The new kid...

Rowenna flies above the sea,skimming her talons over the water. She just can't get thoughts of the human, Kai , out of her head...


3. Release

As I collapsed onto my airbed, I happily recalled my afternoon in my head. After finishing up work Tamara, Blaine and I had gone to get something I hadn't had in a long time - ice cream...

Blinking, my thoughts of strawberry sauce and sprinkles evaporated and I found myself flopped on my bed once more. My airbed made me feel weightless, and my childish wall pattern of the night sky made me feel less upset about what I had to deny myself all day. I needn't deny it much longer!

After hastily finishing my biology essay, I started up my outdated car and set off in the direction of the Rosy Meadow Fields and five minutes later found myself alone on the beautiful landscape devoid of human life.

Spreading my arms and feeling the wind on my face I felt my body start to shrink. My back and legs began to ripple as my fingers retracted and my arms lengthened. I felt the familiar pleasure-pain of my muscles shifting and felt the long awaited rush of release as I took on the form of a great falcon. I let loose the bubbling bird call brewing in my throat as  I gave myself to the wind.

My back was warm from my thick feathers as my wings took me soaring up into the sky. I finally felt free, as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders as I flew back over Palm Springs. I saw Blaine's deep brown-red hair glistening in the evening sun and released yet another falcon cry.

He looked up and I saw him smile in admiration at my stunning beauty that had made many other birds envious and I felt suddenly proud as I glided along, for some reason longing for him to look at me that way while I am in human form.

It was a strange feeling - one that I didn't understand.

 I reluctantly turned back around and perched in my favorite tree, just overlooking the small hillside that my car was parked on. I knew that I had to go home again soon so that my adoptive parents - biological ones having burned to a crisp on their honeymoon when the hotel went up in flames - didn't start to suspect me.

When I thought of my parents' happy faces I felt the rip in my heart that their deaths had left burn. I remembered the melodic voice of my father as he told me bedtime stories and the tinkling laugh of my mother every time I pulled a grumpy face when I failed to catch the mouse or vole that had caught my eye in a hunt. I remembered the sleek cheetah body of my animalistic father and the beautiful colors in my eagle mother's wings. 

With these thoughts plaguing my mind I almost missed the small brown rodent running through the grass below me. Almost.

I spread my wings and descended on my prey, my body already reacting to the joy of the hunt.


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