Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


9. Surprise!/ Getting ready!

Kate's Pov;

When i woke up I was laying on my bed in my room, I was a bit confused as I remembered that I feel asleep in the car, I closed my eyes again and then opened them when I heard someone come in "Hey beautiful, have you had a nice sleep?" I nodded and sat up "What time is it Haz?"  "Its half 2 babe, time for your second dose of cream, you look a lot better" I smile as he sits down on the bed and leans over and kisses my cheek I smile and then get even more confused "second dose, when did i do the first?" He laughed and took my hand "You didn't, Macy did for you when I carried you up, you looked to peaceful I was going to do it, but Macy said its better if she does" I nodded "thank you Haz" I hugged him and then caught sight of my face in the mirror I got up and walked over looking in , my face did look a lot better and I just needed one more dose to get rid of it all. I grabbed the tube of cream the doctor gave me and put a levelled bit on my finger and started spreading it on my face.

I'd just finished and Liam came in with a blindfold and him and Harry stood at the door guarding it "Kate Movella, you need to come with us" Liam ordered as they both crossed their arms and acted as if they were in a movie I laughed at them and raised my eyebrows "Oh no, where are you taking me?" I gasped and put one hand on my head and harry chuckled as he came and took my hands While Liam put the blindfold on me "Macy has a surprise for you" Liam said in a deep voice and then done an evil laugh after then I head someone else run in and instantly new it was Eve "Can i play" She shouted and Harry let go of one of my hands "of course sweetie" I put my hand out to her and she took it and giggled . The boys walked me out of my room and then I wasn't sure where we were when we stopped because I couldn't keep track, all I know is we didn't go upstairs and we didn't go Downstairs. We came to a halt and Eve let go running over to someone else I heard Macy laugh and Harry let go of my other hand putting his arm around my waist as Liam stood in front of me and went to undo my blindfold "close your eyes for a minute " He whispered as I nodded that I had. I was aware that the blindfold wasn't on any more and that Liam was back at the side of me  "okay open your eyes" Macy said excitedly and I opened them and instantly saw two of the most beautiful dresses in the world laying on the bed "Oh my God Macy, there beautiful!" I walked over and hugged her "Well your dad, told me and your mum about the Premier and we thought you probably wouldn't have time to go shopping and we saw these, we couldn't decide so we bought both" I Hugged her again with a big smile on my face I couldn't choose they were both so pretty, Their was a pretty Orange dress with a orange flower for my hair and Orange heels with diamonds on them and an Orange clutch bag or I could wear a beautiful red dress along with a Red rose for my hair, Red heels, Red clutch bag and Rose earrings I sighed and held them up against me as i thanked macy again and she walked to go make Eve and Niall something to eat. Harry and Liam came to my side "The orange one brings out your amazing figure" Harry said kissing my cheek as I blushed "however the Red one brings out your beautiful eyes" Liam said smiling at me as Harry glared at him Liam backed up "Hey dude, was just saying, not trying to take her of you" I laughed as Liam was backing up and out of the room I turned to Harry "I think Im going to wear this one and the other at partys or interviews or tours" Harry nodded as he sat on the bed and I couldn't take my eyes of the dress until I noticed my face had gone completely back to normal I put the dress down and turnt to Harry grinning Harry looked around "erm, Kate? What are you grinning at" I walked over closing the door "My face is back to normal" I squealed and Harry stood up "well it looked fine before, I don't care what you look like, I love you for you Kate Movella" I sighed "Why are you so gentle and...fit" He laughed and shrugged "Some get the luck in Life, I get the luck and the most amazing Girl in my life, I guess im just a winner in life"  I walked towards him and pushed him back so he was sitting back down on the bed I kissed him passionately "Harry Styles you are so Amazing and I love you" I said looking into his eyes He picked me up and carried me down stairs "harry where are you taking me?" As soon as I said that I saw the boys around the pool and started to scream "Harry, no im still dressed" Harry chuckled "oh I didn't no that, are you?" He said mischievously I patted his back "Let me down styles" He stopped "are you sure you want down?" I shouted yes and before I new it He had thrown me into the pool all the boys were laughing as I came up to the top and pouted "You said you wanted down" He said as he bent down and I went over to him "I deserve a hug for that, that was mean" I said in a babyish voice he nodded and bent down to hug me and before he pulled away I pulled him in too. He splashed me "I should of known you would do that, you cheeky" He said pulling me closer to him as all the other boys jumped in and Eve put her armbands on and then jumped into Harry's arms as she was scared to Jump into the water I smiled watching him swim around with her on his back. How could I be this Lucky to have these amazing boys in my life?  

Hey guys thank you for reading, your all amazing, If you have Instagram and search creatingoutfits4u then you will find a picture of the dresses that are in this chapter, I will probably be doing more of this too so, ill let you no by writing these at the end of the chapters. Thank you again and Enjoy! :)

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