Those Green Eyes

eighteen year old Leona is ready to fly to london. her mum had bought her the tickets for christmas and she's already signed up for permanent residency. she hopes on finding a new job and just to enjoy life, but when she bumps into extremely hot superstar Harry Styles, her whole life changes.. READ ON!


3. You Don't Like Coffee?

when i wake up, i check the pantry if there were any food. JACKPOT! it's absolutely filled to the max! i take the cereal out and look in the fridge. no milk.. no milk means no cereal.. meh.. i dress up and take out onto the streets of london, in hope of finding a nearby cafe. 

when i do find one, i order a chocolate frappe and take a seat. i sip it while i read a magazine that i got off the coffee table near the window. the frappe tastes absoloutely delicious! i enjoy and relax, thinking about yesterday..

i'm halfway through my magazine when the cafe door opens. i look to the door and notice it's one direction! eeeep! i hear my heart beating louder and faster. louis and liam orders pancakes, niall and zayn have waffles and harry has coffee. it's only then when louis notices me. he nudges harry and looks at me. i see harry's face go light pink and he walks over to me slowly.

oh no. i don't even have to look at myself cos i already know that i am not fit to sit next to harry styles. he takes the seat beside mine and he smiles. i smile back. i feel my face burn and my palms sweaten. "so you like to drink frappes.." he says. "and you like coffee....... you know, i've never liked coffee." i reply "no way, just like louis.. try it.." he passes over his cup and i take a sip. i try hard not to show my dislike but i guess it shows anyway. "you know what, the boys and i have a day off.. wanna go coffee tasting?" i feel stuck in time. i guess i go even redder but i still manage to say, "sure. that would be nice" i feel a smile creep to my lips and my heart thump with contentment.

harry and i walk down the streets. there are a lot of looks our way, but we ignore them.  we finally find a coffee house and thats when harry starts ordering. we take a seat and start sipping coffee one after the other. i find out that i have a passion for creamy white coffees but not strong black ones. at around 11.45, a trio of girls order bubble tea from the counter. they take the table next to ours. one of them notices harry and starts to squeal. the other two join her. i look at harry, expecting him to turn to them and say hey or something. but instead i find him gazing at me. i'm instantly locked in his eyes and i feel amazing. he's looking at me like i'm his only muse, like the whole world revolved around us. his green eyes are so deep, i could swim in them forever.. but then the squealing turns into crying and the crying turns to sobbing, so harry finally drops his gaze, turns to the girls, gives them a smile then signs their shirts. the girls jump up and down.. still crying, and they run out of the shop, ready to tell all of their friends what had just happened. harry never takes the smile off his face and neither do i. he orders us lunch and when we finish, he gets up and i follow him.

when we reach the pathway, rain pours down on us mercilessly we are drenched in seconds, me and him just look at eachother and start laughing. i start to run and he follows me. i run and run and run to get to my apartment. when we reach, i unlock the door and we stumble inside. i grab two towels and wrap myself in one and give harry the other. we dry ourselves and harry says"that was SO fun!" i smile at him and we exchange our numbers. "hey, catch you later, i need to be back by 6.00. we say goodbye and i watch him walk away.
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