Those Green Eyes

eighteen year old Leona is ready to fly to london. her mum had bought her the tickets for christmas and she's already signed up for permanent residency. she hopes on finding a new job and just to enjoy life, but when she bumps into extremely hot superstar Harry Styles, her whole life changes.. READ ON!


5. Pick Up In 30 Seconds

i'm woken up by a loud beep from my phone. i look at it.

     harry: 'good morning gorgeous ;)'

     i smile like crazy... me: 'and good morning to u too :P'

     later on, after i have eaten pancakes, i get another text, this time from Loaves of Bread;

     'hi i'm lindsay and i will be your boss at Loaves of Bread. You have been hired! Congrats! Your shift will start at 10:30. See you there!'

     eeeeeeep! my first instinct would be to jump up and down. but then i remind myself that it's just a job. there are other things in life that i can jump up and down to. 

     it said on their website how to dress. white shirt, black pants/ jeans and appropiate shoes. i have loads of white shirts and jeans so i wear them. i don't quite know what appropiate shoes mean but end up wearing my vans. i'm all ready to go but when i check the time on my phone it's only 10:00. i sing to one direction's album to pass the time.

    i walk to the bakery and lindsay greets me. he has wavy blonde hair, light blue eyes and has a light tan. if one direction didn't exist then i would probably be attracted to him. but since they do, his hotness goes from one eye and out the other. he passes me an apron, a hair net and gloves. he also tells me that lunch break is at 12:10 and ends at 12:30 and that my shift ends at 2:20. he teaches me how to work the cashier and tells me all the names of the bread. he leaves me to bake some bread and i stand behind the counter, waiting for a customer to come by. throughout the morning it is quite busy, it's great that i'm getting a good pay, if not, i would'nt jave applied for this job in the first place.

     during my break, i buy a slice of brownie and i eat in peace. my phone beeps.

     harry: 'hey, in exactly 30 secs, pick up ur phone.. :)'

     me:   ':)'

30. "ring"

     i immediately pick up.

     harry: "hey whatcha up to?"

     me:"oh, i'm at my first day at work. what are you up to?"

     harry: "uncle simon's treating us at nandos. i betcha niall will eat it all.."

     me:"simon cowell? no way! well, lunch is almost over.. i'll see you later.."

     harry: "oh wait.. do you wanna catch up later? maybe a movie?"

      me: "sure! that would be awesome!"
aaaaaaaaahhh! harry styles just asked me if i wanted to watch a movie with him! HECK YES!

       harry: "i'll pick you up from your apartment at 4:00, just before sunset.. and remember it's a date" (hangs up)

     i think i'm going to cry. crap. this is too good to be true. i feel so happy :) 
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