Take me Home (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl; Kate movella, she's 17 and since the age of 7 she had enjoyed singing and from the age of 15 she's been a model. Her life is great for the moment but 5 boys are going to turn it upside down how does she feel about them? are they ruining everything she achieved? will she give it all up to be with them. She lives with her mum, dad and little sister Eve but whats her Mum and dad going to think about her new life style?


23. Another Fashion shoot and InterviewKate&

Kate's pov;
I was exhausted after my fashion shoot and interview it was now half six and I was driving home and near to my house the radio was on I rubbed my eye and yawned it had been a long day I had millions of questions about the tour where I'm going and about the boys especially Harry, but I had to go through things I couldn't mention before hand and I was ready to just crawl into bed, I sighed as I though Harry would be at home and the thought of my bed all cold with me just laying In it. I pulled up in the driveway and got out closing the door of my car and getting the keys out of my bag I walked up to the door as Eve answered the door I was shocked to see Harry standing behind her with paint on his face and hands "hello gorgeous" he said smiling at me my bad mood slowly lifted and I smiled back at him "hello I wasn't expecting you, been busy?" I winked as Eve ran off "I want to show you my picture" she shouted and me and Harry laughed and I walked into the house closing the door "your mum and dad had to go round your aunts quickly" he said walking towards me with his arms out for a hug "ah no...you have paint all over you" I tried backing away seeing I was cornered Harry raised his eyebrows and carried on walking towards me and stopped straight in front just looking at me and when I was off guard he got his hand with paint on and smudged it on my nose and cheeks I sighed and then bit my cheeks closing my eyes "Styles! You did not just do that" I managed to say in a serious voice, which was hard I heard his chuckled and opened my eyes as Harry's lip found mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer his hands on my waste as Eve came running over "look Kate" I took Harry's Hand and picked up Eve's painting we all walked to the front room and sat on the sofa I pulled Eve on to both mine and Harry's laps and looked at the picture "aww it's amazing beautiful who is the people?" she laughed "it's me, you and all of 1D Silly" me and Harry chuckled "oh yeah course it is I see now" Harry put his arm around me playing with my hair "your perfect to me, I love you" he whispered I kissed his lips "I love you too" "i put what they like next to them" Eve said pointing out the cat next to harry, the stripes on Louis t-shirt the Mirror next to Zayn, the turtle next to Liam and the potato next to Niall" "it's amazing sweetie it really is" Harry said getting out his phone and taking a picture of it "and twitter will think so too" I watches him type out his tweet ; @Harry_Styles spending time with the girlfriend and her sister, an excellent picture that Eve made, don't you think?x
I laughed as he attached the photo and tagged the rest of the boys and instantly my phone started ringing I noticed it was Niall and answered; 
Me- Hey Nialler what's up?
Niall- hey babe nm can I talk to Eve?
I laughed "of course"
Eve- Hello Niall
Niall- hello baby girl, I've just seen your drawing, it's amazing!
Eve- aww thank you are you coming round soon?
Niall- aww I don't no Hun, maybe tomorrow or I'll get Kate to bring you over, I'll get you a surprise though, for the excellent drawing okay?
Eve- okay thanks Niall love you
Niall- love you too sweetie
Eve ran off upstairs and I took the phone back
Me- aww best friend love aye?
Niall- yeah what can I say it's your family, your all adorable" 
Me- aww Nialler my Irish best friend, I have to go its been a long day I'll see you tomorrow or something night
He said night and I ended the call as my mum and dad walked back in "hey you okay?" my dad said coming in "yeah, fine tired though" he looked at Harry and stopped smiling my mum sat down smiling at me "Harry darling are you staying tonight?" I nodded "please stay Harry" Harry bit his lip and looked at my dad who just bit his lip nodded and walked out the room I sighed and Harry smiled and nodded "I'm going to talk to him" he said standing up I looked to my mum "aww sweetie I don't think that's a good idea" Harry sighed running his hands through his hair "I do, I love Kate and I need to no he is okay with it, it's his daughter I know how I would feel" I smiled at how caring and thoughtful he was and my mum just smiled and nodded as Harry took a breathe and walked out of the room.

Harry's pov;
I walked into the kitchen not prepared what to say I saw him sitting and the table and sat across to him as he just stares at me with his eyebrows raised "Urm, I just wanted to say, that I love Kate, and you my manager so I will always listen to you but I don't lose Kate she's amazing and I would never hurt her she's my world" I looked down afraid of what he was going to say I heard him sigh "I'm not that happy about you two, but I no how much you mean to her, I have to let her make her own mistakes and well your a nice boy I'm glad she picked you, just don't try anything in my house okay?" he said warningly I looked up and smiled "of course not, I wouldn't" he got up and hugged me "good, now excuse me I'm off to bed" I said goodnight and took some breathes realising how nerve wracking that actually was I heard clapping behind me and turnt round seeing Kate and her mum clapping and smiling "well down, he seemed Happy whatever you said" I laughed playfully taking a bow "just told the truth babe" she came walking over and hugged me as I kissed her head "you look really tired are you sure your okay?" she nodded closing her eyes "carry me to bed?" I laughed picking her up bridal styles and her mum laughed and went back into the front room, I carried her all the way up to her room placing her on her bed.

Kate's pov;
I dressed into my pjs and laid in my bed next to Harry and I rested my head on his chest and he strokes my hair "night Harry, I'm glad you were here when I got back" he kissed my head "I wasn't going to leave you promised me something" I looked up as he winked and I playfully hit him "I'm joking, I didn't really want to be in my own bed alone I'd miss you to much" I nodded "I didn't want that either" I rested my head back down and Harry turned of the light "night love see you in the morning" "night Haz" I closed my eyes and fell asleep to his breathing and the happy feeling I had laying in his arms plus the safe warmth his body have off next to mine.

- sorry I haven't wrote much anymore for this story I got stuck and started my new one check it out? Thank you for reading an clicking favourites , and liking the story please carry on doing so, and please do the same for my new fanfic Fight for love, it's not about Harry it's about another member possible :) please if any character requests message me thank you!!x -Katie xx
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