Love,loss,happiness,memories (1d fanfic)

Jordayn has had a terrible past she is 17 and is left with her dad she is about to move to London . she did not know when she moved she would met a famous boy band. rember memories she has only wanted to forget and fall in love all over again and her past comes back to haunt her.
(this is my first time ever writing a moveall so it might suck please tell me how i can improve would really appreciate it :) )


4. night mare and late night chats

(this is jordayns nightmare)

Jordayns POV

noises are are coming from down stairs i tip toe down each stare as quietly as possible. i start shaking i hear some one yell "WERE IS SHE ,JORDAYN I WANT HER NOW OR ELSE BAD THINGS WILL SOON HAPPEN TO YOU AND THIS BOY"  a tear runs down my chhek. iam so scared right now. i hear foot steps coming towards me i start shaking violently. "whos there tell me now or else this woman and boy will get it" he says in an evil voice.I slowly move out from behind the wall and see my mum and brother huddled up together with tears rolling out of there eyes i see my dad in the corner on the phone hiding.I look up at the man he has a scar on his cheek he looks about 17 with blonde hair which could be white if it was lighter. he was really tall and had an evil smile across his face. 

"we met again jojo" he says smiling like a mad man

"who the fuck are you and get that gun away from there heads" i yell at him

"YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME, YOU SLUT"he says geting angry

"well iam sorry but i dont remember people who call me SLUTS and point a gun at my family" i say geting mad

"well you should rember you hurt me so bad that night" he says

"what night " i ask

" i might teel you after i make you suffer"he says and his smile comes back to his face

"what do you mean suffer" i say geting really scared at what he going to do because he has a gun in one hand and a knife in the other.

"you are going to watch your mum and brother die and if you don't look i will make there deaths low and pain full then i will kill you" he says with a huge grin on his face

"you wont get away with this" i snarl at him

"oh but i will, dont move or else" he says with a really happy face.I feel like iam about to die i dont want them to die iam scared so much i want to see some thing but when i try there are only tears. he gets closer to my mum. i charge for him he quickly turns around and grabs me "dont try that on me" he hisses at me and digs his knife into my thigh .It stings so much i look up to see my mums face go pale then fall to the floor with blood all over her . A sob comes from my throat. The guy comes over to me and whispers in my ear "now for the boy". i scan the room for daniel i find him kneeled over mums side crying "I LOVE YOU DAN" i yell he looks up. a bullet gos threw his head in secounds his lifeless body falls to the ground. i scream and cry he comes over to me and says "your next jojo". I try stand up but every time i get up i fall over with my leg hurting even more it feels like 100 needles sticking in me. i look up and see him laughing at me. i swing my arm at him and it connects with his jaw. his mouth starts pouring with blood.

"so thats how you want to play" he yells at me

his hand grabs my thigh were he just cut it and started eyes were poring with tears and i was screeching from the pain he gave me in my leg. he grabbed my head and yelled "look into my eyes and tell my you don't remember me" i just stare at him wiping my tears away and shaking my head.He looks at me with a very mean stare. out of no were he comes in and smashes his lips into mine iam suprised shocked tears pour from my eyes now. he pulls away " i have been wanting to do that when i first saw you" he said. he hears police sirens and dashes for the window and runs out. My brain clicks it sam johnson. police burst threw the door.  why couldn't they come earlier before my mum and brother dided. i start screaming,crying and hitting the mum and brother are gone forever.


i screech. iam lieing on a mattress in my empty room iam drenched in sweat. i lie there for a while not wanting to move then i get up and go down the lobby i catch the elevator i go straight down to the ground floor. i walk into into the garden they have made out back next to the pool i sit down on one of the seats for a while thinking about my mum and brother and the man that got away.i hear the door behind me creek open i shoot my head up and its niall i smile at the thought he will be hear with me. "hello love why are out here its 1:30 and it freezing you should be asleep" he says in a worried tone.

"just a bad dream i wanted some fresh air why are you out here" i ask with a huge smile

"couldn't sleep i had alot on my mind" he says to me 

i pat the seat next to me offering him to sit down he does. he sits down and has a huge grin on his face.seeing him smile makes me melt inside.

"so what was the dream about" he asks

"well umm i dont really feel like telling you about it i hardly know you and my dream is really personal and" i say

he cuts me off and says "its ok love if you dont have to tell me you dont need to" he says

"thanks so what made you think so hard" i giggle

he blushes a dark shade of red "well umm actually i was umm classified" he says quickly.

Nialls POV

crap i alomst told her i was thinking about her. she probaly isnt even into you wait hold on i still need to know this girls name.

"whats your name iam niall horan" i say 

"hi iam jordayn but people call me jojo" she says with that wonderful smile 

"so jojo you look wonderful in those yoga shorts and huge baggy top" i say while laughing

"i know don't i just look great " she says laughing and striking hilarious poses

"yes you do you look wonder full"i say while laughing. i mean every word of it.

i wonder why she has dry tear marks on her pink cheeks probaly because of that dream i really want to know what it is but i respect. i grab her hand and and put my fingers in between hers. she looks down and blushes a dark shade of red. iam falling hard for her thats for sure.

"wh-y are you hol-lding my hand" she says stuttering 

"what cant a bolke hold a girls hand" i say laughing

she looks at me like iam crazy but she shrugs it off.

"so niall" she says looking at the ground

"yeah" i say what is ahe gonna tell me

"WATER FIGHT" she yells well grabing the hose and turns it on she sprays me with water "i will get you jojo" i say grabing a hose near by and  turning it on. i spray the water right at her she screeches we do this fight for like and hour the we just start talking and playing around.

*2 hours later* 

"well i really should be getting back know iam so tired and my dad dosent know i left" she says while hanging her head low

i pull her chin up and say "ok love i hope we met again" 

"i would love to,i better run" she says and skips threw the doors.

crap i didn't get her number iam such an idiot some times. go and ask her for it. i look back and shes already gone argh niall why are you so fogetfull. well look on the bright side i found out what shes like she is chlidishy, funny,sweet, and a bit of sass which i love.






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