What a crazy life!!!!

A normal average girl that has bad luck
And all went to waste to she ment
Harry styles that changed her world
Up side down.


2. Detention!!!!

Zoe's pov:
The bell rings every one walks out laughing
I am a laughing stock mrs best calls me in with
A angry voice I walked in sitting Down angrily
Why the teacher tells me to write I should not be
late for school any more 200 times. School finished
and I was only up to 150. By the time I was finished
5:00 I walk home sadly because I thought my
Day would change, but I guess not just same old days at
School I walk past the newspaper shop with girls all
Waiting in big lines I went and asked one of the girls
What they were lining up for she said they were lining
Up for one direction tickets I walked away sadly
wishing that I had enought money for one but I guess not
and kept on walking
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