The new kid...

Rowenna flies above the sea,skimming her talons over the water. She just can't get thoughts of the human, Kai , out of her head...


2. Mute

"You're lucky - five more minutes and you would have been late," chirped my boss Tamara with a wide grin as she saw me finally remember the complicated pass-code and enter the library. I replied with my own beam.

That is what I always liked about Tamara - she had the ability to cheer anybody up just with her presence - even someone as tightly wound as me. Her enthusiastic urges for me to come into the back room and meet my new co-worker were quickly satisfied as I swiftly followed her down the narrow blue passageway that led to our break area.

When I peered into the room, I felt confused - the room was empty! As I was just about to turn to Tamara and ask where my new colleague was when I spotted him. He was sitting in the corner, wearing a pair of black jeans and a sky blue top the exact same shade as the wallpaper behind him. I instantly felt under-dressed in my tattered jeans and over-sized black shirt but also felt grateful that my school was one of the schools around here without a uniform.

"He's a bit shy, so I'll leave you two alone to get acquainted whilst I man the service desk," Tamara bubbled before turning and walking back down the small corridor, humming an unfamiliar yet sweet tune.

"Umm ...," I was suddenly nervous - I didn't know why though, humans are ranked worse than vermin by anybody with a secret such as mine.We are far superior to these useless lumps! Great first impression, Rowenna, I told myself, now he'll think you're an idiot that can't string two words together.

"I'm Rowenna," I finally stammered, thrusting my hand out in front of me and feeling color flood to my cheeks, another mystery,"pleased to meet you."

He quickly shook my hand, but remained silent.

"What's your name?" I prompted. In return I got smile that didn't reach his eyes and a quick shake of the head.

Forget shy, this kid was just plain rude,just like most other of his species. I turned to leave but before I reached the door I heard the quiet but unmistakable sound of pen scratching on paper.Turning around, I saw that he was holding a small notepad and was scribbling away frantically. He left his spot and held the pad out to me.

The words read; My name is Blaine. Can you sign?

 Realizing he meant sign language, I reluctantly shook my head no. My kind could speak any tongue but sign language was just one step too far for us. Realization at last dawned on me - he was mute! Well, Tamara sure forgot to tell me that part when she left us alone.  I felt instantly ashamed of my first impression of the boy ; he wasn't just rude after all. I suppose he has a cute smile too.

"Well hello, Blaine," I welcomed, handing him his notebook back. He smiled again, only this time it was genuine.

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