Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


21. Telling Mum&Macy the truth!x

Kate's pov;
I'd ate half the sandwich and the boys were still mucking about when my little sister eve walked in she say next to me with cut up apple on her plate she leant in and hugged me I smiled and kissed her head as I saw a worried look on her face and I followed her eyes to see where she was looking I noticed my sleeve had rolled up and she was looking at my cuts "Kate, how did that happen, does mum no?" the boys stopped and was watching me and I moved my arm and covered it "it's nothing Eve, and mum doesn't need to no okay she will just worry, promise me?" Eve bit her lip and nodded Harry coughed "she does need to no Kate I'm sorry" I shook my head "Harry NO" I shouted and then put my hand over my mouth and tried to run out Louis put his arm out pulled me back and sat me on his lap Niall got up and took Eve to the kitchen Harry closes his eyes "now listen Kate were doing this because we care because we love you more than anything and your mum needs to no so she can keep an we on you two because we ain't going to be here 24 /7" Harry took my hand "please Kate we need to get you help so that it don't happen again" Harry pulled up his sleeve and showed the cut he made I started to cry and i grabbed his arm stroking it and then kissing it "it hurts me more to see you doing this to yourself" He said kissing my head "please promise me we can talk to her together if you like?" I nodded "she's going to be disappointed in me she will tell dad he will force me stop modelling because he will say it will scare" Harry shook his head "he won't stop you I won't let him, we won't let him okay" I stood up and so did harry wrapping his arms around me and giving me a hug "thank you boys, you all are my world" Harry took my hand and walked me out the room "now is the right time, it's now or never" he said softly I stood still for a bit "I'd rather never" he chuckled and carried on walking "that's not really an option sorry love" we walked into the kitchen and Eve took Nialls hand pulled him into the garden "aww young love" I said as we all started laughing Harry closed the door and my mum turned around from the sink "what's wrong?" my mum asked worriedly I sat down and felt both their eyes on me as Macy walked in from the garden my mum looked to her "oh sorry, I'll leave" I shook my head "no, please stay" my mum shrugged and Macy sighed leaning against the cabinet Harry winked and stood next to me putting his hand in mine "go on babe it's okay" I closed my eyes "okay, I don't really no how to tell you this" my mum looked puzzled and Macy looked to the floor as I couldn't find words I reached out to my sleeve and Harry put his hand over mine "Kate, do you think that's the best way to tell them?" he asked kneeling down to me "it's the only way I don't want to say it, I'm not proud of it I hate what I have done" my mum sat down opposite "I think I might no whats going on why did you do it?" she got up and bent down next to me Harry moved his arm away and she gently rolled back the sleeve and I watched as the years started falling at the sight of the cuts "oh my poor baby why?" I shrugged and started to cry "I'm sorry,  just with the things going on and I just felt so down I felt like I couldn't handle anything, but harry and Louis made me relies how much of an idiot I was being they made me see how much it hurt to see someone you love doing that and I promise i'll never do it again" my mum stood up putting the kettle on Macy walked over "I'm so sorry you ever felt like that you should have spoke to me or your mum, we're here for you no though" I stood up and gave her a hug rolling down my sleeve "thank you Macy"  "what did you use and were is it?" my mum asked turning back around Harry stepped forward handing her the blade "I took it of her when I walked in on her" my mum nodded "thank you Harry" "Macy can you go take anything sharp like blades out of her room please?" I stood up shocked "What!" my mum closed her eyes and sighed "I'm sorry hunny but I need to no their is no possible way you can do this again it's either this or...we get you help and you go through counselling" I sighed and looked to Harry he gave me his sympathetic look I nodded "okay fine, until you can lean to trust me. I got up and started towards the door "where you going?" my mum asked worriedly I turned to look at her I walked back giving her a hug "im going to grab my coat and back and then go do my modelling fashion shoot" "also I have an interview at five for my new tour" I told her kissing her cheek "please mum try not to worry I'm fine, I'm better now.. I have the boys back. My mum smiled and My dad walked in as I walked out hoping my mum would say nothing Harry walked out after a minute "don't worry she isnt saying anything to him" I sighed and he grabbed my hand "you really have to go? He asked pouting I nodded "my job calls babe" I kissed him on the lips and he pushes my backwards leaning up against the stairs he put more into the kiss and slid his hand under my top rubbing my back I grounded and he smiled as I pushes him away a little as much as I didn't want to I had to go "I'm sorry babe I won't be long" Harry sighed kissing me again "okay, but when you come back, maybe we can finish this off?" he winked and walked away obvious that it was a rhetorical question I laughed and took my keys walking out the door on the way to my car.

Thank you all for reading, this was just a quick fill in chapter as I felt I needed to give you all something where I haven't added any for a while, I've also put another three chapters in my other fanfic Don't ever let me go!x I'd appreciate it a lot if you read and liked or told me what you think on that also could I please get more likes on this story or I might not update this story as I feel no one really likes it and if I didn't haw readers what the point in writing? :/ thank you all do much guys your awesome! :) - Katie x
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