Those Green Eyes

eighteen year old Leona is ready to fly to london. her mum had bought her the tickets for christmas and she's already signed up for permanent residency. she hopes on finding a new job and just to enjoy life, but when she bumps into extremely hot superstar Harry Styles, her whole life changes.. READ ON!


2. Trip and Fall

when the plane lands, and i find my luggage i walk around like an idiot trying to find a lady called mrs. marihase, when i finally do find her, her son takes my bags and they lead me to their car. 

it only takes about twenty minutes to reach the apartment that i'm gonna be living in for now. her son unloads my luggage very carefully and places them  in my new home. mrs marihase gives me a twenty and i say thankyou. when i see them out of the driveway i start to unpack. it takes a while for me to get organised and get everything into place but i eventually do. when i look at my phone it's 1.00. i decide to go out and see london for myself. 

i walk out the door and a cold blast of wind blows on my face. oh. that's right, i'm in london.. its always cold here.. i walk back inside to get a coat or something. but then i realise that all my clothes are from australia.. all summer clothes.. i decide to go out shopping.

i'm trying on a pair of hot pink stilletos and decide that i wanna buy them, i look at the price tag; £150. i look at my wallet. its filled with aussie dollars. i make a mental note to convert them later on at the bank. i carefully place the stilletos back on the shelf. i turn my head to the door, planning to walk out the shop when one direction walks in, one by one. louis' holding eleanor's hand and they walk walk over to a pair of navy blue heels. liam and zayn have walked over to the boy's section and harry and niall are laughing at something on their phones. i stare at them in shock.. how could this be happening? i look at them in a daze for so long..

after a while, harry tries on a pair of sparkly silver heels. eleanor, louis, zayn, liam and niall are laughing their heads off as harry walks around the shop like a totally cute fool. he's walking towards my aisle when he trips on me. i fall down with him. i get up as quickly as i can, helping harry up as well. "oh. sorry about that.." he looks at my face and oh my gosh he looks like an angel. i guess we gazed at eachother so long that louis had to say, "come on harry, time to go.." harry holds out his hand and says "hi, i'm harry" i reach out my hand to his and say, "leona". louis has to say it one more time before they all walk out. 

i stare at the floor. did that really happen?
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