Love,loss,happiness,memories (1d fanfic)

Jordayn has had a terrible past she is 17 and is left with her dad she is about to move to London . she did not know when she moved she would met a famous boy band. rember memories she has only wanted to forget and fall in love all over again and her past comes back to haunt her.
(this is my first time ever writing a moveall so it might suck please tell me how i can improve would really appreciate it :) )


5. a suprise from dad

jordayns POV

iam so tired i only got 5 hours of sleep last night. "darling get up i need to show you some people from workwho you should met because you will be seeing them alot you have10 minutes" he yells threw the door making sure i hear him. i hop out of bed and grab a pair of denmin shorts and  a  and a union jack top i chuck my hair in a messy bun. i run out the door. my dad is just siting there smiling "and thats how you make a girl get ready under 10 minutes" he says and starts laughing. "should we go now or stay here well you laugh you but off" i say trying to be angery at him. "follow me jojo they are not that far awaty they live in the same hotel as us" and he winks at me. so we go out the door and brings me a door right next to ours. oh how convenient now i will 50 year olds in my home all the time. i sigh and my dad opens the door.

"hello iam the new body guard you hired me you told me i should come and introduce my family" my dad piratically yells.

"coming" a voice comes from a room. and to my suprise one direction all fall out of the room laughing there heads off well almost every one niall isnt there.

"well hello there hey arent you the girl niall almost killed" he asks pointing at me

"i heard my name" niall yells runing out of the kitchen with chips in his mouth

i see my dad stifen up i can tell hes about to kill him beacuse he probaly thinks itsthe guy who attacked us a few years ago.

"yes iam" i say with a smile. my dad just looks at me confused. niall charges for me and hugs me real tight so i cant breath.

"hello jojo why are you here" he says in his sexy irish accent

"my dad brang me here, are you thinking straight now" i say while laughing. he lets go of me so i can breath

"yup my brain is working normally now" he says with a smile. every one is looking at us like were crazy

"what are you guys talking about his brain was okay when he tackled you to the ground" louis says with sass i cant help but let out a giggle.

"why did he tackle you to the ground" my dad says angrily

"tell ya later dad and louis to answer your question we both saw each other in the garden at night yesterday and he wasnt thinking propaly" i said happily. 

so me dad and the boys talked for ages telling my dad what we were saying about almost killing me and my joke to niall. they asked about why i had a nightmare and what about i started painking a little but luckliy niall saved me and said she dosnt want to talk about it. my dad leaves us saying i should stay cause i should get to now them now iam alone with the boys iam sorta scared with what they are gonna do cause last time i was tackled and jumped on.

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