Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


4. Park, Making Eve Happy!

Kate's Pov;

It took us a 10 minute walk to get to the park, and Eve ran straight to the swing Harry walking over to push her on it I took my phone out to ring Macy as her and my mum wasn't at home so i didn't know where they were;

Macy- Hey Kate, you okay darling?

Me- Hey  yeah im okay thanks Macy, are you with mum and where are you?

Macy- yeah I am and we just went food shopping, why where are you?

Me- Oh okay, im at the park with Eve and ..Harry..Eve wanted to go.

Macy- aww okay, and is Harry staying for dinner?

Me- Don't think so, I'll let you know hey I got to go, going to buy Eve some sweets cya later Macy

I hung up as Harry walked over "You okay Kate?" He said sitting beside me as Eve went and made friends "yeah, im going to go get her some sweets in a bit, she will moan she is hungry" He just laughed "Just like Niall then" I smiled "yup, oh Haz, my mum and Macy want to know if your staying for dinner" I looked away from his eyes biting my lip secretly hoping he would say yes "urm, why dont we go out somewhere instead" He said taking my head "So we can get to know each other, if were going to be stuck together for weeks" I lifted my head up and smiled "Okay sure"  Eve came running over "Kate, im hungry" Me and Harry Looked at each other and both laughed as He picked her up. "okay come on the lets go shop" we started walking down the street towards the corner shop "so er if your nickname for me is Haz, what can i call you" I looked around trying to think of something "Why don't you call me Maisy, I only allow my mum to, but ill make an exception for you" I said as he took my hand and I saw a flash of a picture taken "Okay Maisy it is" I stopped and turned around seeing a pap "Oh great" I pulled my hand out of Harrys "Whats wrong?" He looked hurt "Pictures this is going to look like something else" Harry put Eve down "Then why not wind them up?" I laughed and Harry pulled me closer to him "Your crazy" I said as he rested his head on mine "yup, for you" I laughed "that's cheesy but good acting" Harry looked me in the eyes and stopped smiling "Kate, Im not acting" He took my hands and smiled "You make me feel like its just us in the world, like nothing else matters" I leant in and kissed his cheek and then pulled away taking Eve's hand "Thats sweet Harry, but you hardly now me" "no your right but I want to, thats why i want to take you to dinner" Eve smiled "I love you harry" she said and took his hand I looked down at her how was it so easy for her to say that after a few hours of knowing him how could she so easily now she loved him, I felt something but i also felt something for the rest of them, they all made me whole and my life perfect so how could i know if Harry is the one? "I love you to Eve" he said bending down and kissing her check as she hugged him I felt a tear fall down my cheek as we got to the shop I wiped my eyes "here Eve take £2 go get some sweets ill be there in a minute" Eve ran along and Harry stopped beside me and looked worried when he saw my tears "Oh my, Kate im sorry I didn't mean to make you upset" He pulled me into a hug "I just want you to be happy" He said as i pulled away and wiped my eyes "Im fine Haz, I just, no ones either said anything like that, ive never really had a real relationship" "real?" He questioned "Its a long story, I use to be popular at school, i went out with one of the best looking boys in the school, he used me and when he didn't get what he wanted, he made everyone else hate me for it" Harry stood their with his mouth wide open and clenched fist "What a dick" He said pulling me into a hug again "Its okay, I understand and i wont let anything like that happen to you again, me and the boys are going to protect you from everything and anything" He said as i pulled away and he pushed my hair away from my eyes wiped my eyes and took my hand "Come on lets check on Eve" I smiled as he pulled me into the shop "Eve was still picking sweets and Harry laughed as she couldn't decide "you know what pick anything and everything you want, dont worry about the price" She smiled and put two extra things in her hand as Harry took a basket for her and I walked over to the shop owner who i new quite well. "wow he is a keeper, if he acts like that to Eve" I smiled and shook my head "friends" I told him as he began to shake his "Maybe for now, im telling you, he likes you a lot" He said picking up a can of Ka and taking a sip as Harry and Eve came walking over with a basket full of stuff "I got some stuff for us to" He said  taking my hand again as i Blushed when Dave the owner saw and winked at me Harry laughed a little, guessing what he meant and Dave finally finished scanning everything that will be £10.00 exactly please he said as Harry pulled out his wallet and selected and £10 note and gave it to him "thank you" me and Harry said at the same time as he smiled "your welcome, nice to see you again Kate" i nodded and Eve mumbled thanks as she walked out the store and Harry passed her a pack of skittles. I smiled as I watched my little sister skipping alone in front "She's adorable isn't she" Harry said putting his arm around my waist and pulling me close while we walked, i was smaller than Harry so it made it easy for us to walk like this "Yeah, well she is most of the time" Harry laughed "So you get on well with kids then?" I stated then trying to make a conversation "yeah, I love kids their awsome" I laughed "Do you want any then when your older?" I winced at the question and felt awkward He just laughed at me "yeah, i do actually I want a girl and a boy, not planning on having them for a while though, but it would be nice to have children. I want to be ready and make sure I can afford to give them everything though" He said as I couldn't help but smile "thats sweet they will be lucky to have you". The rest of the walk home was quiet but it was a nice silence and it didn't take us long to get home. We walked in, well Eve ran in and straight to the kitchen and my mum and Macy emerged from the living room "hello you must be Harry" My mum said pulling him into a hug as i blushed and Macy winked and did the same "Hello Mrs Movella and" "Macy" She chipped in as he nodded and smiled at her "Please Harry call me Stella" My mum said as she turned and walked back into the living room turning the telly over "can we go swimming?" Eve said looking at me and Harry I looked at the time to see it was half five "Well urm, what time are we going out?" I turned to Harry and asked He shrugged "Half 6?" I nodded and bent down to talk to Eve "We cant Eve Harry hasn't got any trunks with him and me and Harry have to go out soon maybe another time" She sighed and looked down as i hugged her and my mum called for her to come and watch a film She hugged Harry and I heard him whisper "I'll come round tomorrow and we can swim then" She kissed his cheek and ran into the front room Macy smiling at us and then walking up the stairs to her room Harry stuck his hands in his pockets and followed me to the kitchen were he placed the sweet bag and brought out a pot of Cookie dough Ben&Jerrys Ice cream "I got you a present" he said passing it to me I smiled "aww Thats my favourite how did you know?"  He smiled "I asked Eve" I hugged him and said thanks and then placed it in the freezer "Im going to give these to Eve" Harry said as i nodded and got two glasses out and I heard him walk into the front room and put the sweets on the table for Eve "were watching The night of the Museum" I heard Eve tell Harry "oh thats a good film, great choice enjoy your sweets princess" I heard him reply as he walked out and back to the kitchen I poured two glasses of Lemonade and turned to see him standing in the door way I put the glasses down and smiled as he walked towards me, putting his hands around my waist and leaning towards me so I was pushed against the kitchen counter "Harry, I" He put his finger to my lips to stop me from saying anything "Maisy, I really like you and I need to know do you have any feelings at all for me?" I rested my head on Harrys and closed my eyes and asked myself the question, a few seconds later without thinking, without needing to think I opened them and put my arms around my neck "yeah, I have some feelings for you Haz, At first i thought i didn't but today, everything you have done, I have been falling for you all day I cant even believe that you feel that way" Harry smiled and leant in closer we were about to kiss when my dad came walking in, we quickly parted Harry picking up his drink and my dad walked through and past us to the fridge we smiled at each other as my dad turned around "Good day guys?" I nodded "yeah, im going out to dinner with harry..to get to no him more and more about the boys" My dad stopped smiling and looked at Harry "hmm, i know whats happening, im not stupid, you treat her right" He said shooting Harry a glare and then smiling at me and walking to the living room to sit with my mum and Eve me and Harry both started Laughing as he stopped and came closer to me again "consider me warned"  he said softly kissing me on the lips.


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