Lost In The Dark

RossLynn is a lost soul. Not really but when one direction come to her school for a concert she is flattered when they tell her she is beautiful. When she ells them about her dark past will they run away or stay beside her through all of it. What about Liam being her long lost best friend.



Hi I am RossLynn Rose and yes Rose is my last name. I am 18 and in my last year of high school which is hell to me right now. I am not the most popular girl in school but exactly the oppisite. Today One Direction is supposed to throw a fundraiser on at our school which is thirty dollars per ticket so I am going since my school needs the money. ''EWW LOOK ITS ROSSLYNN SHE HAS RABIES GET AWAY''Lexa said oh yeah Lexa is the typical ''popular girl'' captian of the cheer squad and has all of the boys drooling over her except my friend Jake,Carter,Alex and Tory yes they all are boys but hey less drama. ''RORO''Jake called running behind me as I shut my locker. ''JAKEY''I called back and he laughed at me. ''you going to the concert tonight''Jake said Tory walking up. ''Yeah I think they might need the money so I am plus my mum needs me to v''I said and Jake nodded ''Well Ello miss Lello''Tory said laughing that was my nickname from him

''RossLynn can you come with me''Mrs.Rose asked yes she is my mum. ''Coming Mrs.Rose''I said following her. ''Hunny I am going to need your help setting up the stage for the boys''she said and I said ''But mum I am going to Tory's to get ready for tonight I can't wear my uniform''she nodded''you can come back after okay''i nodded and smiled walking out.


''HURRY UP YOU BOYS WE NEED TO GO GET IN THE VAN''I yelled and they ran out the door before I could blink. ''HURRY UP LIAM''Louis mocked as I locked the door. We were doing a concert at rosemary high school which I knew the principal. I also knew her daughter RossLynn who I haven't seen since I moved 14 years ago. ''Okay lets go''I said getting in and driving off as soon as I saw RossLynn I smiled I would see my best friend again which is amazing. She was with four boys. I drove up beside her and honked and she smiled I got out and embraced her with a hug. ''LILO''I smiled since she still remembered my nickname ''STITCH''I called and she laughed


When I got out of the car Liam was hugging the most beautiful girl ever. ''Liam its been a long long time 14 years and you just get cuter and cuter''she said winking. Liam laughed and smiled ''well beautiful meet my band mates Niall Haryy Louis and Zayn''She shookeach of our hands and Harry said ''Ello beautiful what are you doing lifting this heavy equipment''she smiled. ''I bet I could lift more weight than you sherly temple''she said and turned to me. ''Hi Niall I am RossLynn I believe we met before at the mall when you hit me with your car and drove off but you didn't hurt me but you did see me''she said smiling and my eyes widened ''OMG I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY'' I said over and over again ''Woah woah woah it's fine you didn't hurt me at all''she yawned and put her arms up to stretch and I saw the lightining bolt on her right hip. ''WHAT IS THAT ROSSLYNN''Liam yelled in a fatherly manner and RossLynn smiled. ''Why didn't you fan girl when you saw us''Liam asked and she turned to him ''I'm sorry LILO is this better OMFG ITS ONE DIRECTION''she said her voice full of sarcasm.



I went backstage to see Liam and the boys but instead Lexa was there. ''Well if it isn't miss Rabies''she said laughing and I just sat there not saying inside just letting everyword hit me like a knife in my heart the anger building up. ''Nobody likes you''thats all it took and I exploded. ''NO ONE LIKES YOU EITHER LEXA YOU BITCH YOUR FAKE YOUR HAIR IS HUH FAKE YOUR TEETH ARE HUH OH YEAH BLOODY FAKE YOU DON'T CARE FOR ANYONE AND THATS WHY YOU ARE CARRYING MATTIES BABY YOU PROBABLY LIKE THE MOST UNPOPULAR BOY IN SCHOOLYET TREAT HIM LIKE SHIT BUT ITS ONLY BECAUSE YOU ARE FEELING LIKE SHIT''I ran off crying and found a garbage bin outside and hid behind it crying histaricly. ''ROSSLYNN WHERE ARE YOU''Carter called me but I just sat there the peice of glass in my hand ready to end it all. Liam came out and heard my cries of pain as I put the blade to my wrist. ''ROSS WHAT ARE YOU DOING''Liam yelled as he ran to me and embraced me in a big hug. ''I-I just want the pain inside of me to go away Liam no more pain no more torture just me and myself peacfully gone''I cried in his arms the blood smelt awful but I just wanted to be alone. Liam whispered in my ear ''But I want you to stay''and I closed my eyes and fell asleep.



Here is RossLynn's outfits

School uniform:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=60768878

Concert outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/meeting_boys/set?id=60768606#stream_box

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