What a crazy life!!!!

A normal average girl that has bad luck
And all went to waste to she ment
Harry styles that changed her world
Up side down.


4. The flight to England!!!!!

Zoe's pov:
I packed my bags ready to go I gave mum a hug
she and dad were crying and and thought I was
Leaving them or living in England but I am not
I gave dad a big hug and said good bye and i left
on the plane tearing up it was a to day flight
But I was fine. I finally got to England air port
and left to find a taxi. I found a taxi and jumped
in and left excitedly looking for my hotel. i finally found
My hotel the great stay it was called once I got my
key to my room I started un packing my clothes
then I decided to go shopping down the street
I started to look for some clothes for the concert
I bought a nice dress and some t shirts, shorts
And some jeans and then walked back to the
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