Hotel 15+

Kathleen and Melisa are bestfriends they just turned 18 . After there birthday they got an envelope they called each other Melisa got the same present they hung up and opened the envelope it read hey guys you just turned 18 it's big I know so look inside carefully and youll find your present love you
From your beloved family
They saw it and they jumped from happiness they got ONE DIRECTION tickets read to find out more


2. Party Time!!

I woke up seeing Melisa next to me. "About time sleepy head" Mel announced  i looked at the time and it was 10 o'clock already  The party is going to begin at 12 o'clock and i haven't got my dress ready and my make up and i have to take a shower!!!!!!

I got in the shower and took a nice warm bath, when i got out Mel was already doing her make up so I did my make up first. I did my make up and i looked gorgeous.

this is Kathleen's makeup:,r:1,s:0,i:72

this is there lipstick:,r:7,s:0,i:90

this was there dress:,r:11,s:0,i:102

This was mels eyeshadow:,r:47,s:0,i:233

We both got went down and we started the PARTYY!!!!!!

we drank we ate we also swan in my pool

"this is an epic party Kathleen" said Chase

"thanks" i yelled, i have to yell because the music was too loud. after the party Melisa went home and i had to clean everything. finally i'm done i got up stairs and got into my pj's i was too tired to do my bed night routine.


i woke up and it seems quiet but too quiet so i went downstairs and got breakfast there was an envelope on the bench i opened it and read it it read: Hi ummm so you just 18 i know it big but i have a present for you look in the envelope carefully and you'll see your present from your beloved family  

i looked in the envelope carefully and i saw a ticket OMG it was one direction ticket i jumped from happiness i called Mel and she said she has the same birthday present.


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