Trial of Ascension

this is the story of what has happened to Zaros during the years he was absent from gielinor. written in first person, i try to shed light on who Zaros became after he lost his Godhood at the hands of Zamorak.


3. The Second Trial

I continued onward past the remains of the first trial and was shocked at what lay before me. Bones lay scattered around the valley floor, half chewed remains a self explanatory warning of danger ahead. No birds circled the sky, which furthered my confusion as the tasks were so close to one another. The rumbling of the valley floor furthered elicited a gasp of fear in my heart and I began to run. Rocks began to fall around me and the earth shook and ripped as something underneath began to push its way out. Hopeful, I clapped my eyes on a beautiful sight: the end of the valley and the vast plain of more desolate cracked earth. In all my time I could say I never witnessed such a desolate terrain I was happy to see, eager to be off and out of this cursed valley.

Just before I took my first running step out of the valley I was greeted by an awesome might of death itself. A giant black worm roared as it broke free of the cracked earth and bore down on me with the speed of a wild Graahk. I dove to the side and tapped into the source of my magical arcane, trying to summon even a mere trickle of power, the once great gush and eternal flow I relied on only summoned forth the barest of response.

I knew it was the only way to win was to summon the magic of old that I relied on. Determination beat bright in my breast as I roared back in a primal yell and scrabbled for more magical arcane. Clawing and scratching and forcing the gap further open in my mind, I swore my head would explode before I finally succeeded. Power suffused my being and I raised a steady hand and cast the first spell ever as a mortal being. Ice encased the worm and a living being one moment, now a frozen corpse the next. I stared at its hideous maw, its razor sharp teeth like dragon scale, its tar black skin stronger than the toughest of demon hide before it burbled and warped into a puddle of tar, disappearing into the dead earth in a moment.

“Overcome whatever stands in the way of your destiny” spoke the voice again. I took this information in to my restoring faculties, walking on without a second glance at the earth where I once imprisoned the beast.

As I drew closer to a small structure a few miles out, I felt a portal open next to me, and for the first time in years, I saw the face of Azzandra. He was in some strange human form with what appeared to be an adventurer beside him, I could not speak as I was in shock, the mortal heart that beat bright in my chest skipped a beat as he spoke. I knew my mission was not done before I tried saying Azzandra’s name, but I knew now as a wicked plan formed in my mind, that I had hope and I knew that’s the only thing I needed to continue.

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