The Cure- Sequal to Saviour

Now that she has saved her brother from the vampires who wanted to kill him for the "cure", can she save herself? Now that she has been betten, can she find the ''cure'' for herslef? or will she be forever a half-vampire?


4. Betrayal

By the time they got to Jonathans apartment it was midday. Everyone was there seated at the large rectangular table. Isabel sat in between Kate and Jace who had been anroring her. Mark and Tyson were on either side of the table like they were the kings. On the opposite side of Kate, Isabel and Jace sat Jonathan. Jonathan had talked to her about running off like that and that it had scared him not knowing where she was. She just accepted his need to yell at her for not telling him where she had gone, but she had not liesson to most of what he had said about sending out people to go find her if she had not sent a message back the time that she did.

They were there for hours thinking and auguring about what they should do next to find the cure, but nobody could think of where to start looking. Mark made a few phone calls and came back with some coffee for Jonathan, Kate and Jace.

“I called some people who I think could help with finding the cure, but we must pay them pack the favour and do something for them when they need it.” Mark said softly. “They will be here soon”

“Who are they?” Jonathan asked before Isabel could. They weren’t even close to finding the cure they all knew, but choose not to believe it.

“They are not vampire, but part human and angle. They make sure we stay at peace with humans and any other part demons. It’s not very often you would meet them, since they only protect what we are from our self’s and nothing more”

“How many are coming here?” Kate asked for the first time since Isabel got back.

“Two, I think-they always take at least two other people with them, but they might trust us enough to only take one” Mark said, Isabel always wonder how old he was. How he knew all this stuff and would he tell her all there was about being what she was a vampire. She had asked Jonathan all this but he kept saying that he will tell her everything when he thought she was ready. 

The meeting kept wandering off track. They had become very tired of aging over the same thing, where was this cure? Isabel was going to make the third cup of coffee when the doorbell went off. Jonathan placed his hand on her arm. Was he expecting something bad to happen? He got up and answered the door. Isabel could hear voices but not what was said. Jonathan came back in to the dining room, but he was not alone. Two boys came in, one tall, brown hair and light blue eyes the other- Isabel could not believe it. The boy who said he was Scott came into the room. The same boy Isabel had meet at the restront last night.

“This is Scott” Mark pointed at the other boy she did not know. “And this is Alex” he pointed at the boy Isabel had thought was Scott. Jonathan introduced Alex and Scott to everyone. They were all settled; Scott and Alex sat next to Jonathan. “Does anyone want a cup of coffee?” Isabel asked so she could have a break from all this. She felt like she couldn’t breathe, there were too many people in the room; she just had to get out. When she got up Jace followed. They both went in to the kitchen. “Can you believe all this; they have been there for ages when are we going to find this cure?” Jace asked he looked worried Isabel thought like any moment someone was going to break out into a fight.

“I don’t know, but one thing is sure we are running out of coffee” Isabel was just about to say something when Kate jumped out from behind the door to the kitchen.

“I am sooo bored….. How bout we go buy some food?” Isabel and Jace looked stunned I thought she wasn’t talking to us they thought. When nobody said anything Kate added “Me and Isabel need to talk” What’s going on? We are having a meeting and she wants Isabel to go shopping, Jace thought.

“Um… I can’t we are in the middle of a meeting” Isabel said looking at Jace like he might know what Kate was up to.

“You are so borening, just come with me, we need coffee anyway” Kate looked like she was never going to give up, and maybe she wasn’t.  “Isabel we both know we need to get out of this stinking apartment” she looked around in the room as if there were rat’s crawling on the benchers and rotten food on the floor. Isabel had never thought Kate would say or think that. Maybe Kate had, but Isabel wasn’t listening. But Jace was thinking the same thing, there’s something seriously wrong with Kate.

“Well I’m not going to sit here with all the boys here, ok. Isabel there’s too many boys out there ok, if you can understand it very uncomforble” This was old, Kate who wold get into detention just to be with a whole group of boys or would asked Isabel to stay home so there would be an odd number of people in the class and she would have to be with the boys. Kate walked out of the room as Isabel reached for her arm and stopped her. “Are you going to come with me then?” Isabel let go of Kate’s arm.

“Fine, but where are we going?” Isabel was quietly hopping it wasn’t going shopping. That maybe she could convince Kate the movies were better.

“Thank god, I knocked some sense into you. I was thinking I would have to find another best friend. I have a list of things we are going to do”


“Like going to a restrount, movies and shopping” she looks at me like I really needed a make-over. She pulled me by the arm with more force necessary. We went stoped at the dining table.

“We will see you soon just going shopping” Kate announced and was waiting for someone to stop her and offcourse someone did, Isabel didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Were having a meeting that reqisers every one, exspesly the one who desited they wanted a meeting” Alex looks at Isabel and then to Kate “and you want to go shopping” he said in disbelieve.

“And what you have a say in what happens because……” she asks challenging him.

“Do you think there isn’t anything to be worried about? There are people out there who want to kill you” he was still looking at Kate, but Isabel felt his stear on her. Was he trying to scear her?

“You come with us if you want, but I must warn you shopping with girls are even more dangerous than you think” she said turning to the door and dragging Isabel with her.


“Ok, were going to the shops first if you don’t mind” Kate and Isabel passed the next street and was about to turn around the corner when they run into two big men in a plain black shirt and jeans. They grabbed both Kate and Isabel. Isabel stated to struggle when she realised she was being dragged to a black limo. Kate stated to scream, but was knocked out before she could draw attention to anyone walking by. Isabel didn’t understand why when she passed a young man, he didn’t seem to see her and Kate being dragged by men. When they got to the car a man stepped out and motioned for them to get in, when Isabel refused to get in the men holding Kate pushed Kate in the car. Isabel saw what he was doing; she couldn’t leave Kate by herself, where Kate went she had to too. Isabel realised two things, one, the sets were comfortable and it was leather, very expensive car. And two that the men holding Kate disappeared in black smoke.

“I am sorry about your poor little Kate, she has all ways been very annoying” A man Kate realised was sitting opposite to her in the corner of the seat, where light didn’t reach. Isabel couldn’t see him, he was just a shadow. But she could see that the man was obsoulty muscular and tall.

“How did you know her name?” Isabel wanted answers before she answered any.

“Your little Kate had being meeting me every week and giving me information about you and your brother. And man she can talk when her life is on the line. You see, I had little Kate meet up with me again today and she was not expecting me to take her as well, just you” he finished sounding pleased with himself as if his plain to take over the world was underway.

“Kate would never do that, she wouldn’t” Isabel could not believe this; Kate was just going to hand her over to this man if he lift her alone. Well it did explain the way Kate had been acting, but what’s this got to do with her. “What do you want from us?”

“Oh, you know the usual power” he said it like it should be obvious. When Isabel didn’t answer he added. “The ‘cure’ like everyone else”

“So you’re a vampire?” Isabel wasn’t sure how he knew she was looking for it and didn’t like the idea. Maybe Kate told him, was the best she could come up with, but to her it still didn’t fit in.

“No, not everyone who wants the cure is a vampire, little one” he sounded almost disappointed. “I could be very powerful if I was the only one who had the cure to change vampires back to a humans. Vampire all over the world want it and some would do anything to get it and that includes you, your brother and Kate. Yes your little Kate is a vampire too, I’m surprised she didn’t tell you or that you didn’t pick it up with vampire senses, but I guess your condition stops you from being a full vampire” this Kate could not take she wanted to scream, this man knew more about her then she did. What did he mean by her ‘condition’? Was it the way she was sick in the morning and couldn’t eat human food nor eat fully like a vampire.

“What condition?” she wanted to know more about what the man knew about her.

“You can’t tell me you don’t know what you are? You lived all your life and didn’t know your part angel. Wow! And I thought I had it bad. That’s why you can’t and won’t turn into a vampire. This just gets better and better every time I meet one of your type” he sounded almost like a child receiving the one present he’s been waiting for his whole life.

“Me” Isabel pointed a herself “A angel, no I think there’s been a misunderstanding. I am not an angel, you must know that” she was going to go crazy if the man kept saying these sorts of thing about her she had just got used to being a part vampire and now an angel and not to mention Kate betraying her and being a vampire. This was beyond the sort of thing she thought she ever would be told, and she wished it would stay that way.

“I’ve got the feeling that you always knew, but dismayed the idea” Isabel was almost now sure that she heard amusement in his voice. She felt somehow like she did know, but like he said dismayed the very thought. Did this mean Jonathan was one too, or was there a way things worked the youngest get to be the angel. Was mum and dad an angel too, Isabel thought.

“Ok, you had your fun. What has this got to do with us?” Isabel asked sounding annoyed.

“I thought you would have figured that out by now” When Isabel didn’t answer he continued “I want you to find it for me and bring it to me” he laughed at label’s expression.

“And what, you think I will just hand it over to you” she wasn’t sure if she would be saying this, but what the hell he wouldn’t hurt her if he needed her to do something for him.

“Oh, I think you will if your mother’s life was on the line or your brothers. Did you honestly think I would trust you to give the cure to me, well I am sorry to is appoint you” he siped from a glass cup, Isabel did see him with it before. “Well it’s been nice meeting you, but I am a very bussy person you know and got to be somewhere” Isabel couldn’t think of where he might be meeting up at or who. “oh, and Isabel you don’t know who’s side the angels are on so if I were you I would be quiet about this, not that it matters to me what you do”




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