Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


3. Meeting and recording!

Kate's Pov;

As soon as i walked into the room all the boys looked at me and my dad walked over to check if Eve was okay, Liam came walking over to me "Hey, er are you okay?" He asked shuffling nervously I laughed a little and nodded "Yeah, im good thanks Liam, is it group photos now?" He loosened up and smiled "Good and yeah, you coming then" He replied walking over to the sofa in the middle I nodded checked my phone for the time and then walked over picking Eve up and walking over to the sofa "Come on then sweetie sit on my lap" Eve smiled and giggled as i tickled her and jumped on my lap, "What order do you want us all in Chelsea?" Harry asked and smiled at me as i looked at him, and i only just noticed properly how amazing and handsome they all looked up close, I smiled back and hoped that maybe we could all be really good friends in time. "Yeah okay can we have Liam sitting next to Kate and Eve were she is, then Zayn sitting next to Liam, and Harry and Louis behind the sofa with Niall in the middle of you two" The boys nodded and then looked blank and I couldn't help but laugh I made Eve stand up a minute and walked round moving Harry to his place and sorting them all out "okay Zayn, next to Liam on the sofa" I said as he nodded "yes mam" he winked and took his seat as i went and sat back down placing Eve back on top.

about an hour later we had finished Id took more photos with me and the boys alone and photos of us all alone, it was actually fun watching them strike their posses and by the end we were all laughing our heads of. We had change into like 25 different outfits through the whole photo shoot and i was begging to be really tired. "okay guys, we can have the meeting here in the room next door then you can all do whatever you want for the rest of the day" everyone cheered and Eve tugged my top "can we still go park" Harry was standing next to her and picked her up "you want to go park?" "Eve, babe ill take you later i have to record for a while with Lewis but ill take you after" Eve pouted and my dad looked at us "Eve Kate has to work, it will be you someday darling dont worry" Eve buried her head between Harry's shoulder and neck as Harry grinned "Hey, don't be upset, how about I wait with you for a while, and then when Kate's done we can all go to the park?" He said trying to soothe her and it worked to she instantly brightened up and smiled her cute smile "Okay, yay" she said as He put her down and she ran and took my dad hand he Looked at Harry and raised his eye brows before walking out "come on then this way we can start our meeting" All the boys followed behind him and i sighed at how protective my dad can get and hope he doesn't say anything "Thanks, but you don't have to" I mumbled to Harry as we walked out of the room Chelsea winking and waving goodbye "its fine, I want to, It will be fun" He said as his hand brushed mine and he walked off to catch up with the others

We were sitting around in a room all the boys together and me and Eve on the other sofa the opposite side and Dad sitting in a spinning chair between us all, "Okay, well I have got some really good news for you all" He said as we looked at him expectantly  "Okay, well theirs a premier tomorrow night that I want you all to go to..together...and im organising a 2-3 week tour round France and New york" He finished looking from each one of us the boys seemed really Happy about it and were cheering and chatting about what they can do and the premier and Eve was smiling looking at me, I faked a smile I know i should be Happy and over joyed I am wealthy I model I can sing and my dad manages One Direction, but i felt like part of me was missing Its fine having this life and it is amazing but I want someone that i can share it with that will be their for me and someone to cuddle up with when things aren't right. "Kate, um how do you feel about that, your going to be stuck on a tour bus with the boys for 2-3 weeks so I need to no?" He asked coming over and sitting next to me the boys all looking at me smiling, I smiled not a fake one, I didn't need to pretend "Its great Dad, really it will be fun, be like sleepovers with make up, movie nights and everything" I said as we all began to laugh and the boys looked a bit worried apart from Louis "Yeah! i am up for that...well i mean the movie nights"  My dad raised his eyebrows again( his fav thing to do) and stood up "right, well with that I better go, your free to do what you want, Kate don't forget Lewis" He said before walking out Eve ran and jumped on Zayn and Harry's Lap and i walked over and sat next to Louis "so want a make over?" I said winking as he laughed and pulled me on to my lap "nope but i think we should do yours" I laughed and then could tell he was serious I gasped "God Lou we have only just met you can't expect me to trust you with something like that!" I said as they all laughed again and I noticed Harry and Liam looking at me, Niall walking over to the vending machine "Im hungry" He said as I walked over and pulled a pack of Haribo out my bag "Here you go Nialler, eat your heart out" He took them and pulled me into a hug as I accepted and hugged back, he was surprisingly strong and i kind of didn't want to let go Till i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist "He will love you forever now" Harry said resting his chin on my shoulder as I looked at him and put my hand on his that was around my waist, it was nice being close to him his arms made me feel safe and protected from anything as the rest of the boys stood and Louis coughed "not fair we dont get hugs" I pulled away from Harry and walked straight towards Louis bringing him into a hug as the others joined and Eve ran through putting herself in the middle.

Harrys pov;

I was standing with Eve in the attic we were watching Kate and Lewis practising and Lewis making her lay on the floor I heard what they were saying "lewis I don't want to do that I will feel silly" He shook his head "But Kate it will help you" I saw her look over to me as I smiled and I saw her bite her lip and look around the room. "stay there for a second princess" I told Eve letting go of her hand and walking over to were Lewis and Kate were "Kate, trust me you want look stupid, I had to do it on X-factor" Lewis smiled and pulled a seat and sat down "Harry please help see if you can get her to, or I am stuck" He said as she glared at him "well its silly why do i have to lay on the floor to sing"  I laughed  "Here ill do it with you" I laid on the floor and looked up at her as she started to laugh and bite her lip again I sat up and took her hand "Come on" I said pulling her down as she sat on the floor. I saw Eve walk in and Lewis put her on his lap and talk to her "Look imagine no one else is in the room its just me and you, on a grass hill looking at the clouds okay, so its normal" "Your not normal" She said as I gasped and couldn't help but grin at her cute smile and the hair that was escaping from behind her hair She sighed "fine, okay" she closed her eyes and laid beside me and I took her hand "Good now stay down and breathe in and out slowly so your all nice and calm"  I heard her soft breathing and saw Lewis creep and stand in front of us and I saw she still had her eyes closed Lewis nodded at me so I carried on "Okay now pick a song any song you like" I waited for her answer and hoped I new it so I couldn't start of with her and let her finish "urm, isn't she lovely" She said softly as I smiled "Okay now don' t think to much about it just sing it letting it come from your belly and try to project it, then when your done you will tell the difference"  everything was quite for a little while so I started and heard her sing alone "Isnt she lovely, isnt she wonderful, isnt she precious less than one minute old" I sang with her and I heard her getting louder and louder as I stopped to let her finish "and i never thought through love we'd be making one as lovely she she, oh isnt she lovely made from love"  She smiled as she finished and Lewis clapped "Open your eyes" I whispered I helped her up "wow, thank you Harry" "Thank you Lewis for being patient" I squeezed her hand and smiled as she looked down at our hands and then back up to my eyes. I wished this moment would stay forever I couldn't believe the effect she had on me and i only new her for less than one day "okay this lesson is finished I'll ring your dad and make another for tomorrow or monday" I nodded at Lewis "it was nice to meet you mate" I said as he shook my hand and hugged Eve and Kate before letting himself out "Park!" Eve shouted running over to us we both laughed "okay fine get your coat Eve" Kate said walking over and taking her bag from the corner of the room as I watched her walking and wished I could just hold her close and never let go I shook the thought from my head. God, what was she doing to me? Im Harry Styles the girls Chase me not the other way around"

Kate's Pov;

"Park" Eve shouted running over to us, I'd just finished my singing session with Lewis and Harry had helped a lot, I was so grateful, and for that moment i was really happy finally feeling that lost part was heeled maybe having the boys around was meant to fix things for me and help my life. I had let go of Harry and walked to get my bag I smiled as I felt his eyes on me all the time. Maybe i could have some fun with this flirt a little maybe? I picked up my bag and felt a warm feeling in my tummy. 


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