Hotel 15+

Kathleen and Melisa are bestfriends they just turned 18 . After there birthday they got an envelope they called each other Melisa got the same present they hung up and opened the envelope it read hey guys you just turned 18 it's big I know so look inside carefully and youll find your present love you
From your beloved family
They saw it and they jumped from happiness they got ONE DIRECTION tickets read to find out more


4. What Are You Doing?

At 8 o'clock the boys went down to a club and drank. They were really drunk they didn't know where to go. I decides to go down and get some popcorn because Mel and I were watching a horror movie. I went in the elevator and pressed G it took me there. I went to the kitchen and got some popcorn and put them in the microwave for 3 mins. I went out with the popcorn and noticed 5 boys lying on the couch they looked familiar I went up to them and said " 1D what are you doing downstairs"
" hey" the boys whispered with a crackly voice so I texted Mel to come down and get the boys Mel and I dragged Harry to the elevator I had to get carrots for Louis and zayn I had to grab a mirror and Niall I had to get nandos for him and Liam I had to scare with a spoon. We finally got to the room. Mel and I had to do the same thing and we drag them where Mel and I were staying because there was 5 beds there. We put everyone on one queen bed each and Mel and I had to share with the boys. I shared the bed elwith Zayn and Mel shared a bed with Liam. Zayn was cuddling me like a 5 year old. I noticed that Zayn took his pants and boxers off he was squeezing my breast he took off my pants and underwear and he got a condom and put it on. I tried to escape but he was to strong. He got me and layed me down on the bed and he was on top of me he went in and out of me
"It hurts don't do this to" I announced he ignored me and kept on doing me he I was screaming in pain but nobody can hear me. He kept on doing me until my groan was was a moan I was actually enjoying this he finally was done and put on his boxers like nothing happened I pout on my underwear and my pants. Zayn cuddled me again and went to sleep
" I love you" Zayn whispered I just went to sleep.
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