The Cure- Sequal to Saviour

Now that she has saved her brother from the vampires who wanted to kill him for the "cure", can she save herself? Now that she has been betten, can she find the ''cure'' for herslef? or will she be forever a half-vampire?


1. Half-vamp

“Gross” Isabel whisper as she moved her hair away from her face. She spit the last chunk of blood out of her mouth and into the small sink of her brother’s apartment. Why is this still happing too her? She thought it was supposed to stop after a week, well that’s what Mark had said anyway but he also said to call him if it continues after a week, but she hadn’t. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so she kept quiet.

After Isabel saved her brother they decided it was best for her to stay at Jonathan’s apartment so she didn’t have to hide bottles of blood away from her mum, but mainly so she couldn’t hurt her.  She agreed, but Mark thought it would be best for her to stay with him and his group, so she doesn’t turn Jonathan back into a vampire.

Buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzz she run to grab her new phone her brother had brought her because she had broken her old one saving him. She got it on the last ring “What’s up, Mark” Isabel asked

“Are you feeling ok?”

“I’m fine”

“So you stoped throwing up?”

“Umm…yes” She hesitated for too long

“Well then you won’t mine me coming over and checking?” Dam he knows I should just tell him.

“Ok, no it hasn’t stop” she admit

“I will be there in two hours” Mark hung up. Isabel flop on the bed, her stomach ached and her she had a head ached. What was happing to me? She had no idea. All of sudden she felt like she was on fire, she could see more than one vision. It was so hard to tell what was real and what was not and then she blacked out.




“Isabel” Isabel could hear someone call her name. She open her eyes and there leaning over her was Jace, he looked different somehow, she couldn’t tell why.

“Why are you here?” she whisper

Jace raised an eyebrow “you, well… I called you to see if you were ok and when you didn’t pick up…. I came to check up on you”

“You came to check up on me? Well, what can possibly happen to me? I am dead, remember” He frowned.

“Do you even remember what happen? When I came you were really red and hot”

“No” she sat up.

“You’re still sick, ant you?” he asked. She could tell he was worried about her.

“Yes, but it only happens in the mornings”

“Maybe, it wasn’t such a good idea for you to stay here with your brother. I think you should stay with Mark so he doesn’t have to keep checking up on you” Jace tried smiled and almost pulled it off. He has been so nice to her and yet she had in no way showed that she had appreciated it. Maybe they could hangout more, like they did before she found out her brother was a vampire or maybe all he wanted to do was get away from it all and she was just holding him back.

She looked outside.  Wow, it’s already morning and then it made her think how long she had been asleep for. She got up and headed to the kitchen, the walls were a light blue, making it look much bigger then what it really was. She looked through the cabinets until she found a bowl.

“What are you doing?” Jace asked standing next to her. How did he get there without me noticing? Isabel thought.

“What?” She asked confused

“You don’t eat that” he pointed towards the bowl she poured with cereal.

“Oh, right I forgot. Um… Do you want it?” she emptied the last of the milk into the bowl. Then place the bowl in front of him. He smiles; it’s a smile that you get when someone can’t be bothered saying thanks.

“Do you have a spoon?” he asked he walked to the table.

“Here” She throw a spoon across the old dining table, she remembered when mum had first given it Jonathan to fill the empty apartment.  At first Jonathan was excited, but then he thought it was a bit too big to fit in the small dining room, but kept it anyway.

“I forgotten that I don’t eat human food” she said as she sat down beside him.

“Yeah I guessed that. Do you know what’s wired?” he went on without her answer. “You don’t look like a vampire at all, I mean like Mark or Tyson or the other one what’s his name?” he shoved the fifth spoon full of food in his mouth.


“Yes him, why is that?”

“I don’t know. I asked Mark the same question, but all he said was that he didn’t know either, he said it took time, but not this much time”

“But you drink blood, but you don’t like blood from humans, only from animals. That; I think is not normal, well…for a vampire that is”


“So, perhaps there’s something that’s stopping you from turning into a full vampire” he mumbled without even looking at her.

“What could it be?” she ask, but they both know neither one of them had the answer. She heard a faint noise of footsteps by the door.

“Someone here?” He asked as she walked to the front door of the apartment.

“Just my brother and Mark, which are, may I add late” Opening the door she realise that both of them were caring bags of blood, that she guessed were hers. She moved out of the way, so they could get through.

“Thought you might need this” Jonathan laughed at her sudden interest in the blood. He was right she was starving. Jonathan was trying to help her get through this, but all he did was make her feel bad about myself. They both Mark and Jonathan place the bags on the table that Jace was setting at. Jonathan waved at Jace and Mark just ignored him. Neither one liked each other, so what was the point about pretending to. Isabel walked back to the table and grabbed the bag and poured the blood into a cup, but only filled it half way. The rest she filled it with water.

“Why do you do that? Add it with water.” Jace asked, before she could answer Mark barge in.

“For some reason she only needs the blood for energy. Think of it like blood is food and water is just water. We are still not sure why this is, but I think it’s best for Isabel to be at Draw Mountain. So we can see why this is happing.” But Isabel didn’t want to be with a group of vampires that looked at her as if she had a sign on her head saying that there was something not right about her, that she was different.

“If I did go to Draw Mountain with you, how long would I stay?” Isabel asked know the answer wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

“Maybe a mouth or two” he was avoiding Isabel’s eyes, knowing that she didn’t want any of this as much as he didn’t, but she had no choice in the mater.

“So when do we leave?” Isabel asked Mark. It felt like all she seemed to be doing was asking question.

“Well, now would be good” his voice full of surprise. Everyone in the room was looking at Isabel with surprise, it seemed like every one thought she would never say those words and so did she.

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