Stranded (Liam Payne Love Story)

“I’m going to miss you baby girl!” My mom wept while she clung on to me like her life depended on it. Hugging her back, I forced the tears away from my eyes; no I’m not going to show my weakness.
“It’s ok mom! I’m just getting on a plane to go over to London to study, don’t worry. Please, for your babygirl?” I asked her while releasing her quickly. She gave me a sad small smile. Her usual bright blue eyes where bloodshot and red from the tears rushing out of her eyes.
“Ok darling. For you, but nobody else!” With that she gripped me into another death hug. Laughing lightly I poked her head.
“Mom, I have to go now, the plane is going to leave without me...” I told her slowly. She let out another sob and let go of me.
“Ok dear, I’m going to miss you I mean a whole 2 months?” I laughed at how scared she sounded.
“Don’t worry; I’ll be with my friends always with them, no matter what!” She laughed and lightly punched my shoulder.
“Go on now; don’t want to miss your plane.”


2. Things didn't go as planned


Chapter 2 Things didn't go as planned

“Guys, she should wake up at any second.” I heard Liam’s voice as I became conscious. 

“Liam, maybe you should let go of her,” a slow, deep, British voice suggested to him.

“No. I’m not letting go of her until she wakes up at least!” he argued. I could still feel Liam's arms around my body as he hugged me to his chest. They started to argue until I turned in Liam's arms and fell out of it hitting... sand? Why would I- oh no. 

“Please quit shouting! It's giving me a headache!” I told all them, annoyed. Slowly opening my eyes, I was facing what seemed to be a million people. I gave out a little scream and they backed away instantly.

“Are you alright?” a voice with a different accent asked me. I looked over to see a blonde boy giving me a sympathetic look out of his deep blue eyes. 

“Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.” I slowly got up and had to shield my eyes from the sunrays. “Where's Max?” I questioned them. 

“Right here!” a voice shouted. There was a happy scream and then I was on the sand. 

“Max, get off of me!” I shouted, trying to push her off. 

“No! I thought you were dead! What was I going to do without my twinny?” she asked. Max seemed genuinely shaken up. Her eyes were wide and her knuckles were white. I laughed at her. 

“Um, how about die?” I shot back. 

“Yes! I would have died and then I wouldn’t be able to take you to that One Direction concert we got tickets for!” Rolling my eyes, I pushed her off. I noticed the blonde boy and curly exchange glances. They both looked super familiar. 

“Well, we can’t go now it seems,” I grumbled as she got up. 

“Yeah, seems that way,” she sighed. I was dusting the sand off when somebody tapped my shoulder. Whipping around, I saw Liam inches away from my face. 

“Are you alright, love?” Stopping the blush from reaching my cheeks, I nodded. “Alright, expect for a killer headache, but that will be gone in a few hours or so.” He gave me a grin and led me over to the group who were now sitting under a wing. There were 5 boys talking to each other. The one in a blue and white striped shirt threw his arms up and ran over to me and engulfed me in a huge hug. 

“Um, who are you?” I laughed at his friendliness. 

“I'm Louis, love!” he greeted. Wait, Harry, Liam, and Louis on the same plane? Nah, it can’t be them, just a coincidence. The blonde one stood up and pushed Louis off of me and hugged me too. 

“I’m Niall!” He gave me a huge smile showing off his ceramic white braces. Then he was pushed off by two guys who hugged me. One had really curly hair and soft green eyes, while the other had deep brown eyes and hair that went up in a quiff. 

“I’m Harry and that’s Zayn!” I froze in my spot. No way. 

“You're One Direction aren’t you?” I asked in shock.

“Yep!” he replied with a lopsided grin. Then Max came over and practically ripped Harry off of me. 

“Oh my gosh!" she squealed. "You're the lead singer from White Eskimo right?” He looked at her in shock.

"W-wait, what?" he asked. She looked at me and winked.

"Oh my God I listened to the cover of Summer of 69 like five hundred times!" she joked. His eyes bulged out of his head and his jaw dropped.

"Y-you... wait..."

"Holy crap this is amazing. I'm standing right next to THE lead singer of White Eskimo. Wow, this is amazing!" she teased.

"Are you... are you being serious?" he asked. Max and I looked at each other and cracked up.

“N-no, we just thought it would be funny!” Max replied with a smile. She then went into the plane, which was in decent shape, and I could hear her stumble over some stuff, probably looking for food or something. 

“Well, as you can see, she is very special,” I pointed out slowly to Harry.

“I’m damn well special!” Max screamed back from the plane. I held back my laugh and walked over to where Liam was looking, out into the distance. 

“Liam, its fine. People will come look for us,” I promised him. He glanced at me and gave me a sad smile. 

“That’s the thing, they won’t. We are in the middle of a dessert,” he replied with a defeated look. I rolled my eyes. 

“Don’t think that way!” I scolded him, lightly punching his shoulder. He started to laugh. 

“Ok I won’t,” he promised. I smiled. 

“Thank you!” I exclaimed, giving him a huge hug. As quick as I hugged him, I relased him and walked away. Well, that was unexpected. 
Just then, Amber Gross came strutting up to me in her 6 inch heels, flinging her straw colored hair behind her shoulder. 

“Skylar Ashton, tell your slutty friend to get off of my Harrykins!” she whined. I looked over to Harry humming something, looking stupid and over to Max shuffling through the plane and occasionally bumping into something. They weren't even near each other. I gave her a crazy look and burst out laughing. 

“Seriously? Harrykins?” At this point, I was rolling in the sand, laughing. Slowly, I got up and turned my laugh into a glare. She flinched for a moment. “Also, have you looked in a mirror recently? You’re the slut.” 

With that, I shoved past her and walked into the plane. Behind me, I could hear the Oh’s signalling she just got burned. Harry laughed. Smirking, I saw Max sitting in a passenger seat and staring at the ceiling.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” I questioned her and plopped down in the seat across from her. 

“What if nobody finds us?” 
My eyes got big as I stared at her. She never thought like that. She always had a plan. Always. 

“They will, don’t worry. If not, then we will get out of here,” I assured her. Nodding, she turned over so her back was facing me. 

“I'm going to go to sleep now since I'm really tired and all. Let the others know please.” 
Nodding, I stood up and left the plane to let her sleep. I ran into a brick wall. 

“Ow!” I mumbled while getting up. 

“I’m sorry!” a male voice apologized. I looked up to see somebody with light brown eyes and brown hair that swooshed over his forehead and stopped at around ear length. 

“It’s fine,” I sighed, trying to push by him to get to Liam, only to be stopped by him grabbing my elbow.

“What do you want?” I asked him with a sigh. He gave me a smirk and released me. 

“Nothing, hun.”  I stared at him in shock as he walked away to get to the rest of the boys. Sighing angrily, I went over to where Liam was sitting in the shade of the plane. The sun was actually starting to set. I quickly threw myself down next to him. 

     “What’s wrong Sky?” he asked gently, pushing a strand of hair that fell out of my messy bun. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong, you ask? That guy that has the nerve to call me hun! I mean seriously! He is up to something. I can feel it! I already hate him!” I hissed. With that, I threw my arms up and leaned my head on his shoulder. “Sorry for my rant,” I apologized softly. He chuckled and his arm wrapped around my waist. 

     “It’s ok. People like to rant about things to me,” he joked. At least, I think. Laughing, I gave him a sad look. 


     “What if we don’t survive? What if we do? What do you think will happen?” I asked him quietly.   

     “We will survive, you don’t need to worry about it. I’ll make sure we do,” he whispered. 

     “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Liam,” I spoke to him in a monotone voice. 

     “Well, I’m keeping this promise, Skylar," he assured me. I smiled. The sun was just setting over the dunes in the distance. I looked over at Liam and nuzzled my face in his neck. He froze for a second and so did I. Crap, did I do something wrong? He smirked and held my face to his neck, his fingers twisting in the hair being held up in the bun. I smiled and he pressed his lips to the top of my head.

     "Hey, we're heading to sleep," Louis shouted. Liam clicked his tongue and I felt him shift his position to move me closer to him.

     "We should get to sleep too," Liam suggested. I nodded.

     "Yeah, but can we stay like this for just a minute?" I pleaded. He chuckled.

     "Of course." After a minute, we pulled apart and he smoothed my hair down.
Standing up, I walked back over to what was left of the plane, looking for some seats that where available because everybody was lounging on them and sleeping already. I walked to the very front of first class and let out a little scream. Instantly, somebody had pulled me to their chest and spun me around so I was no longer looking at the dead bodies. 

     “Don’t look at them, love,” I heard Liam whisper into my hair, while I was covering my mouth with my hands. My eyes were probably as big as plates right now. He sat down on a seat that wasn’t near first class, pulling the dark blue curtain shut, and pulled me onto his lap. My head was on his shoulder as he rocked me back and forth slowly. 

     “They can’t just stay there, Li,” I whispered, still in shock while hugging his neck. He nodded. “I vote we have a funeral for them!” I exclaimed and looked at him. He gave me a small smile and nodded. I rested my head back on his shoulder and focused on his humming and deep breaths. 

“Night, Sky.” 

“Night, Li.” With that, I let the blackness envelope me into the dream world.

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