Hotel 15+

Kathleen and Melisa are bestfriends they just turned 18 . After there birthday they got an envelope they called each other Melisa got the same present they hung up and opened the envelope it read hey guys you just turned 18 it's big I know so look inside carefully and youll find your present love you
From your beloved family
They saw it and they jumped from happiness they got ONE DIRECTION tickets read to find out more


3. 1D concert

I was so excited at 6 o'clock the concert starts. Melisa was really excited she got her clothes and drove to my house I was the only one there and when Mel came in my house she wore this top with Liam Payne on it and wore normal shorts. I wore a dress with a picture of one direction in them and wore sandals. As soon as we got there Mel parked her car and we got our pictures to let them sigh on. After the concert we rushed to the table where one direction is and let them sign it Zayn and Liam noticed that we were getting bullied and pushed around we didn't get our turn we just ran away and cried. Zayn told the security to catch us. We thought we were in trouble. We were sat on a table and that's the only table there.
After a few hours 5 guys came in laughing they looked familiar O.M.G it one direction!!! I don't know why we are here.
"Hey girls" announced the boys
" Hey, ummm we were just wondering why we are here? Did we do anything wrong I mean if there is we are really sorry" I said with my head down Zayn came up and lifted my chin up and said " no you guys are not in trouble it's just why did you guys cry and just walked away like that I was worried about you guys why were you pushed around?"
"well we were in front and all the girls started to push us and me and Mel got stomped and it really hurt so we just ran and cry and here we are with you guys" I said with a sad face on. "
" it's ok girls your safe with us. Anyway you wanna have dinner together?" the boys asked
" if your fine with it" we said they said ok and ordered food we ate and after we ate Harry went to the bathroom were girls and guys can go on I heard a sobbing noise in the toilet so I went there and made sure Harry was ok. I opened the door and Harry's face was red I dont know what happens but he said that he went on twitter and saw hate comments and that he said that it said really mean stuff. I went next to him and pat his back it's ok I said. The boys were calling us and and we went to there hotel the hotel they had was 105-111 the other spare room was for everyone so the boys said that me and Mel could sleep there.
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