Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


14. Taking Eve to her party!

Kate's Pov;

I woke up and noticed that Harry was watching me sleep I laughed as he noticed I was now awake and looked away "Hey, I saw you styles, Thats creepy" He laughed and kissed my head "Morning beautiful, your so cute when you sleep, oh you got a text i think" I nodded and squinted my eyes at him "Do i look cute now" I reached over for my phone and stuck my tongue out at him as he grabbed me and started tickling me so that i instantly fell right on top of him I couldnt stop laughing "harry, stop, please" I said through laughs as we heard a knock on the door and Louis put his head throuhg he saw what was happening and instantly decided to run in jump on the bed and join in so they both were tickling me I gave up fighting it and just laid there waiting for them to decide they had finished but they didn't give up, I started to fight again tickling Lou back but Lou held me down as Harry carried on tickling "Ill bite you" I warned Lou as he laughed and ignored me I pushed my head up leaning forward and biting Lou on the arm "Ouch, thats not nice" He said sadly as Harry stayed laughing and tickling me I started screaming for help from the rest of the boys as Lou put his hand over my mouth I didn't know what to do so i decided to get his hand of my mouth would be to lick him. Which i did Louis quickly took his head away and sat their staring at me "er, did you just lick me?" I laughed and nodded sitting up as Harry raised his eyebrows "What?, you don't expect to just let you cover my mouth so I can't scream do you?" I poked my tongue out as I leapt of the bed with my phone and ran out the door hearing harry and Louis come running after me "Hey guys stop, calm down, someones going to get hurt" Liam said standing in front of me I hid behind him as the boys surrounded me as Harry told them all my plan Liam started to laugh "Save me Liam" I said putting my head on his shoulder we backed up to the kitchen so Liam was in front of me the others waiting Harry looking at me very wierdly more of lust than a im going to get you. The boys started a conversation still staying like this waiting for me as I unlocked my phone and read my message Dad;

Hey Kate, I hope you and all the boys are okay, remember you said you would take Eve to that birthday party of her mates, and you said you would stay with her she needs to be their by 12?x

I looked at my time on my phone It was half 10, I moved to the side of Liam as the conversation ended "Okay, okay i give up, you all win, I have to go get ready" I put my hands up in surrender and walked towards Harry's room "Wait ready for what?" Niall said as they all followed me to Harry's bedroom standing in the doorway Louis and Harry came in and sat on the bed "yeah where are you going?" Harry asked frowning I sighed "I don't want to go, but I have to take Eve to her mates birthday party she needs to be there for 12 so I need to leave soon" Harry sighed as he pulled me to sit on his lap all the boys started to moan and they sat down on the floor by the door "Why don't we all come with you?" Louis asked happily I shook my head and bit my lip "not sure thats a good idea its a birthday party full of 7-11 year olds, most of them probably fans" I stood up and grabbed my clothes of the stand noticing I was still in Harrys shirt and that was all I looked down and winced looking at him "err, guys you never told me this shirts a bit short?" Zayn started to laugh "thats because we don't have a problem with it, its not a bad site" Niall said winking as Harry chuckled a little but looked at me "Its okay babe, just get dressed and next time Ill lend you a pair of shorts too" I smiled and  nodded before walking into the toilet to get changed. I could hear the boys having a heated discussion and then Louis happily bouncing around the room "Im going to get ready" He said. I finished getting ready about five minutes later and walked out seeing Harry all dressed and ready sitting on his bed with music playing as I could hear all the boys walking back to the room singing more than this, God they sounded so awsome, there voices were so amazing I noticed they were all dressed too. "So what have you all decided?" I asked hoping at least one of them would come, It was going to be boring otherwise. Harry stood up and Zayn walked in "Well, were all coming, whether you like it or not" Zayn told me putting his arm around me I kissed his cheek "Aww yay, I was hoping you'd all say that, I love you all" we all piled in for a group Hug and me being the smallest got squashed in the middle I looked at the time "guys its nearly 11, we need to leave are you all ready?" They boys headed seperate ways grabing phones, coats and shoes while I slipped my hug boots on and threw my long gray coat over the top of my clothes and took my keys and phone of Harrys bedside table putting my phone in my pocket before texting my dad;

Hey Daddy, On way to pick up Eve, is she ready? Oh by the way all the boys wanted to come too, Im sure Eve's mates wont mind huge fans aren't they?x

I looked around for the boys "OKAY GUYS IM LEAVING NOW SO IF YOUR NOT ALL IN THE CAR IN 1 MINUTE IM LEAVING WITHOUT YOU" I called out opening the door and walking out to see a few teenagers and a pap I walked over to the girls "Omg Hello Kate, can we have your autograph please?" I laughed "sure, whats your names?" I scribbled my autograph on their paper "Im susie and this is my best friend Julie" I smiled and nodded "stay best friends, friends and family is all you needed, did you want to see the boys?" They nodded and thanked me as I ran back to the door and pushed it open more "GUYS, I SAID ONE MINUTE, COME ON OUT, YOU HAVE SOME FANS TO" I saw Louis come running out "okay, im here calm down hunny, where are they?" I pointed over to the fans as the others came walking out, I headed towards my car and jumped in putting my seatbelt on and starting the engine, putting the window down The boys looked over at me "Its fine, spend as long as you like we have time" I smiled at the girls and took my phone out pulling up twitter and seeing all my mentions; @Daisy_O1Direction Would love for @Kate_Movella to follow me, Its my birthday tomorrow and It would be the best present!x. I smiled and read the rest before scrolling back to that one mention I clicked on the name and selected follow and then wrote out a tweet @Kate_Movella Aww thats sweet Happy Birthday for tommorow, Hope you have an amazing day, Ill also get the boys to tweet you tommorow!x @Daisy_O1Direction!x I put my phone away as Niall got in the back "Are you all ready now?" Niall nodded as He moaned he was hungry and the rest of the boys got in I leant over and pulled the glove curpartment open and took out a big pack of crisps and passed them to Niall "Here, eat these then my lepricorn" He smiled and thanked me before starting eating them Harry laughed "Always prepared ay" i started driving and nodded turning on the music "Now journey music time" all the boys requested radio stations as we settled on BBC radio 1 And I turnt the music up as Rhianna's new song Diamonds and Harry took my hand "this is our song now" i smilled "Yeah" we both started singing along as I looked down at my necklace.

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