before Hermoine had the chance to turn her head, she was gone and beside Kaname, making their way out of the great hall once again. She stood dumbstruck for a moment, before turning to catch Zero scowling at nothing. Shaking out of her stupor she urged the others to get a move on as classes were just about to start. Harry and Ron, mostly Ron, were eyeing Zero nervously and seemed to come to a silent agreement about something before starting a random topic.


“D’you reckon it’s true this year’s going to be really tough? Because of the exams?” Hermoine asked, reverting to the topic Ron had discussed with his brothers.


“Oh yeah,” agreed Ron. “Bount to be, isn’t it? OWLS are really important, affect the jobs you can apply for and everything.”


“D’you know what you want to do after Hogwarts?” Harry’s question was mainly aimed towards the other two as they left the great hall and set off towards their History of Magic classroom. He could see Zero trailing along silently behind them; curtesy of Hermoine’s pestering.


“Not really,” said Ron slowly. “Except... well...” He looked slightly sheepish.


“What?” Harry urged him.


“Well, it’d be cool to be an Auror,” said Ron in an off-hand voice. Harry agreed fervently. “But they’re like, the elite,” added Ron wistfully. “You’ve got to be really good. What about you Hermoine?”


“I don’t know,” she replied. “I think I’d like to do something really worthwhile.”


“An Auror’s worthwhile!” Defended Harry. Hermoine rolled her eyes.


“Yes, it is, but it’s not the only worthwhile thing,” she said thoughtfully, “I mean, if I could take SPEW further...” She shook her head, not wanting to go into it so early in the morning. She turned to see Zero looking off somewhere, not looking like he was paying much attention. She didn’t want to make him feel left out, especially after she had insisted he follow them. “What are your plans after school, Zero?” She said the name as Shiruba had advised and was pleased to see him snap out of his daze instantly, whipping his head around to face her. “I mean, I’m guessing your system is kinda different to ours...” She trailed off. Truthfully she was interested in what their students did after school.


“Um,” Zero’s eyes were darting everywhere as he thought. “Probably just go on with full-time work...” He didn’t want to go into it on his first day. Hermoine was dissapointed. So basically they just go on with their lives like other humans? She surmized. There wasn’t time to ask any more questions as they made their way into the classrooms and took their seats. Traditionally, they would sit in a table of three which just managed to fit them all. However today Hermoine decided she would sit with Zero on a separate table so as to not exclude him. The boys shot worried and panicked looks at her which she blatantly ignored.


History of Magic was uneventful, unsurprisingly. Harry and Ron hardly even tried to pay attention and instead begun playing hangman on their books whilst Hermoine was dutifully drinking in every drop of information that Professor Binns, their ghost teacher, was spewing. A fine misty drizzle had begun to fall as they left the classroom and people stood in huddles around the edges of the yard. Harry, Ron and Hermoine were talking about what Snape was likely to set them in their first lesson of the year, Hermoine kindly filling Zero in on who Snape was and that he taught their Potions class. Someone walked around the corner towards them as they were agreeing that he was most likely to set something terribly challenging for them.


“Hello, Harry!” It was Cho Chang, on her own. Unusual considering she was almost always surrounded by a gang of giggling girls; Harry remembered somberly about the time he tried to get her alone last year.


“Hi,” he said, feeling his face grow hot. They begun chatting casually when Zero stiffened and whipped his head around and narrowed his eyes at something far away. He turned and was about to dash off before remembering his manners.


“Excuse me,” he whispered to Hermoine who didn’t manage to get a word out before he had run off. Her eyes followed him to see what he was up to. She was surprised when she saw that he came up to two other night class students.


“Kain-sempai, Aidou-sempai, naze ryo de shinai (why aren’t you in your dorms)?” He barked. So much for a quiet first day. He automatically looked to Akatsuki for answers.


Maa, Hanabusa futatabi toraburu ni nattano sa (well, Hanabusa got into trouble again),” Kain begun to drawl in his bored monotone, “Soreto ore wa ikutsu ka no yoji de kare ni doko shite Kuran-byocho wa, batsu toshite okonau tame ni kara o okutta (also I’m accompanying him on some errands dorm president Kuran sent him to do as punishment).” Zero had begun snickering at Aidou who glared daggers in response.


Ah, so (oh I see),” Zero commented dully. “Ma, kare no nokoshite ore wa Kain-sempai okimasude (well in that case, i’ll leave him to you Kain-sempai).” Akatsuki nodded slightly and Zero turned around, marching back to the others.


“What does it matter!” He could hear Hermoine arguing with Ron again.


“It means they’re not real fans, they’re just jumping on the bandwagon –”


“That’s the bell,” said Harry dully. They didn’t stop arguing all the way down to Snape’s dungeon however and left Zero and him to awkwardly walk beside one another. Harry spent the time glancing nervously at Zero often and wondering if he should try to strike up a conversation. He filed into the classroom behind Ron and Hermoine following them to their usual table. They had lowered their arguing to mere glaring at one another and Harry realized that he was about to get stuck with Zero on a seperate table. He bit his lip hesitantly and steeled himself.


“May I?” Zero had already taken a seat at the table behind their usual and Harry asked him if he could sit next to him. Zero looked up with a bored expression mixed with surprise on his face. He nodded and pulled out the chair for Harry. “So,” Harry said, trying to start a conversation, “have you done potions before?” Zero was leaning on his right hand and looked at him, he was about to answer before he was cut off by a cold monotone voice.


“Settle down,” said Snape, shutting the dor behind him. Harry almost sighed with relief at Snape’s intervention but at the same time felt let down at being unable to talk to Zero. A slip of paper sliding before him on the table caught his attention. He glanced at it after catching sight Zero’s retreating hand. In a rushed neat script, the words on the paper read:


No, our subjects are similar to that of human school’s. More like lectures.


                Harry couldn’t think of anything else to say so he smiled silently instead. It was hastily wiped off his face when before Professor Snape could notice. He had a feeling that the lesson wouldn’t be as bad as he thought.


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