Trial of Ascension

this is the story of what has happened to Zaros during the years he was absent from gielinor. written in first person, i try to shed light on who Zaros became after he lost his Godhood at the hands of Zamorak.


2. The First Trial

I walked for endless miles, each horizon only bringing more flat cracked land. Occasionally i would see spirits, unsure if they were fallen gods like me. Faintly, I would hear muttering like a mad mortal, but if I drew close they would screech and disappear leaving me alone and lost. Finally fortune favored me and as I reached a bubbling dead marshland of tar and stiff plant life, I knew I was nearing the first Trial. Half the time on this god forsaken journey I felt tempted to turn back for Trials were a mortals doing to prove himself a hero, not a fallen not, not I.

But I continued, pulled along by my own determination or the fate I was destined for. Bringing myself to the present, it was still disgusting to have to traverse this marsh, the burbling muck making it difficult to move forward. Occasionally there would be a narrow stretch of land, which I gratefully walked upon, my golden robes I wore during my final hour as a god were stained and splattered with muck. Another few miles past in this wretched sinkhole and i neared what i knew to be the first trial.

A shifting mass of bodies sprang up as if out of nowhere blocking the entrance to a narrow valley. It sprang up from the horizons so suddenly I swore it appeared out of nowhere. If I knew better I would say I was driven mad from exposure to this dead world, but the only thoughts and energy I spared was what this task was designed for. With a small intake of air I drew close and began to climb. These zombies were different from any encounter I had with one, their charred and ruined frames had no legs or lower body but they all scrambled maddeningly to ascend up the mass. I stayed clear of their teeth and gnashing hands, fearful they would turn their gaze to me and attack.

I was halfway up before I heard the scream. It was innocent and full of fear and as I looked down, for the first time in millennia, my heart nearly broke. A little girl was three quarters down the mass being mauled by the zombies around her, her little fingers and hands scrabbling for purchase while the hands sought to push her away and grab at her hair. I knew of this sort of desperation from such wild beast, no different from starving beggars over a piece of crust. I felt torn being so close to my goal, but instinctively I drew myself down to help her. The zombies in all their frenzy turned on me the moment I climbed downward and tried ripping the robes from my body and gnashing at my hands with their teeth and hands. I fought back, kicking and scrambling for purchase as I reach my hand out steadily for the girl to grab. I looked at the top of the scrambling mass and then back at the girl whose eyes were held open wise with terror. I was just out of reach of her tiny fingers when she was swallowed whole by the mass, her quiet squeak of terror the only noise she had time to make.

Know the price of your ascension,” spoke a voice from everywhere and nowhere. I looked around trying to find its source but I could find none. The zombies suddenly died in an instant, their moving scrambling primal struggle to make their way up was abandoned as they slumped over each other, their lifeless sockets of their eyes winked at me knowing full well they claimed a prize. A glimmering tear formed in my eyes, the first sad emotion I have every shown, only in this human form have I suffered this ordeal I have not endured in my time as a god.

I climbed my way forward and made my way down the valley, my robes swaying ominously, my heart every growing human.




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