The new kid...

Rowenna flies above the sea,skimming her talons over the water. She just can't get thoughts of the human, Kai , out of her head...


1. Last Bell

It stinks. I hate it here. The odor of unwashed teenage bodies and hastily applied sickly perfume pierce my nose as I hastily try to navigate my way through the maze of bodies. We all want one thing - freedom...

Such is the norm after last bell at Palm Springs High School.

I could see it - sunlight. I finally managed to free myself from the crowd and made a beeline for my car. I kept my head down and walked as fast as I could towards my battered old Camaro. Apparently not fast enough.

As Kaira and her posse stepped invasively into my path I narrowed my eyes. If I didn't have to keep a low profile at this human school I would-

I wrenched my thoughts away from what I would love to do to those girls and I set my jaw, waiting for whatever they were going to say.

"Hey dung-heap, where do you think your'e going?" she sneered,"I hope you aren't forgetting that we had plans..."

I bolted, my feet barely even touching the ground. I'd grown used to her daily tauntings and beatings, but today I really didn't have time! We were supposed to be getting a new employee at work today and I had been tasked with showing them around.

The swarm of guys that always surrounded Kaira gave chase, but with five years of participating in the track team on my side I quickly outran them. When I was sure that I had shaken them off, I circled back around to my car and winced as the door gave a loud squeak. Ugh... I really need to get that oiled..

I climbed in, grateful to feel the familiar leather at my back as I sped towards my workplace. Flying would have been faster but I have to keep up appearances.

I hate this body. It feels like a restriction, a boundry on my true self. I just need to use a flick of my consciousness and I would be free of my leash - until I came back. Of course I had to come back, my life was here. My beloved job was here. I had grown up here - would probably grow old here too if I wasn't going to stop aging in two years at eighteen.

Finally resigning to the fact that I was stuck at palm Springs, I realised that I had driven past my soulmate - the library. Cursing I turned around and slowly reversed into my reserved 'staff only' parking space and, once again cringing at the noise that my door made, entered the building.

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