The Cure- Sequal to Saviour

Now that she has saved her brother from the vampires who wanted to kill him for the "cure", can she save herself? Now that she has been betten, can she find the ''cure'' for herslef? or will she be forever a half-vampire?


5. The Truth

“That’s all he said? Nothing about stating a war?” Isabel had come back dragging unconious Kate back at the apartment. Kate was now lying in Isabel’s bed. Isabel was surprised when she came back they were all there. She filled them in on what had happen, but still hadn’t mentioned her and possibly her brother being an angel.

“What did you want Alex a paper report saying they want war with us?” Marked sounded not at all very pleased when she told him what had happened.

“I was hoping they would have some decency to say it to our face” Alex sounded disappointed. If he was hopping to go to war he was going to get his wish, Isabel thought. “I wouldn’t say it would be smart; just that they need to make it clear want they want”

“He wants me to bring it to him personally otherwise my mum or Jonathan will pay for it” Isabel tried to keep herself from crying but knew it was going to come out soon.  “I think we should call mum and send her to a place where it would be safe and Jonathan”

“No offence, but I can protected myself” Jonathan, Isabel knew Jonathan didn’t like the idea of needing protection. But couldn’t help but give him a steair that said she had saved him once.

“He also said something about me being part angel and that’s why I can’t fully turn into a vampire” Isabel was hopping they would say no it wasn’t true, but the look on their face told her that it was true.

“We did come to that conclusion, but that would mean Jonathan was only your half-brother, because he was a full vampire” Isabel couldn’t hear much after that because she blacked out.


“Is she dead?”

“You are the dumbest human I have ever met”

“Well, how was I serpost to-“ 

 “Kate, Alex stop. Isabel doesn’t need to hear this”

“I didn’t do anything; I only ask if she was dead, Mark do something”


“Alex, apologise to Kate”

“I can do better than that, come here and give me a huge”

“Ewe no. Go away!”

“Shut up, I think she can hear us”

“Offcourse she can hear me”

Isabel was sure she was a wake but couldn’t open her eyes. Where was she? She couldn’t remember very much. Then she fell back to sleep.

The room was quite when she open her eyes, she was sure she was alone at first, but heard and felt someone’s breath on her arm. There next to her was Kate, sleeping next to her on a chair, head perched on the bed. She was in her room, the one Kate was put in. Isabel pulled away from Kate and got of the large bed. The black and white blankets were tangled up.

Isabel was heading to the kitchen to make a coffee when she heard voices; she stopped dead in her tracks. Who was in her dining room? It wasn’t Jace, her brother, Mark, vixson, Tyson and not Kate because Kate was in her room when she left. She sneaked passed the dining room and into the kitchen.  Looking around the room for a knife she, hadn’t notice a boy standing behind her. She grabbed the knife closes to her, it happens to be the biggest they had. Turning she notice a man leaning against the fridge door and was looking for something to eat. But what was he doing here? She didn’t know him. Isabel griped the knife more tightly as if it had the power to let her stand up to this man and make him leave. Isabel made a noise and when the man didn’t hear it or didn’t think anything of it, she did it louder.

He turned to her and smiled, he accely smiled. If he thought he could robbed the fridge and get away with a smile on his face then he was wrong, she thought.

“What the hell are you doing in my brothers apartment?” her voice barely a whisper. He looked at her and realised what she was holding and it was pointed at him. He hell up his hands and stepped back.

“Isabel, give me that knife” he said slowly as if she was some crazy person.

“How do you know my name?” She asked still frighten of him and wasn’t too happy to find he knew her name and she didn’t even know him or let alone seen him before.

“Alex, can you come here for a second?” The next thing she Knew Alex skidded into the room, wearing the same things he wore yesterday.

“What the hell” He said looking down at Isabel’s knife and then at his friend. “Did she stab you yet?” The man shook head, Alex looked even disappointed.

“You know him Alex?” She was totally lost. What was going on? Where was my brother?

“Yeah, this is my partner, Jake” he said smiling. She couldn’t believe this she just tried threating his friend and he was smiling about it. She looked back at Jake.

“I am so sorry” She said putting the knife back into the draw. “I thought you were… you know what forget about it, it doesn’t matter” They both nod and headed back to the dining room, Isabel followed after them.

“Where’s my brother?” Isabel had to ask she was getting worried and he never left her without saying where he was going.

“He went with Mark and one of my mates to get more blood for you” Alex answered, sitting down.

“What?” She asked when he kept staring at her.

“I think you might be an angel, that’s why you couldn’t be changed into a vampire” She was shocked. What brought this up? Were they talking about her when she was sleeping? Event thought she knew this it still surprised her. She didn’t think she could ever get used to it.

“I know. That man who took me and Kate told me the same thing and I think his right, it would explain why I can’t eat like a full vampire and that I can go out in the sun” Isabel says.

“That means you won’t be a Monnrey for long” A what? Isabel had never heard the word before. “It means half vampire is a “Monnrey” but you would be called something different because you are an angel or have some sort of angel blood in you” Alex said as if reading from a text book; and maybe he did get this information from a text book.

“You should come to the heavens library with us; we need to get something’s from there any way” Isable must have been cakted with confusion because he added ‘Sorry I forgot you don’t know any of this. It’s a library that’s protected by pixy’s they called it that because it’s as close as you can get to heave without dying and it’s so pure it feels like you’re in heaven, not that I have gone to heaven, but that’s what they say” He said looking at something behind Isabel. 

“Can we go now?” Isabel asked, sounding maybe just to egger.

“Call your brother and tell him where you will be. Oh, and don’t tell him anything about the library, just tell him we went to get something to eat because there nothing edible in his fridge” Alex says, pulling out his own phone and checking for messages. Isabel went back to her room. Oh, I forgot about Kate. Lifting Kate up onto the bed she grabbed her phone off the side cabinet and went back to where the boys were.

“Ready?” Alex said. Nodding, Isabel follows Alex out to where Jake was talking to the cab. They all hoped into the back seat, Alex in then Isabel in the middle and Jake on the other side. “You’re on my foot” Alex said to Isabel, she realised what he said and took her foot off of his feeling embarrass.

Pulling her phone out of her jean pocket she dialled Jonathan’s number, she handed it to Alex. Answering his unasked question she adds “He will know I’m lying” saying nothing Alex took the phone. It was true Jonathan could always tell if she was lying to him, even if they were on the phone. Come to think of it everyone could tell when Isabel was lying. 

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