Love,loss,happiness,memories (1d fanfic)

Jordayn has had a terrible past she is 17 and is left with her dad she is about to move to London . she did not know when she moved she would met a famous boy band. rember memories she has only wanted to forget and fall in love all over again and her past comes back to haunt her.
(this is my first time ever writing a moveall so it might suck please tell me how i can improve would really appreciate it :) )


3. surprise attake from niall horan

louis POV

harry is on the ground being tackled by zayn and soon niall iam running around yelling CARROTS ARE your friend. I hear the door so i run over and open it there stands a beautiful girl with a glowing smile brown long hair a natural tanned body she wears a top that hugs her figure perfectly her eyes were perfest you could stare at them for ever and never get bored i cant stop smiling. "Hello" i say trying to act all cool  "he-ey" she says stuttering that's so cute. i stand there for a while waiting for her to say some thing so i finally ask her "do you need help love" damit louis that's the best thing you could say "oh sorry to bother you iam new here, i forgot my room number so iam knocking on every ones door trying to find my room" i burst out laughing not at her because liam new i was flirting so he came up and put 3 ice cubes down my pants dam you liam.

jordayns POV

i cant take my eyes away its just so funny i have been standing here for about a minute and no one knows expect for louis but i think he wet his pants which is odd oh well i must of said some thing really stupid.i keep on thinking what to say but what iam i ment to say to a world famous boy and some are naked half naked and wrestling. they dont even see me moving so i go over get a blanket i threw it on top of the guys wrestling "thats enough of that" i say. niall pops up from underneath the covers and say "i will get you LOU" . he puts the blanket over him and he was charging directly for me, harry,zayn,liam, and louis saw and knew what was about to happen. i sighed. he ran straight for me he grabbed me picked me up and threw me onto the couch. he yelled "you die now lou"he said all the guys were laughing i just laid on the couch shocked. niall jumped on top of me it didnt hurt hes actually really light. "what you going to do know tomlinson" niall yelled and did an evil laugh. it was really fuuny for me because he was in a very odd position on top of me then louis yelled "nothing iam over here take the blankie off your head you just hurt a poor girl". niall got off me fast, i pretended to fake cry all of them belived it. Liam yelled in a very serious voice "Niall you could of jumped on one of her lungs and broken it" niall looked like he was about to cry so i decied to stop playing around with them i yelled "IAM FINE BUT YOU ARE ALL VERY GULLIBLE" i started laughing these boys are so weird. "go put some pants on" i mumbled pointing to harry he looked sad but left the room.i jumped up and said "nice to meet you guess you guys arent my dad bye bye" i was about to skip out the door when someone graded my arm it was niall he had a sad face on he said "iam sorry thought you were lou love can i have your". i smiled and skiped out the door grabing the cart and i knocked on the door next to there door and my dad opened it i smiled with a sigh of releff .I run straight to the phone knowing he probaly wants his trolly back i call room service and say "hello i have mikes trolly up here can you come and get it please 8th floor room 22 thank you" and i hang up i go straight to my room. My room is bare so i sit on the ground with my back against the wall. I go into deep thought ,Niall horan just tackled me i think he was about to ask for my number but being the wimp that iam i left before giving it to him then i just saw harry styles naked, zayn in his boxers  and i think louis was flirting with me and liam helped me. what the hell just happend to me.

nialls POV

i took the blanket off stright away because lou's voice was a few meters away. i looked at the girl i just attaked she was crying. i felt horrible i hate seeing girls cry and she looks beautiful i just need to see her face. "niall you could of jumped on one of her lungs and broken it" liam said very seriously. i knew i was about to cry knowing i hurt that poor girl i felt like a lifless pig. Out of no where she pops up and yells "IAM FINE BUT YOU ARE ALL VERY GULLIBLE" iam so happy shes ok but also ashamed of my self for attacking a total stranger a beautiful lovely funny sweet stranger. no Niall no you are not gonna get feelings for a girl you just attacked she started saying something but i wasto busy staring at her to notice.i ran up to her grab her hand and said "iam sorry thought you were lou love can i have your number" before i could finish my sentence she just gave me a smile and left. just like that she left with out us even knowing her name.Lou started yelling at me for attacking her then they all started yelling at me for attacking  her after there yelling session they left to there rooms. when they left i collapsed onto the couch thinking about her i couldn't get her out of mind that wonderful smile plasted on her face her voice was lovely to hear her face with her pink cheeks her lips pink and plump she was perfect for me. I need to find her and make her my princess i go on twitter and tweeted @nialloffical just saw the most amazing girl at the door if that was you i would love to met you. I got replies in seconds i let out a huge sigh. i never gonna find her again .


thanks for reading iam not that good at spelling so sorry about the spelling mistakes. will niall find the love of his life will some1 enter fear with it .will jordayn get over moving and leaving every thing she loved behind. keep on reading and you will find out (:

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