Love,loss,happiness,memories (1d fanfic)

Jordayn has had a terrible past she is 17 and is left with her dad she is about to move to London . she did not know when she moved she would met a famous boy band. rember memories she has only wanted to forget and fall in love all over again and her past comes back to haunt her.
(this is my first time ever writing a moveall so it might suck please tell me how i can improve would really appreciate it :) )


2. star struck and creepy mike

* i skiped the plane because it was just gonna be boring tell me if you want me to write it but its just about her going on a plane so now they are in there car driving to there new home*

*6 weeks 1day later*

Dads POV

I feel so bad for making jordayn leave home and come to London but i had to this it will help her forget those haunting memories that she will never get over. I can feel awkward tension rising in the car so i turn on the radio and this weird song comes on but jojo likes it shes singing along oh great look what i have done.

Jordayns POV

So he thinks just moving to a new country with a new job will make me forget what happened that week but no its no i still have nightmares at least 3 times a week of it. i cant believe he can just forget what happend when the love of his life and 1 of his children died and he just leaves it knowing the person who did it got away and also hurt me and our loved ones god i cant stand my dad. i suddenly hear music its ONE DIRECTION i start singing along 

I've tried playing it cool 
Girl when I'm looking at you 
I can never be brave 
Cause you make my heart race 
Shot me out of the sky 
You're my Kryptonite 
You keep making me weak 
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe 
Some things gotta give now 
Cause I'm dying just to make you see 
That I need you here with me now 
Cause you've got that one thing 
So get out, get out, get out of my head 

 "why did you turn it off i liked it" i complain "because its rubbish jojo you should listen to what i listened to when i was a kid that's good stuff"he says proudly. i sigh "well maybe the olden day music is good to you dad but some people enjoy other stuff" .Why those he always have to be annoying and run the fun. Omg that building is huge it like 8 stories tall its looks stunning iam gaping at the site of it its amazing. me and dad are probably going to stay at some crummy little hotel i wish we were staying at that marvelous hotel. To my surprise he pulls up out side the hotel i stare at him in shock he just has a huge grin on his face. "work is paying for this i hope you love it help me get the bags i was go get a bell hob"he says like he just won a war. i pinch myself multiple times thinking this isn't real.i finally get out of the car and start piling all our bags on top of each other waiting for dad to get back.i see my dad coming back with one of the employees his name tag read mike he looked in his 20s he looks tried and pissed i cant help but giggle at his state he stares at me with eyes like daggers. woh whats up with him. He helps us pile all the bags up onto the luggage trolly buy because we have to much stuff my dad gos in before us separably in the elevator cause we cant fit. this is awkward why does he look like hes about to die i try change his mood "hello hows your day" no answer just a mean stare. ok then mental reminder dont talk to mike. "BING" we both get up out of the elevator. "shit i forgot the room" i say quietly hoping mike didnt hear "when you do find your room call room service and i will come and get the trolly" he says in an annoyed tone "will do".


mikes POV

This good for nothing job. Iam only bloody taking this because of my mum god she is so annoying. "excuse    me can you please help us with our bags" a man says to me. I try give him a rude stare so he will ask some one alse but he just says "hurray up lad we dont have all day" he says happily. I just sigh and follow him, my back is killing me from carrying bags all day. I come out of the hotel with the man in front of me. I see this  beautiful girl right next to car she smiles and giggles at me i won. That posh little brat laughing at people who work there buts off i try give her the rudest stare i can but that dosnt work she just laughs more this is geting really annoying shes so happy. she trys talking to me in the lift when were alone i just stare at her and try ignore her but its hard when shes so beautiful . the door opens i get out pulling the trolly out she says something under her breath i just haer and iam about to blow at her. "when you do find your room call room service and i will come and get the trolly" i say annoyed. she smiles and says will do. i walk back in the elevator and think crap iam going to be seeing her around alot.

jordayns POV

i have to knocked on about 20 doors and have got very odd looks from people. i can hear screaming in this room but i knock any way. and a head pops out the door with a huge grin plastered on his face. holy shit its louis tomlinson from one direction.  "Hello love" louis says in his sexy British accent "Hey" he stares at me for a little while and says "do you need help love" i smile and say "oh sorry to bother you iam new here, i forgot my room number so iam knocking on every ones door trying to find my room"  he lets out a fit of laughs and falls to the floor and the door flings open. louis is still on the floor laughing his head off then i look up from louis and see a naked harry on the ground being tackled by zayn with just his boxers on liam yelling at them and niall is yelling "get him zayn he ate our breakfast" and nialls in pants.I stand there shocked by what i just saw blood rushes to my cheeks i put my hand over my self so i dont scream and iam frozen watching niall and zayn wrestle a naked harry. 


thanks for reading sorry i have to stop there iam really tired i will make another chapter from were i finished off

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