Exchange Students

Vampire Knight x Harry Potter (Crossover Fanfic).

Set in Order of Phoenix. Good relations between Cross Academy and Hogwarts lead to an exchange program offered. 10 students go to Hogwarts for a year. Based on plump-york's A Bloody Hogwarts Year. VKs are split into various houses. Read to find out more ; !Slow Updates!


7. Blood

Silver strode down the halls with determination set in her strides. She paid no attention to the students who shied away from her or shot her various looks as she had her eyes set on her destination. In her hand was the piece of paper Kaname had slipped her, crumpled. Scrawled in his ancient style of writing, the note read the words:

Room of Requirement

A corner of her lips turned up as she rounded a corner. Before they had agreed to join this program, she and everyone else had researched everything to do with Hogwarts and its staff, students, everything. Legends and myths were all considered. After all, how could they not if evidently withces, warlocks and vampires all exist? She was stalking down towards a wall, smile spreading wider unconciously. She didn't need to turn around to know that shw was alone. Setting her jaw, she didn't falter in her steps as the wall grew closer and closer. Then out of nowhere, dark lines began to appear on the wall, swirling and joining together. A pattern for a door became evident, complete with shadows and hinges. Putting her hands in front of her, she layed them cautiously on the surface and gave a push. The doors swung open soundlessly - as if well oiled.
                    "Zero, I know you're in here," she called out. Hearing shuffling sounds, she immediately headed in that direction without hesitation. She found Zero propped up against a wall, head between his knees. He didn't so much as look up as she neared him, crouching down. Scattered around him were white pills, puddles of red and white liquid and pieces of broken glass. Silver assessed the situation as she gingerly avoided the glass. There was Zero's Cross Academy-issued pill box with the lid slid open halfway, close to Zero's hand on the ground - its contents spilling out. Glasses were placed around him - whoever had left them there had anticipated him breaking a few. She picked up the pill box and took out a pill, dropping it in a half-filled glass, she nudged Zero non-too-gently as the pill dissolved, turning the water a chalky, pale red. Reluctantly, Zero lifted his head. His eyes were tortured and filled with self-hate.
                    "Close off your nose and swallow it," she said simply, placing the glass in his hand. He gave her a look, which she instantly countered with one of her own that dared him to protest. He sighed, pinched his nose with his fingers and tipped the contents of the glass down his throat. Silver watched detachedly as Zero’s face morphed into disgust and he turned his body, retching. She let our an exasperated huff, grabbed the glass and stood up. She begun to walk away, her back to Zero. Silver heard him give a sigh of relief and smirked. A tap materialized on the wall before her and she filled the cup with clean water. Pulling out another pill, she dropped it in. She frowned slightly for a moment before dropping another one in.


She knew for a fact that the blood tablets were designed to curb a vampire’s bloodlust by decieving the taker’s body - that’s all. It tasted nothing like blood. She recalled taking an experimental sip once and it had tasted bland; like starch and water. Possibly, she thought as her arm reached down below her, Zero was unable to tolerate the tablets because his body may somehow know that it wasn’t actual blood. The tablet wasn’t able to decieve his body well enough. So, she pulled something out from her shoe, maybe if we manage to make the pill taste like the real deal, it would be enough to fool his body in the process. She gave the object a rough flick of her wrist and something silver and metallic appeared, glinting dully. A flick blade.


A make-shift table protruded from the wall; she carefully placed the glass on it to free her hand, then, hovering over the glass, she drew the blade cleanly over her index finger, watching as blood welled up and spilled over, straight into the cup. She could hear shuffling behind her and smiled somewhat sadistically - Zero was beginning to get restless. Once she decided it was enough, she dipped her giner into the darkening water, stirred it slightly, then pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth. She placed her blade and grabbed the cup with her free hand. Turning on her heel, she stalked back to Zero, visibly seeing him flinch at her approach.


                    “Take it,” she thrust the cup back into his hand. For a moment Zero looked like he was about to fling it as far away as possible, but she growled his name in a warning tone, and he stopped himself. “Zero,” she repeated, “you know delaying it won’t help anyway.” He grit his teeth, below inhaling deeply, and downed the whole glass swiftly.



                    “Harry,” said boy turned to the source of the voice; Hermoine.


                    “What’s up?” he asked casually. He raised a brow as her eyes flickered  to the sides, as if checking to make sure nobody overheard them.


                    “Earlier today, in Care of Magical Creatures,” she began, Harry nodding, “you were asking about Zero, weren’t you?” His brows went up, although he should have known Hermoine would’ve figured it out. He nodded again. “I really think we’ve already got plenty on our hands, what with Umbridge and all, but I know you well enough that that isn’t going to be enough to stop you.” Harry suppressed a smile at that. “So I just wanted to tell you, that I found something in the library yesterday, that might be useful.” Now Harry was listening.


                    “Like what?” He asked. Hermoine ruffled through her pockets before turning up with a small piece of folded paper. She slipped it into his fingers smoothly. He was about to open it up curiously, but her fingers closed over his quickly.


                    “Not here,” she whispered. Harry frowned, opening his mouth to say something, but she cut him off again. “It’s a spell.” Now Harry was even more confused. A spell? For what? Of course, Hermoine in all her smartness answered exactly what was in his thoughts. “I have a feeling we’re not going to be the only ones snooping around Hogwarts this year.” Harry gave her a pointed look as if to say, so? “If you ever stumble upon the exchange students alone,” her eyes flickered around them cautiously again, “use the spell.” Harry didn’t peg Hermoine as one who would take actions before thinking, so he was about to question this, but again before he could, she added; “it’s not an offensive spell.” And away she went. He was left to stand there somewhat confused as he watched her blend into the rest of the class gathered around the plants.



Zero’s body was wracked with shudders as he could feel the drink spreading like liquid warmth. It surprised him, he felt sick, but not sick enough to throw up. Maybe Silver had managed to fool his body enough to take the tablet? In any case, he looked up at her and gave a grateful, weary, lopsided smile which she returned with an arrogant smirk. She pushed herself off the ground and dusted herself off.


                    “Get some rest,” she said, huffing, “I’m gonna go to class.” She turned on the spot and began to walk off to the door. “That detention,” Zero’s head snapped up to see her frozen mid-step. Obviously, she knew about that detention with Professor Umbridge. “I advise you not to go. Kaname can deal with any problems. You need to concentrate on getting better.” She hadn’t looked back at him when she had said the words, and continued out the door. Zero sighed, pushing himself to sit up more, hands running through his silver locks. What to do?

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