What a crazy life!!!!

A normal average girl that has bad luck
And all went to waste to she ment
Harry styles that changed her world
Up side down.


3. my luck is changing!!!!!!

Zoe's pov:
I went to check the mail until I saw a white
Piece of paper in the drain I went to check what
It was I wiped the dirt and water off it I read the
Piece of paper it was one direction tickets I
jumped up in the air with excitement and rushed
Inside and showed mum and dad they just stared
happily and jumped up and down. I went in my
Room and started reading the tickets I found out
the concert tickets were in England I ran to mum
and dad and showed them angrily mum said that
Her and dad will pay for a flight to England
I was so shocked and excited and I ran up and gave
Them a big hug the concert was next week so I
Started packing for big ride. I quietly said to my self
My luck is finally changing and ran to my room.
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