Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


22. Louis&The boys plan!x

Kate's pov;
I had just come out of my photo shoot my dad dropped me off in the end as my car had a flat tire and I was running late, I had just texted Harry to ask him to come and get me and I hears a beep and saw Harry's car pull up u went over to the car and got in surprised to see Louis "hey sexy" he said winking as I laughed and blush "wheres Haz?" he drummed his hands to the beat of the radio " oh he had to go meet Gemma and Liam went to pick up Danielle, Zayn&Niall went cinema and Nando's" he told me as we pulled into traffic I nodded and bit my lip I noticed he was just staring at me smiling "may I help you Tomlinson?" he shook his head "may I take a picture it will last longer" he asked winking we both chuckled and I got out my phone logging on to twitter @Kate_Movella with the best friend @Louis_Tomlinson in the car, radio up and windows down!!x
I put my phone away and looked out the window as the traffic died back down it was only 1:30 and my interview had been put back half an hour so I didn't need to leave till 5:00 "you drive slow" I said looking at Louis he gasped "girl you did not just say that!" I laughed and nodded "yes babe, yes I did just say that" his smile grew when I said babe and I began to feel wired which isnt right he is my best mate the only one I can go to. He sensed I was feeling wired and reached over putting his hand on mine "hey best mate, want to watch a film when we get back you chose?" I relaxed and nodded "sounds like a plan superman" I turned up the radio and we both sang along to nearly every song that played until we reached the house I got out slamming the door and running to the house "last one in is a rotten egg" I shouted as I heard him sigh and put the keys back in his pocket he ran after me and I got in first "oh dear tommo your a rotten egg!" he closed the door after him "really mature Kate" he said in a deep and sexy voice I winced "Macy are you in?" I shouted walking through to the kitchen I got out a bowl and poured popcorn in Louis stood in the doorway looking at the floor "she went to swimming club for Eve" I turned round and saw how he was looking at the floor I put the bowl down and walked over lifting up his head "heey what's a matter?" he looked into my eyes "a man that makes mats" I chuckled and playfully hit him leaning back and picking up the bowl Louis leant back "wow flexible, bet that comes in handy" he winked and walked into the front room I smiled, trust him my best mate to come up with cheesy lines like that. I walked in and sat on the floor looking through my films "ah" I said sliding out the one I wanted and putting it into the DVD player and grabbing the remote and blanket I jumped on the sofa next to Louis and threw the blanket over us putting the bowl on the coffee table "what you selected?" he asked putting his phone down on the table "dolphin tale" I said smiling at him he glared at me "your making me watch that?!" I wasn't sure if it was a question or statement "Ahh shh Boobear you love dolphins" I selected play and got so into the film. Half way through Louis started laughing "what" I hissed watching the dolphin on the screen "you" was all he replied I looked over at him as I looked he picked a bit of popcorn and threw it at me I sat their shocked for a minute before picking up a handful of popcorn and throwing it back at him "Hey no fair" he pouted grabbing more and throwing it at me again we kept up until all the popcorn was gone "haha you have popcorn in your hair" he said leaning over a bit I put my hand in my hair as I was laying down he leant over me more "here I'll get it for you, your completely missing it" he laughed..god his laugh was so hot..wait harry I can't think this Louis is just a mate Harry is the one I love right? Louis leant over me so he was laying right on top of me he put his hand in my hair and pulled out the popcorn he was still leant over me and I felt myself gulp he bit his lip and chuckled a little "what's wrong baby do I make you nervous?" I looked down at how close our bodies were and back up at him I shook my head "of course not, why would you make me nervous more like the other way around Boobear" he pouted and leant closer "well we're going to have to find you a new nickname for me...Boobear just don't sound right from you" I felt him move his arm so one arm was holding himself up the other he placed on my hips " you've got so skinny now, you need to eat" I looked at his hand as he saw where I was looking he started rubbing my side softly and then moved the top up I sighed loudly as I felt his hand touch my skin I wasn't sure if it felt right or wrong but I no I needed to stop this situation he was my mate and I want and need Harry I looked back to Lou and tried to sit up a little as soon as I did Lou crashes his lips onto mine I shook my head to try and get him to stop pushing myself up and pushing him up to I jumped up "Lou no, please your the only one I can go to and not feel awkward with, the only one I can talk to, cuddle with and not be suspected of cheating your my best friend it doesn't feel right I love Harry" he smiled and sat up "okay good" I stood puzzled as I then head the stairs creek I panicked thinking maybe Macy had come back and had seen something I opened the door to see the four boys standing their "Hello babe" Harry said walking in and kissing my cheek "what? Where's Gemma and Danielle"  Louis look to the floor and the boys laughed and sat down Harry stood back up walking over to me "I'm sorry babe I needed to see if you were serious about us and well I can trust you now" I felt anger build up "WHAT!" "So this was all a plan, what to get Louis to seduce me and then what, if he had?" harry looked down "I don't no, I'm sorry but I needed to no if I could trust you after...Liam" I sat down next to Lou and Haz and put my head in my hands "omg, you boys, you just..." Lou put his arm around me and brought me into a hug "don't get me wrong Kate your a sexy girl..and a brilliant kisser but your my best mate and that's the only love I have for you, you and Harry are good together too" I kissed his cheek "same for you too" he blushes "yeah me and harry are good together" we all laughed "sorry Lou my hearts taken my Kate now" Lou looked down and Zayn walked over sitting on the arm of the chair "hey don't worry Lou you have me " I laughed as Zayn picked up a mirror Lou high fived the air looked at harry and stuck his tongue out "fine replaced" I put my head on Harry's shoulder and he kissed the top of my head "forgiven?" he asked I nodded "always" I whispered putting my hand in his "I'm glad you can trust me now, I'll never hurt you again I promise...I love you so much" he smiled and I kissed him softly but passionately "I love you too" he mumbled while I kissed him. We pulled apart and I put my head in his lap and legs on Louis lap as the boys put on toy story 3 for Liam and I laughed closing my eyes to get some sleep before the interview later.

Enjoy guys I quickly wrote this last night to add this morning so sorry if it's not that good..ergh I have a biology exam today :( I'm going to fail badly lol :( hope everyone has a good day back at school and hopefully I'll add another chapter tonight -Katie x
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