Love,loss,happiness,memories (1d fanfic)

Jordayn has had a terrible past she is 17 and is left with her dad she is about to move to London . she did not know when she moved she would met a famous boy band. rember memories she has only wanted to forget and fall in love all over again and her past comes back to haunt her.
(this is my first time ever writing a moveall so it might suck please tell me how i can improve would really appreciate it :) )


1. The breaking news

Jordayns POV

I run down the street screaming with my best friends jenny, stellar and grace. I hear Jenny yell "why is you dads car here is he sick or some thing".i stop while shaking my head in shock he's never her till 8:00pm. "I think we should go see ya later jojo" stellar says and with that they leave to there house. I slowly open the door it's unlocked I tiptoe inside I see my dad siting on one of the chairs at the dinning table. My dad slowly turns his head and looks at me with a huge grin on his "I need to talk to to you Jordayn I got a really good job offer and I took it" . I shuffle over to him I stare at him and say "great what is this job and were in town" . His smile fades into a serious face "honey we need to move to London no buts it pays me a lot of money were moving in 6 weeks" tears build up In my eyes I sprint up stares slam my door and the lock it. I stuff my face in my pillow I cry into it for hours. Slowly I bring my head up off the pillow and grab my laptop quickly I log onto Skype. Jenny, stellar and grace are n already in a group chat I join in the chat ,I tell them every thing my dad said to me we have a 5 hour convocation by the end of the night we are all crying.

Stellars POV

skyping grace and Jenny is so much fun I love talking with my B.F.Fs it's great. Jordayn request to joining our convo I smile and immediately say yes. Jojo pours her Heart out to us about her fathers job, every one starts crying. No I think in my head she can't leave she's my bestie I might just die in inside.i like my lips and i can taste my salty tears from my mealt down  

Jenny's POV

"NOOOO" I scream at the top of lungs tears run down my face no jojo isn't aloud to leave us shes my fourth pieces dont know how I would live with out her. emotions are running threw my head i feel like a bomb just dropped on me.

Graces POV

tears dripping down my face blood on my knuckles when I punched the wall I few minutes ago when I heard of jojo moving. Jojo was my first friend I have ever had jojo and me are like sisters if she was hurt I was hurt and now were being torn apart by her dads frekin job. Soon shes going to move to London and I would hardly see her. anger builds up in me i start yelling and cursing like a sailor. How could her dad move especially knowing it hurts her in side.She still wants to stay in the house were here memories were of her mum and brother running and laughing even if it had bad memories it also had her best memories and now she has to leave her home.

thanks for reading this its my first moveall. please favrioute it . i hope you like it i will be writing more soon =} =D i know this is a short chapter most of my chapters are going to be longer

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