Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


13. Im sorry Harry!x

Kate's Pov;

I pulled up in the driveway of Harry and Louis house noticing that all the boys gathered at the window I smiled and waved before taking a big breath grabbing my bag and getting out of my car, locking it behind me as I started walking towards the house, I saw the curtain upstairs twitch and a bit of Harrys curly hair as he dissapeard from the window I sighed as the boys opened the door and louis came running out taking me into a hug "Omg Kate, I have missed you so much" He said smiling at me I laughed "Lou, its been a night that is all" we all started laughing as I entered the house "How is he?" I said turning to Niall and Liam as Zayn walked to the sofa "Not that good, but why don't you go see for yourself?" Liam said patting my shoulder and walking off to sit next to Zayn Niall nodded "He really cares about you Kate" I smiled at him "I know Niall, and I care about him a lot" I hugged Niall as he walked off towards the kitchen and took a breath again before climbing the stairs. I new exactly which one his bedroom was as Zayn had made posters for each door with their names and a cartoon picture of them I smiled at the drawing before knocking on the door and hearing Harry sigh "Who is it?" I coughed and stood their awkwardly "Urm its me Haz, we need to talk" I heard him jump up and run to the door as he opened it and I gasped at the bags under his eyes and how puffy his eyes were I felt a tear run down my cheek as Harry relised "Oh god, Kate please don't cry its okay" He pulled me into a hug and into his room closing the door after "Its not okay Harry, Im so sorry" I pulled away and stroked his cheek He shook his head "Its not your fault babe it was mine, I should have brought you into the conversation so you new what was going on, I love you Kate I wouldn't cheat on you with her" I nodded "I know I over reacted and I shouldn't have made such a drama scene, I got you a present" He sat on his bed as I sat next to him and pushed his hair back "Harry, have you slept at all?" He shook his head as I sighed hugged him again I pulled the little bag out of my big bag and took out the box containing his H necklace and giving it to him he smiled "its amazing Kate" I pulled out mine and took it out of the box and went to put it on "wait, I have an idea" I stopped and looked at him as he took my necklace and gave me his "now you have me wherever you go, and I have you, and when we stop feeling love for eachother we will take them off, but i hope thats never" I nodded and pulled him close softly kissing him "Thats so sweet Haz, and that will never happen" I turnt around as he put on the neclace I looked down seeing the diomand H and smiled as I helped him put on the chain with the diomand K on as He sat back on his bed and looked at the time it was half six, I sat back and put my head on his shoulder "Harry, why don't you sleep some, why haven't you slept?" Harry kissed my head "I didn't want to sleep thinking id have to spend the rest of my life without you" I sighed as i pulled him in closer "Your never going to lose me" I looked up to see him smiling "Kate, will you stay tonight, stay here with me, I don't want you to leave me"  I smiled and nodded "Sure Harry, get some sleep and I'll see you when you wake I love you" I kissed his lips as he closed his eyes "I love you to...sing to me?" I laughed as I started singing my favourite song Wings by Little Mix;

Mamma told me not to waste my life
She said spread your wings my little butterfly

Don't let what they say keep you up at night
And if they give you shhhh..
Then they can walk on by

I looked up and saw his eyes fully closed and I could feel his soft snores and his chest rising and falling as I smiled, I am so Happy that I have him back and I am so greatful that he has forgiven me I couldn't help but watch him sleep and smile at how lucky I was to have him as I then rested my head back on his chest put my hand in his and felt him lock his fingers with mine as I closed my eyes and fell asleep to his breathing.

(So Hope you all enjoyed that, thanks for reading, sorry its been ages since a new chapter schools been hectic lots of homework and revision for my GCSE's, I should be putting loads more chapters on this and my other story over the weekend, but yeah any ideas then just write them in a review below Happy to take constructive critism. Also if you have a sotry you would like me to read then just comment below the name and ill check it out and leave a review Thank you! x)


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