Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


8. Doctors/ Take me Home!

Kate's Pov;

I was sitting in the waiting room with Harry, I asked Macy to wait in the car. Harry took my hand in his as he could see me shaking "you will be okay" he said as a doctor walked out the room nearest to us "Kate Movella, im ready to see you" I stood up "Harry, will you come in to please?" "Of course" He said standing up and putting his hand on my back directing me into the doctors room "please take a seat my names Doctor Livinstone, now what did you use, that looks to me like an allergic reaction "  I nodded "hi, urm yeah i used this cream last night and then i woke up to this" I passed him the tube of cream and saw him writing things on his computer he read the cream and put some in a little dish and examined it. "okay, can i take a look at your face please" I nodded as the Doctor shone a light on my face and checked my eyes and in my mouth. "okay its defiantly an allergic reaction but  the good news is its not going to scar, so i can prescribe you some cream put it on every four hours and in two doses it should clear up" He started printing out a prescription "so she will be okay to go to a premier tonight" The doctor signed the paper and passed it to me "Yeah, just don't use the cream again" I smiled and said thanks to the doctor and Harry shook his hand as he put his arm around me "told you everything will be okay didn't I" He took my hand and kissed it as we walked out the doctors and got into the car where Macy was waiting "so whats happening?" she asked turning around to us I smiled "I need to go to chemist and get some more cream that the doctor prescribed and apply it every 4 hours and ill be fine" Macy sighed "oh good, because I have a surprise for you at home and I need you to be well to have it" I smiled as Macy started up the car and Harry rang the boys to tell them everything was fine. We pulled up outside the local pharmacy "Macy whats this surprise then?" I asked her getting excited she looked at me and laughed "now if i told you it wouldn't be a surprise would it" Harry laughed "come on lets go get this cream" I got out of the car waiting for Harry and walked into the pharmacy one of the women shopping in there kept looking at me and it was making me frustrated "Hey, having a nice look, never seen an allergic reaction before?" I said smirking at her she gulped and apologised and went back to selecting what medicine she wanted Harry laughed "That was a bit harsh babe" he whispered and I shrugged walking over to the counter and passing her the prescription as she smiled and run to the back room to get the cream, the women finished selecting her medicine and stood in line behind me as  I felt her tap my shoulder "urm excuse me I'm really sorry I didn't mean to stare, I hope its not serious" I smiled at her and she loosened up "Its okay. Look im sorry for shouting, just bad day and thankfully it isn't which is good as I have a premier later" The women's face went blank as she looked as over and didnt recognise us "Harry Styles, from One Direction" Harry said putting his hand out she gasped "Omg my niece is a really big fan of you" Harry chuckled and i stuck my hand out "Kate Movella, One directions Managers Daughter, Model, and singer" I laughed at my long title and so did she "wow its nice to meet you both, you must be really busy then" I nodded as the Chemist lady came back with the cream "okay here it is, two doses should clear it, one dose every four hours and not to much on, you probably heard this all from the doctor but i have to make sure" I thanked the lady and put the Cream in my bag with the receipt as Me and Harry moved to let the lady behind pay for her medicine "Well we best be going, nice to meet you Goodbye"  we said to the lady as she said bye back and got our autographs for her niece. Harry took my hand as we walked out of the chemist "Im glad you said Sorry, thats one of the things i Love about you" we got back in the car and Macy looked really happy "your mum just called, your cousin Daisy is coming to stay for a little while" I groaned "please no, why are you happy about that?" Macy tutted "Kate, she is your cousin be happy she wants to come spend time with you" Harry squeezed my hand knowing their must be a reason why i'm unhappy about her stay "whens she coming" He asked "Next week" she replied Macy turned around to me "okay are you okay now?" I nodded "Take me home?" I asked and she smiled and nodded "of course gladly" She started up the car and started our drive home I rested my head on Harry shoulder "well talk later about why you dont want Daisy staying" Harry whispered as I mumbled yeah and fell asleep to his breathing and the sound of the car humming.

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