Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


15. Eve and The party!x

Kate's pov;

We pulled up outside my my house as I entered the code and the gates opened allowing me to drive into my drive way, I parked the car and turnt the engine of picking up my bag and phone "okay, guys you might as well wait here" They all nodded apart from Liam "No, I want to come, I want to see Eve and talk to your dad about something" Louis scoffed and raised his eyebrows as I shrugged and closed me door I leant over and gave Harry a kiss "see you in a bit" He nodded and turnt on the radio as Liam came around to me "Come on then, lets go get Eve" I turnt around and nodded, wondering what he wanted to talk to my dad about. we walked towards the door and I got my key out but didnt need to use it as Eve opened the door straight away "Liam!" she shouted hugging him He bent down and kissed her cheek "are you ready for your party princess" He tickled her as she she nodded and hugged him again and I smiled at how happy she seemed to be with the boys and noticed that Liam was staring at me smiling and I dragged my attention away "Okay Eve, shoes we need to get on way" She squealed okay and excitedly ran to get her shoes "She looks so cute, in her little dress" I nodded "yeah, didn't you want to talk to dad?" He bit his lip and shook his head "don't matter now ill talk to him later, we don't have time" We stood their in the hallway waiting for my little sister and Liam stepped closer towards me "are you happy with Harry?" I nodded and stepped back a bit feeling that he was a bit close He looked alarm "Kate, Im one of your bestfriend's im not going to pounce on you, as much as I care about you, I wouldn't do that to Harry" He looked down at the floor and I sighed stepping forward again "I know im sorry Li, it was just a natural reaction, I know you wouldn't your a nice boy" I pulled him in for a hug feeling that he held me close and made the hug last a little longer than it needed to I pulled away and faked a smile "Eve come on we need to leave" She came running from the kitchen with bags of crisps "Eve why have you got all those" She smiled a big smile "Well my Niall will be hungry, and so am i" Me and Liam both laughed as I stuffed the crisps in my bag and we both took one of her hands "come on then munchkin" she laughed as my mum and dad entered the hall "Be good, for your sister and the boys Eve okay" My mum said giving her a kiss on the head "Make sure they behave themselves princess" Dad said winking at her and kissing her on the cheek. We said goodbye and headed out to the car I looked at the time it was half 11 we had half an hour to get their by, plenty of time I think. We piled back into the car and Eve sat in the middle of Niall and Louis as I gave them the crisps and Eve passed some to Niall and he kissed her cheek "you are my favourite person, little one" He put his arm around her and she hugged him and opened her crisps I laughed and started the car Harry looked at me anxiously "Kate are you okay?" He whispered as I nodded and new I hadn't convinced him "Kate" He said putting his hand on mine "Harry, its fine okay Im fine" I hissed as he bit his lip and took his hand away looking forward I sighed "Harry im sorry,just i really am fine" He nodded and smiled a little "Its fine don't worry about it". I thought me and him were going to be awkward the rest of the ride but it didn't last long as Eve and Louis started messing about and we were all laughing. I pulled up outside the party and parked the car getting out and waiting for the boys to come round, I noticed Niall got out first then picked Eve up and walking her to the pavement and putting her down "don't want my little princess to get run over" He said winking at her and taking my brush out my hand "Need to sort out Eve's hair she can't go to a party without checking her hair" He insisted as I raised my eyebrows and he started brushing Eve's hair she laughed as he parted her hair and then gave me my brush back "thanks Niall, your going to be a great dad one day" I said winking as I took Eve's hand and Harry came to the side of me and we walked up to the house I knocked noticing it was Mandy's house so it meant it was her daughter Maria's birthday, Maria opened the door and I braced myself for the scream but no scream came she hugged me then stepped back and noticed the boys...and screamed The boys started laughing and hugged her "Happy Birthday" they all said in chorus of each other she smiled so much I though she was going to burst Eve started to laugh and took her hand "Happy Birthday, can we come in" She nodded and kept nodding staring at Niall "I guess little kids really like you" He shrugged "my irish charm I should think" I laughed as we all entered Mandy's house and she came walking down the stairs "Hello Kate, Its so lovely to see you again, how are you doing?" I smiled and hugged her "Im great thanks, I hope you don't mind I brought some friends with me" She looked at the boys and gasped "Omg, One Direction, Of course I don't mind The girls will love them, and urm isn't one of these fine boys your new boyfriend" I blushed and harry put his arm around my waist I looked to Liam and saw him frown and walk off "Im going to find Eve" He said as Louis looked at me and narrowed his eyes I smiled and Looked back and Mandy "yeah, this Is Harry, my boyfriend" He kissed my cheek and shook Mandy's Hand "Aww you both look so sweet together, well your all welcome to stay however long you want, excuse me while I go sort out the girls in the garden" I nodded as she walked off and Harry and Zayn went to see if Niall was okay Louis came walking over "What was that about?" I sat down on the stairs and put my head in my hands "I don't have a clue Lou" He sat down next to me and put his arm around me "What did Li do, when you went to your house?" I looked up too see Louis looking at me with a worried look in his eyes "He didn't do anything, just I stepped back it seemed like he was getting close, He said he wasn't going to do that to Harry, and he asked if I was Happy with him" I felt a tear falling down my cheek and wiped it back I wasn't going to cry I'd been crying for days and I was meant to be happy now. Louis stood up clenching his fists I stood up and put my hands on his arms looking into his eyes "NO Louis, okay it was nothing, your not going to create not here, not at a little girls party, Im not letting you ruin it I I" I couldn't stop I was panicking and Louis could see he pulled me into a hug and stopped being angry "Okay, okay its okay, Im not going to do anything, not here anyway just calm down" He kissed my head and Louis tensed a bit "Kate, are you okay?" I heard Harry's deep voice "Whats going on?" He asked as I pulled away from Louis and wiped my eyes I smiled "nothing, Im fine shall we go dance, wheres Eve?" He shook his head and looked at Louis "Can I talk to Kate alone please" Louis nodded and walked over to get a drink Harry sat on the stairs were i was standing I sat down too "Whats going on Kate, you have been acting weird since picking up Eve" "Nothings going on, Harry I just didn't feel to good earlier and then I panicked a bit and Louis was calming me down" He scoffed and shook his head "DO YOU THINK IM STUPID" I looked around and saw everyone was looking and I could see Harry was getting angry "Harry, calm down please" He stood up "NO!, somethings going on Kate, and you wont tell me" I stood up too looking for Louis and seeing Liam standing there with his fists clenched he stepped forward and Louis stopped him I looked back at Harry "You don't even care do you, im worrying about you and you wont let me in, how am I meant to show you how much a care if you wont let me help?" Eve came running over "Stop shouting please, stop arguing" she had tears coming out of her eyes and I got angry at Harry "Look what you have done, you have made her cry, why did you have to start drama here, you have ruined the party" I bent down to see Eve and she backed away "Its both of you stop, just stop" Mandy came walking over and took Eve's hand "come on Eve leave them to talk" "Eve come on were leaving" She shook her head "EVE GET IN THE CAR!" she started to cry more "I dont wont to leave" she said Harry was just staring at me and Louis tried to come over and sit me down I shrugged him off "I DONT CARE EVE GET IN THE CAR IM NOT STAYING HERE, not with them here I need to go home" She shook her head and got out of Mandys clasp and ran for the door opening it and running down the road I started screaming her name and relised what just happened, Id made my little sister run away "HAPPY NOW" Harry shouted I coudn't think I didn't think I slapped him round the face "YOU THINK IM HAPPY MY LITTLE SISTERS RUN AWAY" He put his hand on his face and I saw a tear roll down his cheek as I started crying "im sorry why did i do that, Harry just leave" I pushed him away and sat on the stair crying "Someone please find her" Harry nodded "Im going, im going to find Eve, and then im coming back Kate, we need to talk" He nodded at Louis and ran off in the direction that Eve went in.  

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