Lost and Found - sequel to 'Love By Fate'

Read the first book before this one, or else you wont know how they met, or what is happening.

After being taken in the night, Niall and Alice have a hell of ride ahead of them. With thugs, kidnappers, gun men and more, will Niall and Alice escape in one piece. Or will they be seperated, only to be lost forever?


3. Running faster than we've ever ran

Niall's POV: We've been running for 5 hours now, and the sun is starting to sink down. I look over at Alice and see her eyes keep shutting, so I clutch her hand and make her stop. "We should find somewhere to stay" I say. "Yeah, your right, they didn't take my purse, which is weird" she mumbled. "Mine either... I mean wallet, I don't have a purse" I quickly corrected my self. She smiled and let out a little laugh, and placed her lips on mine. I could taste blood, but I didn't care, this was the first time in 3 days since we had kissed. I wanted to feel her touch on my skin, to feel her warmth on me. "Come on, lets go" I said, leading her down the street to a nearby hotel. We walked for about 10 minutes, until Alice found a little inn down some streets, it looked pretty cute. We walked in, the bell on the door ringing, pointing out our arrival. A little woman came out of a doorway and welcomed us. "Hello there dearies, how can I help you?" She asked. "Em, we're like a room, if possible" Alice asked. "Of course love, how long will you be staying?" She asked. "Er, we don't really know yet, as long as it takes I suppose" Alice replied. The old woman smiled and grabbed a key from the shelves behind her, handing it to Alice. "Now, sign in here dearies, and whenever you leave or come back, sign in again." She smiled. "Thanks" I said, leading Alice over to some stairs. We found our room and I took the key to unlock it, Alice's hands were shaking. We entered the room and Alice immediately walked over to the window, wrapping we arms round herself. I closed the door behind me, threw the key on the bed and walked over to her, wrapping my arms around her from behind. She was dirty so I recommended a bath, she nodded lightly, and walked over to the bathroom; taking me with her. She ran the bath, till it was nearly full, placed in some bubbles and stripped off. I didn't even bother to stare, I just got undressed and slipped into the bath, giving her my hand, to help her slip in. I lay back, with her laying in front if me, her head leaning on my chest. This is the first time we have done anything like this, I liked it. "Niall, I love you" Alice whispered. "I love you too" I whispered back, kissing her head. A/N: sorry for not updating, was on Holiday, how has everyone been. Enjoy this chapter.

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