The Cure- Sequal to Saviour

Now that she has saved her brother from the vampires who wanted to kill him for the "cure", can she save herself? Now that she has been betten, can she find the ''cure'' for herslef? or will she be forever a half-vampire?


2. Meeting

Isabel was packing her bag when she heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” she heard Jonathan maybe yell, they were still there waiting for her to pack. Her bag she knew was going to be filled with things she didn’t need. She always seemed to over pack.

“What are you doing?” Kate’s voice was lower and seemed to be getting upset as she walked into Isabel’s room. Isabel turned to her and like she had guessed Kate was crying.

“What’s wrong Kate? What happen?” she asked pulling Kate towards the bed where she had tried to separate the clothes she wasn’t taking and the clothes she was, but decided that it would be easier to take it all.

“I…. don’t worry about me just something that happed at home” Kate looked down at her hands that were placed on her lap. She looked scared and fragile. Then she looked up to Isabel.

“If there is something going on with your family you can stay here with my brother. If you want to, he won’t mine.” Isabel was sure he won’t mine if it had been anyone but Kate; he had always thought she was annoying. She was too jumpy and loud. He never said anything to her when she was around because if he did she would talk on for ever and he never liked people that talked too much. He was a bit like Jace.

“That would be nice. So, what are you packing for?” Kate was acting weird and it wasn’t because what had happened to her family.

“I am going to Marks place for a while. He thought I was better for me to stay there for a while to you know get uses to being what I am, a vampire” Isabel didn’t know why she wasn’t telling Kate the truth. There was something that told her not to.

“Oh. Well then I came in good time to say good bye then.” Kate gave her a hug.

“Well, I better tell Jonathan that you will be here for a while” I looked at her face and added “he won’t mine I promise” she nodded. As Isabel got off the bed she said “you can have this room or the guess room, but this room is bigger”

When Isabel got to the dining table they were talking about how they should change the voice on the GPS into something less annoying. They were too lost in the conversation to notices Isabel leaning agents the door. The only one who did was Jace, who seemed not want to join their conversion. Isabel never did understand why he didn’t want to talk most of the time; you had to force him to talk.  “Can I talk to you Jonathan?”

“Sure” Jonathan got up and walked to the kitchen and Isabel followed.  “What do you want?”

“I said Kate could stay with you” Isabel knew he wouldn’t like that, but he looked angrier then she thought he would.

“Why would you do that without asking me first? You know I don’t like her.” He tried to lower his voice so Kate wouldn’t hear. Isabel was sure that the whole world could hear.

“I know, but she’s having problems with her family”


“So, she’s my friend I can’t do that to her. Plus, I promise that you won’t mine her staying”

“I don’t trust her, she me feel like I can’t trust her. She’s up to something. Can’t you see what she’s doing? She is not your friend.”  He was red in the face like he always was when he was angry or sad.

“I can’t believe you” Isabel knew what he meant by not trusting her, but it still made her mad that Kate was acting a bit weird lately, for six days after they all saved Jonathan. Something was wrong but Isabel didn’t want to admit it. “I can’t believe you, after what she did for you and you don’t trust her.”

“Isabel, you don’t understand she is not acting normal and you know it. She would never ask something like this. She has change. She is not the same Kate you or me have known all of our life”

“MAYBE SHE DIDN’T ASK, MAYBE I SURGESTED IT. STOP TELLING ME I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I AM NOT YOUR FIVE YEAR OLD SISTER ANYMORE! YOU NEVER CHANGE! EVERY THINK IS ABOUT YOU! YOU, YOU. WHEN DO I SAY WHAT HAPPENS. WHEN JONATHEN. WHEN.” He was quite at that, he looked the way he did when he told Isabel to run and get out of the apartment while she still could. Isabel, never yelled at him like this before. Even when she was mad at him she never did that. Isabel’s throat was sour. Only just now did she realised everyone had stop talking. “You are going to deal with her.” Isabel said as she pushed passed Jonathan.  Isabel walked through the dining room, not looking at Jace or Mark. They all heard what they had said. Isabel was out the door before anyone could stop her.

 Isabel run down a road and another and remembered that there was a café shop somewhere that Jonathan, her and their dad use to go to after he came back from work.  They all went there every Monday; it had the best cake and coffee in the world her dad use to say. It was true, it did. Isabel turned the corner. There where it had always been the café shop, for some reason she had expected it to not be there anymore, like her dad wasn’t. It wasn’t a big shop, it wasn’t very popular either and Isabel never knew why.

The inside was dark and very quiet. It was the same as Isabel remembered it was. Isabel sat at the table she uses to with her dad; it was at the corner of the café.

The laddie came to take her order, Isabel just asked for a bottle of water. It turns out to coat three dollars. She paid her with a five dollar note. Isabel didn’t know why, but she felt sick. And before she knew it she was heading for the bathroom.

Isabel was sitting on the toilet crying. She know there was no point, it wasn’t going to change a thing. It was always going to be hard, she was always going to see things that reminded her of her dad. She opened her phone to text her brother, but he had sent six already.




And they kept on saying the same thing where are you? I am sorry. Isabel knew she shouldn’t but couldn’t help it. She texted Jace.


He texted back NO. WHERE ARE U. ARE U ALL RIGHT.


OK.  CUI10 J

She couldn’t go back. She didn’t want to. She didn’t want to do anything, but sit there and think about what Kate was up to. But just then the door of the toilets opened. Isabel jumped and looked up to see a boy around her age maybe her age.

“Who are you? She whispered to surprise to say anything else.

After a few minutes he said “Scott” she could tell he was lying.

“Well, if you anent going to tell me you’re real name, I’m off” she got up and passed him. What was he doing in the girl’s bathroom and bursting into the toilets like that. She turned around and said. “What the hell were you doing bursting in like that and you’re not even allowed to be in here?”

“Hay, how can you blame me I wasn’t bowling my eyes out, just then. You were really loud I had to check to see if someone had died” he was staring at her as if she had just accused him of something. She ran out. And dogged two girls that were lined up for a beer. She made it out of the restraint but soon realised it was raining and frizzing. Great what I am I supposed to do now she thought. It was a 10 minute walk. She didn’t want Jace to help because he had other things to worry about and because he had no car. She went back inside and text Jace.


“Hay weren’t you leaving?” The boy she meet I the bathroom was standing in front of her. He was the same height as her she realised. His black hair was cut short. He was wearing a shirt and black jeans.

“I….I was, but I don’t have a car.” She said hopping he would go away and stop teasing her. He was looked surprised she thought he didn’t think I would tell him that. She went out the door and lift him the staring out surprised.


By the time she got to Jace’s place she was soaked, tied, hungry and cold. Jace’s mum had made her a cup of coffee (she would tip out when she wasn’t looking) and brought out some garlic bread. She was wearing Jace’s mother clothes which fit her very well. Jace’s mum was small framed, blonde like her son and was Beatty for her age. She liked Isabel and her mother, but didn’t talk to her much.  “Thank you, Jane” Isabel couldn’t be more thank full, Jane help in any way she could even lidded her money when they couldn’t a find the money for food or money for school. But they paid her back after four months.

“That’s ok, so how come you were out in the rain?” Jane asked, bit curious of how Isabel had ended up in the rain.

“I went out for a walk and forgot the time and then it started raining” Jane didn’t look convince, but didn’t say anything. 

“Well, are you going to stay, actually I insist that you stay here there will be no point going and its dark, raining and cold” Jane said getting up and walking towards the guesses bedroom to set up the bed for Isabel.

“Why did you go off like that?” Jace asked not unkindly, but one that demented an answer.

“I don’t know I was angry with John” Isabel looked at him and tried to see what he was thinking, well that was stupide she would image him saying. But was that he was thinking? Was he still worried about her being sick? But all Jace said was “are you all right?” when she nodded she felt like she was going to faint. She hadn’t had anything to drink.

“I going to bed, see you in the morning” Isabel went off to look around for Jane who she found in the kitchen making herself a sandwich. “I thought I might go to bed” Isabel went out before Jane could ask her how her mother was. She just wanted to disappear. Not deal with the sadness, guilt, pain and loss she felt when thinking of her mother.

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