Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


20. Perfect morning wake up!x

Kate's Pov;

I woke up to sun shining through my window and someone softly tickling my arm I opened my eyes and smiled as I instantly saw Harry cute dimples and his bright eyes "Morning Love" He said in his deep morning voice I sighed as I sat up a bit and Harry leant in and kissed me on the lips I pulled away as he bit his lip and looking down at the duvet "Whats wrong?" He mumbled then taking my hand and looking into my eyes "I don't know if i can do this harry, I cant act like nothing ever happened, I hurt you, with your bestfriend, you wont be able to trust me anymore and I dont want to hurt you" he nodded looking me in the eyes he pulled me onto his lap and laid backwards he put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me towards him placing his lips on mine and passionately kissing me, he pulled away and looked into my eyes "Still feel the same?" I chuckled and moved aver sitting next to him he laced his fingers in mine "Listen Kate, I don't care what you did, i mean yeah it hurt, but I love you and i dont want to let you go because of this one mistake I want us to try again I may not trust you one hundred percent yet and I know i cant forget and forgive straight away, but time heals right?" I nodded "Harry I love you, I promise it was a mistake Liam is just my best friend and i will never make a mistake again" He laughed and leant over I raised my eyebrows as he started to tickle me and I couldn't stop laughing "everyone makes mistakes babe" I tried to get up and run but he pulled me back down leaning right over me and tickling me again, I got him to stop and we were looking into each others eyes when i heard someone come up the stairs and the door to my room open I widened my eyes as I remembered it wasnt locked and blushed when Macy walked in she looked at Harry and then at me underneath him and I looked to see Harry was biting his lip and trying not to laugh "Oh erm sorry, um i just wanted to tell you that i made you both breakfast, all the others are down their but your mum and dad took Eve to the cinema" I smiled and nodded "okay, thanks Macy we will be down in a minute" She nodded and awkwardly backed out of the room and closed the door we stand in silence until we heard her go downstairs and them me and Harry both bursted out laughing "Omg that was so awkward" He bent down and kissed me "yeah, next time we should lock the door, incase she ends up walking in on something else" He said getting up and winking I laughed and walked over to my wardrobe as he put his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder "I love you baby" I turnt my head round and rested it on his "I love you too" I replied smiling realising I can't survive without Him and i don't know how I ever did "Im going to go down and talk to the boys, dont worry Ive spoke to Liam we are going to sort things out but it will take time" I nodded and bit my lip before taking out a pair of jeans and a star fluffy jumper. Harry went downstairs and i quickly brushed my hair before walking slowly downstairs I heard the boys in the front room and stood in the doorway watching the boys on Eve's dance mat I saw Liam get up and Harry hi five him as they played against each other and Louis throw himself across the floor I stood their laughing at how it felt like nothing happened and how they acted the same all the time and never change Liam gave up as Harry defeated him and Louis looked over at me "Wow your quite good styles" Harry nodded "too good for any of you to beat" I took of my slippers and rolled up my sleeves "oh you wanna bet?" Zayn sat up and stopped reading and Louis and Liam put bets on who would win "Harry" Liam shouted "Kate" Louis shouted I looked at them "how much are you betting" Louis looked at Liam and they both said "£5" at the same time I laughed as I turnt round and looked at Harry "Game on Styles" He winked and selected one of the songs as we started to play I noticed that He wasn't playing begginers and shouted cheater "What do you mean?" Harry said out of breath but still going "You beat Liam because your playing expert level, you have played before, he hasn't" He started to laugh as Liam huffed "Dude that isn't fair I could have one". Niall went and got us both a drink of water as we were now on the fourth song and I noticed Harry picked the song that I know the moves of oh so well but i stayed quite as i instantly started getting combos of 7 at a time He sighed as He noticed he was losing by so much already and he finally just sat down on the floor looking up at me "Okay, fine you win" He said picking up the water "YESSS" Louis shouted as Liam got his wallet out I laughed as I grabbed the controller and turnt of the game sitting down next to Niall "Thanks for the water bro" He put his arm round me "Its cool little sis" Harry smiled up at me as he laid himself out across the floor and Macy came walking in with sandwhiches she put them on the table and the boys grabbed them leaving two for me I shook my head "Its okay Niall can have them" Harry and Louis raised their eyebrows and sitting next to me picking up the sandwhich "Eat" Louis said in a very commanding tone I laughed "Im not hungry Lou" Harry closed his eyes "please Kate, If you don't eat I will worry you haven't ate for ages just eat a bit of the sandwich" I sighed and took the sandwich in my hand as Louis and Harry both smiled I closed my eyes and took a breathe putting the sandwich to my mouth and nibbling the bread I chewed and swallowed. "Maybe we should get you some help?" Harry suggested as I looked at his face, full of worry I shook my head "I will be fine, I promise I will eat" I started to eat the sandwich knowing it will take me some time to eat it and watched the boys dancing around and louis running around screaming about Carrots. 

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