Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


16. Find Eve, and Liam comforts Kate!

Kate's Pov;

Mandy made all the children go into the front room and set them a game, Zayn and Niall said they would keep the busy as Mandy came back out and sat next to me pulling me into a hug "Its okay darling, he will forgive you, he's coming back" I shook my head "I don't care I just want my sister" She nodded "I know and he will find her I'll get you a drink then go out in the car and search for her" She stood up "Will you all be okay looking after the children?" Liam nodded and sat down next to me as Mandy walked into the kitchen made a glass of water and then grabbed her keys and went out into the car leaving the glass of water with me. "Im sorry Kate, louis was questioning about me wasn't he, thats what started the argument?" I nodded "Its not your fault, I just want Eve, I don't care anymore, you all were meant to complete my life make me happy, but things have been getting better then worse with you all around, I can't do it anymore" I stopped crying and grabbed my jacket "your not going anywhere Harry will find her okay, and please don't leave us Kate, I don't think we can survive without you" I shook my head and Liam stood up putting his hands around my waist and pulling me in close "Kate, Im in love with you, I always have been I know your happy with Harry but I need to tell you and well I need to do this" I was confused until Liam pulled me even closer and softly kissed my lips I started to enjoy the kiss and kiss back and then pulled away "Liam no, this can't happen I love Harry, Im not going to hurt him, we can't be alone together, we just can't" He smiled "Why because your tempted when were alone?" He licked his lips and had a glint in his eyes as he moved closer and moved away but was backed up on the stairs He put his hands on my waist and I was cornered "Liam, please" I whispered as he carried on standing closer and closer I put my arms around his neck I couldn't help it I sealed the little space we had and pulled him closer kissing him patiently I pulled away and couldn't control myself I grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs "Kate" he whispered as I shook my head and carried on walking, pulling him into the first bedroom he closed the door and turnt around as I closed in on him He smiled "okay easy calm down" I breathed in and bit my lip "we shouldnt do this" I said before sighing. Liam moved my hair out of my eyes and then put his other hand on my back pulling me closer to him "We shouldn't, but i want and need you Kate" He placed his lips on mine softly kissing me but making the kiss get more passionate and then picked me up and walked towards the bed placing me down as I helped him undo his top.'

Harry's pov;

I ran off in the direction that Eve ran in knowing that she would probably head towards the nearest park I continued running playing back everything that was said my cheek burning in the cold wind but I loved her I couldn't let her go no matter what she did or what she does she's mine and will always be and I needed to make things up to her and Eve. I entered the park and saw her sitting on the hill her head in her hands I saw a man go up to her and I saw her talk to him I panicked as I saw him put his hand on her shoulder I ran shouting her name "EVE EVE THANK GOD I FOUND YOU" The man looked at me and then back at Eve before nodding to her saying something and walking off I ran over as she stood up and hugged me "What did he say?" I asked kneeling down and pushing the hair out of her eyes "Nothing, he wanted to know if i was lost, he said he would help me find my mum or dad" I nodded my head seeing the man walk over to a women with a little baby and a son I smiled and waved at them before bringing Eve into a hug and sighing "okay, thats good, don''t talk to strangers though okay?" She laughed "Harry I know about stranger danger" I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and wiped her eyes with it "Shall we go get an Ice cream?" She nodded and slipped her hand in mine as we walked over to the ice cream stand "Harry I dont want you and Kate to split up, If you do I will never see you all again" I sighed and bent down to her "Listen you will always see us no matter what okay, and I don't want me and Kate to end either I love her and I'd do anything to keep her so im going to fight for her and fight for you to stay in our lives Im not going to give you both up" She hugged me as I picked her up and walked towards the Ice cream man "Can I have 2 chocolate Ice creams please" He gave us the Ice creams and I put Eve down and paid the man "Thanks" I said as we walked over to a park bench  "Listen Eve, Kate didn't mean it she's really worried about you, she just wants you to go back so she can tell you shes sorry and give you a hug" Eve nodded and continued eating her Ice cream "I know Im sorry for running away I just didn't want you two to argue any more and I wanted to get away" I nodded "I know we should get back Kate's probably really worried now" She nodded and finished of her ice cream and took my hand as we started to walk back.

Kate's pov;

I woke up noticing I was laying next to Liam I coughed and quickly got up and got dressed. What had I done? I brushed my hair and threw Liams clothes at him "Get up get dressed, and this didn't happen" I hissed at him as he sat up and smiled at me I shook my head "This was a big mistake okay!" I told him opening the door and walking downstairs I walked into the front room "Is Harry back yet, has he found Eve?" I asked Niall as soon as he walked over to me "He has found her, they're on there way back" I sighed and smiled "Where have you been?" he said smiling at me "urm, I needed to get some air, Liam just went to the toilet" Liam came walking in straight after I said that I had heard him outside the door and he went and sat next to Maria "Hows your birthday going?" I smiled at them all as I sat down and watched the telling watching the boys play pass the parcel with the girls and waiting for Harry and my little Sister, I felt really bad for cheating on Harry, but he didn't need to know right? it was just a mistake and I really do love Harry and Liam is just my bestfriend that went a bit too far?.

(Thanks for reading, I felt really sorry for Harry while I was writing this, poor Haz :( Hope no one would ever do that to him, I had to do this in the story though to make it more interesting hope you enjoyed reading and dont worry Im sure Harry will be Happy in the end, not sure who with or how its going to end yet though, so any idea Id love to hear them! :) thanks enjoy!x)

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