Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


10. Getting ready part 2!

Kate's Pov; 

Eve swam over to me as I pushed myself up So i was sitting on the side dangling my feet in I picked her up so she was doing the same and we watched the boys playing their game "marco" Louis shouted as the boys swam away "polo" Niall shouted me and Eve laughed as Louis jumped on the blow up boat "haha found you" He shouted opening his eyes to see that it wasn't any of the boys. "oh i don't want to go again" Louis moaned As I jumped back down "I'll take your go for you then Lou" I said as he smiled and swam away and I helped Eve down "Go follow Liam, Im going for Harry" I whispered in her ear as she swam over to Liam and he took her hand I turned around counting to 20 when I finished counting I shouted "marco" I waited for a while until I heard everyone shout polo and noticed that Harry wasn't that far away I kept my eyes closed and instantly swam the way his voice came from I could feel the ripples in the water telling me he was swimming more backwards haha I was going to corner him and catch him I shouted Marco again and heard him whisper polo so i new i had him cornered and I instantly threw my arms around his neck "found you" I said opening my eyes as He pulled me close "I was never lost" He said before clashing his lips to mine and kissing me gently  I pulled away and swam over to the side climbing up and walking over to the towels looking at the time "guys its half 5 already, we need to get ready, eat and leave" I said as Liam looked at the time "oh shit, come on guys hurry up" He lifted Eve out and the boys climbed out themselves As Harry picked up a towel and Louis ran over to me picking me up "Lou" I moaned Harry came over to my side "I love it when you do that" He said winking at me as Harry chuckled Lou put me down and I pouted "what do you mean? do what?" I said looking straight into his eyes everyone stopped and Louis whispered but so everyone could hear "moan, and say my name" He winked as I started laughing "ahaha you wish Tomlinson"  Harry frowned and I put my hand in His and he smiled so I ran off to go get ready.

Harrys pov;

Everyone else had gone of so it was just me and Louis I tapped him to stop so i could talk to him "Why did you do that man" He looked blankly at me "what are you on about Haz" He said putting his hand on my shoulder "you know what im talking about, why flirt with her you know I really like her, I love her Lou" He sighed and smiled "Calm down Haz, I was joking with her, she's like a sister to me nothing more, she likes you okay" I nodded and bit my lip "it just annoys me, because I still can't actually call her mine, I was thinking about asking her tonight at the premier" Louis grinned "YES DO IT!" He shouted and patted my back as we both laughed "thanks mate" I said as he put his arm around me "does that mean no more Bromance?" Louis Pouted I shook my head "you will always be my main man Lou" We walked off to go get ready and I couldn't help but smile to myself how could i be so lucky I had the most amazing girl in my life I lived and spent all my time with my 4 best friends and i was living my life doing what i loved to do, how could life get any better

kate's Pov;

I had finished getting ready it was now 6 oclock we had half an hour before we had to leave I carefully walked downstairs in my heels choosing the Orange outfit and smiled as i walked into the kitchen and saw all the boys gasp and their mouths hang open "you look amazing" they all said at the same time I laughed and thanked them sitting down and picking up a sandwich that Macy had made, seeing as we couldn't risk getting messy on our outfits we would have something like Nando's or Burger King later. Eve sighed as she walked over to me "Have fun" She said hugging me "You too Macy has got loads of sweets and videos for you two to watch, I promise you can come to the next Premier okay?" I said as she smiled and picked up a sandwich to and went and sat on Zayn's lap I laughed at how easy it is for her to get closer to each of them and at how cute Zayn and her looked as He hugged her and she asked him questions about his tattoo. My mum walked in and sighed when she saw me as I stood up to give her a hug "You look absolutely stunning sweetie" She said as I thanked her and Macy for picking it My dad walked in and smiled at me "wow you all look amazing, right the Limo is here, I will be following in my car behind , make me proud guys" We all squealed as Macy, my mum and Eve walked us out to the door I hugged them goodbye and Eve hugged all the boys as harry took my arm and we walked down to the Limo the boys letting me get in first and then Harry and Liam climbing in after me Louis and Zayn sitting opposite us and Niall sitting at the end next to Liam we waved bye again before closing the door and the driver started the engine and drove away "well this is exciting" I half shouted as the boys started to laugh and Harry took my hand and kissed it "you really do look amazing" He said before getting out his phone placing it in front of us leaning closer to me and taking the picture and then tweeting it @Harry_Styles and @Kate_Movella On our way to the Premier, im such a lucky boy to have her here with me!xx I smiled as instantly his phone started going off with all the fans tweeting him to follow them and tweet them and fans asking about me and telling him to have fun. I sighed as I put my head on his shoulder "I do Love you lots" He kissed my head "I love you more than you know Kate" 

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