Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?



Kate's Pov;

I sat up when we neared the building I could hear all the fans screaming different names I heard them shouting Aiden Grimshaw's name and I smiled "Harry do you know who's going to be their?" I asked excitedly He shook his head and smiled "nope, loads of different famous people, I should think"  I nodded and gripped his hand "Kate whats a matter, you've turnt pale?" Zayn put his hand on my knee and bent down "breathe slowly" he whispered "you don't need to be nervous babe, everyone's going to love you, Im here and im not going to let you go" I looked at all the boys "Promise me you wont leave my side" He nodded and all the boys laughed "you idiot we wouldn't leave you, even if our lives depended on it" Louis said pulling me into a hug as the car pulled up "Okay, boys you all go first and then ill get out and help Kate out" All the boys agreed and kissed me cheek "you will be fine hunny" Liam said before getting out and I instantly heard fans chanting "ONE DIRECTION, ONE DIRECTION" and then loads of screaming of names Harry looked at me as i started to pull myself together "you okay babe" I nodded "breathe" he reminded me as he steeped out and put his arm out for me I took a deep breathe and put a smile on my face then stepped out and took his arm. As soon as i got out the limo I saw flashes of cameras I saw my dads car pull up from behind as he got out with The boys security and my personal security guard came behind me "kate you okay?" Steve asked I nodded and bent in to talk to Harry "Harry, one of your fans over their is crying for you, i think you should go" He looked over to where I was pointing "are you sure you will be okay?" I looked at my security and back at Harry "of course Im going to go see some fans or walk and wait at the door for you all" He nodded and walked over to the girl as I saw her wave at me and mouth thank you I nodded and watched the rest of the boys running around taking pictures with fans. "Kate Movella, can we ask you a few questions" A women to the side of me asked I walked over Steve behind me the whole time "of course Hello" I said as she smiled at me and introduced herself as Jane, "What's it like spending a lot of time with the worlds biggest band?" I laughed "yeah, its good they always make me laugh, and can always get you through things, they really are nice, funny boys" She nodded at me "and you've been reported as being Harry styles 'Girlfriend' any comment on that rumour?" I laughed "well urm, Harry's a lovely boy and i care for all the boys, but nothing official is going on" I felt an arm on my shoulder and turnt to see Zayn he waved to the interviewer and she blushed a little "do you think anything would ever happen with you and Harry?" She asked quickly as the boys were finishing I smiled and looked at the ground "urm, we will have to see as I said he is a really nice caring boy, any girl would be lucky to have him" She smiled "thank you for your time" I nodded and waved goodbye as my dad came behind me "Kate, darling its time to go in" "okay dad" I watched him walk in front as he went in through the doors "you ready?" Zayn said putting his hand on my back to guide me in "yeah, where's Harry?" All the boys ran past as A girl screamed my name at the side of me "please please could I have your autograph?" I smiled and quickly took Steve's pen and ran over to her signing her little book quickly "thank you so much" she said I smiled "your very welcome, hope to see you again soon" I quickly went back to Steve and Zayn as Harry returned "thanks Zayn" He said As Zayn nodded smiled at me and walked over to Louis as they quickly went through the doors and into the building Harry took my arm and Steve held back a bit walking behind "Did you have a good time?" He nodded "oh yeah, this fan wanted me to give you this" He passed me a piece of paper and I gave a confused face "but i don't really have fans?" He laughed "of course you do" we walked into the building the last flashes going of as we heard another car pull up and people screaming "Caroline Flack" I sighed and looked to Harry and then laughed when I heard quite a few boos to. I opened the piece of paper as Harry guided me over to the refreshments table and read the little message;

Dear Kate Movella,

Hi i am one of your biggest fans, you probably don't think you have many but you do and i am the BIGGEST! I hope you are reading this message I just wanted to tell you that their are a lot of people out their hoping you and Harry will get together, you make a lovely couple and are amazing and you deserve each other. Us Directioners Just want the boys to be Happy and Harry is Happy when he is with you. Please don't make him sad! Also would you please follow me on twitter @MakeHarry_Smile10 Thank you!xx ~ Lottie Devlin

I smiled as Harry started to read over my shoulder "aww thats sweet, and I agree with her" He said as I giggled and looked into his eyes bringing him in closer and kissing him "I love you Harry" I heard loads of people clap and looked around seeing my dad shaking his head as he walked out of the room. "Kate" Harry said as I looked back at him "yeah?" "Would you make me the happiest boy in the world, by being my girlfriend" I made a shocked face and then threw my arms around his neck "yes of course I will" We kissed again as Steve walked over saying it was time to watch the new film that we came here for.

The film had just finished and it was AMAZING it was about a spy or travelled the world trying to find his sister who had been kidnapped and he find out that she wasn't kidnapped she ran away for a reason and to be with the one she loved. Everyone filled out as my dad came walking over "Okay Kate, Im going home but theirs the premier party, the boys are going so you can stay and Steve will drive you home, but be good" He gave me a warning look before smiling at Harry and putting his hand out to shake Harrys "and you look after her, or i'll make your life hell" Harry shook it "Don't worry I wouldn't ever hurt her" My dad nodded as Harry put his arm around my waist My dad winced a bit as if it hurt to see me with Harry and then smiled and walked out I new that was a fake smile, but I wasn't going to let him ruin this day. I let go of Harry and walked over to Liam and looped my arm round his "yo Bro" I shouted scaring him "God Kate, you seem Happy" He raised his eyebrows "Yup!, Lets Party!" He laughed as Louis came over grabbing my hand "DANCE" He shouted pulling me over to the next room where the dance floor was as their song Live while were young came on and everyone made their way to that room. I saw Caroline walk over to Harry and I saw Ed Sheeran watching me watch them He smiled and winked as Louis whispered something to me "Kate" he hissed I turnt back to him "what sorry" He shook his head "trust him, there's nothing going on Ed would stop it to, and don't make it look obvious" I laughed as I turnt around to find Niall and saw all three of them looking at me I smiled and waved and louis started laughing as I walked over to Niall "you seen too then" I nodded   "come on lets go see Harry" Niall said winking and taking my hand as we turnt towards them and I saw Harry move in and give her a hug she whispered something in his ear and Ed coughed to make them move away from each other They looked at him and Then Harry looked over seeing I saw his eyes went wide and he shook his head at me and started walking over I felt tears in my eyes but held them back "sorry Niall im going to make friends" He sighed as I turnt away from them all and walked over to the refreshment table where Aiden was standing he passed me a drink "you okay sweetie" I sighed and smiled "ill be fine, im a survivor" He laughed "need a hug?" I nodded my head and he pulled me close wrapping me in a hug "What is going on?" Harry shouted coming behind me I moved away from Aiden Louis came running over as everyone else stared I shook my head at him "nothing is, this was meant to be a good night Harry, not one full of fights!" I hissed and he gave me his hurt face I huffed "oh don't give me that look, you was all over her" He tried taking my hand "no i wasn't i just gave her a hug thats all" I took my hand from his wiped my eyes "you know, maybe, maybe this isn't going to work if this is the first day were actually together" I sniffed tears started coming faster and I took a deep breathe "Kate, think about this" Louis said putting his hand on my shoulder Harry looked into my eyes I saw a tear fall "Kate, please don't do this I LOVE YOU!" He shouted the last bit I saw more flashes and Steve get in the way "Kate, i think we should go" He said I nodded I leant in and kissed Harrys Cheek "Its okay, im ready, Im done" I turnt my back on the five boys that meant the world to me and walked out Steve walking behind me he passed me a tissue As i wiped my eyes and put on a fake smile and walked out the doors, their were only a few fans left now and a few paps "Did you get my note?" A fan shouted at me as i walked over "are you Lottie Devlin?" I sniffed She nodded but her smile faded as mine did "im sorry, I dont think me and Harry would, work but He did make very Happy" She sighed and leant over giving me a hug Steve tried to step in but i put my hand out to stop him I hugged her back and smiled "Thank you Lottie" She nodded at me "your welcome, I hope everything sorts itself out" I waved goodbye as Steve opened the door to his car and got in the drivers seat. I laid back against the window closing my eyes and this time not fighting the tears I just let them flow as the radio came on and Leona Lewis- better in times song came on I gently sang along, tears still running down my face.

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