Those Green Eyes

eighteen year old Leona is ready to fly to london. her mum had bought her the tickets for christmas and she's already signed up for permanent residency. she hopes on finding a new job and just to enjoy life, but when she bumps into extremely hot superstar Harry Styles, her whole life changes.. READ ON!


4. Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

that night, my phone rings. i look at it hoping that it's harry. but it's not.. it's mum. i answer it.

mum:"hey honey. how are things going down there?"

me:"oh hey! i'm having the funnest time of my life over here! but i miss all of you guys very much!"

mum: "oh that's good to hear but you have to remember what you are there for.. get a job love, i need to go grocery shopping on saturday and i have no money! any who, i still love you and fun kay? cya.. mwaaah!"
(hangs up)

that was weird.. mum just hung up. she never hangs up unless i say bye..

i take her advice and i search on my mac for a job. i find loads.. but i'm really hoping to find one that's near the apartment. i finally find one just down the road. 'Loaves of Bread'. its a bakery and the site says that they'll take anyone who's graduated from highschool. i apply. 

my phone beeps. i look at it. it's from harry! 

'goodnite :)'

i reply: 'dont let the bed bugs bitee :))'

i jump on my bed until i get tired and take a shower. i eat instant noodles then brush my teeth. i turn on the tv and end up sleeping on the sofa.
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