the Whole Story

Avengers Fanfic.

Tony's taken over the family business as a pianist. He's world-famous, miserable as fuck, and almost friendless except for his managers, pepper and rhodey. He goes home every night to an empty house, but hey, he grew up like this, so he's used to it. He smiles for the cameras and gets his smile lines that way. But the newspapers don't tell the whole story, do they? Slash!

Credits to theappleppielifestyle @ tumblr for prompt!


1. Prelude

Tony Stark: Musical Wonder


Since he was able to scramble up onto the seat on his own, Tony Stark has been playing the piano. His parents, Howard and Maria Stark, were both world-renown pianists; so it was of no surprise to anyone that their only son would be a musical prodigy. Even from an early age, Tony stole the spotlight with his brilliant and unique mind. At age 4, he knew every scale by heart. At age 10, he had made his debut into the music industry with a legendary guest-appearance concerto with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Accepting a full scholarship from the prestigious school of arts, Juliard, he graduated with highest class honours at 17. The same year, the world lost two of its most influential characters of the music world to a tragic accident. Secluding himself for 4 years, Tony Stark took the world by storm when the prodigal son returns and is given full control of his parents’ great empire at 21. With the keys to the kingdom, Tony ushers in a new era of revolutionary music. Creating solos, hit-albums, concertos. Today, he has changed the face of the music industry and many could challenge the fact that Tony Stark may have surpassed even his parents. Worth millions, Tony Stark continuously releases new work after new work whilst also performing on a monthly basis in his own concert hall – which is more often than not, sold out.

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