Lost and Found - sequel to 'Love By Fate'

Read the first book before this one, or else you wont know how they met, or what is happening.

After being taken in the night, Niall and Alice have a hell of ride ahead of them. With thugs, kidnappers, gun men and more, will Niall and Alice escape in one piece. Or will they be seperated, only to be lost forever?


1. Niall... R u there?

Alices Pov:

Its been 3 days since we were taken, we dont know where we are, or why we are here. Im so scared and to make things worse, they've taken Niall.

Im alone in this smelly concrete room, no windows, just a big door. Im so scared, but I have to be strong and pray that Niall is ok.

I suddenly hear footsteps and am pulled out of my trance, they bang the door open, and a large, scruffy man appears.

"alrigh love? Well, the boss wans to sees ya" He said.

I barely understood anything he said, something about seeing a boss?

He came up to me and lifted me over his shoulder, I would fight, but ive been beaten black and blue already.

He carried me into a cleanish looking room, with a desk, 2 chairs and a... bar? He threw me into a chair and tied my hands and feet to it, the rope was so tight, it was cutting into my wrists.

The man left, and a posh looking man entered. He was dressed in a smart suit and looked like a regular, clean shaven man.

"Hello my dear, are you enjoying your little holiday?" He asked evily.

I turned my face towards the floor, he didnt like seeing me quiet, he walked up to me and struck my face with his hand.

The pain was unbearable, I screamed, and he walked back over to his desk.

"W-Why have you done this, why did y-you t-take me and Niall?" I stuttered.

"Because I was payed to dear" he replied smiling.

"Who. Who payed you to take us?" I yelled.

"Ha ha, that my dear, you will not live to find out." He smirked.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked.

"You see, my dear, by the end of this day, you and your little boyfriend will be dead, and I will be a very rich man" He laughed.

Terror struck through my body, or was that all the drugs? Im gonna go with fricking terror, I need Niall.

"NIALL" I yelled.

"Oh, your little boyfriend, yes he's in the next room, would you like to see him?" He smirked.

"Y-Yes, take me to him please" I begged.

"Of course my dear, that way, he can see you die" he smiled.

I glared at him through the tears that had started to fall. He yelled at a man to come in and the man came over to cut my ropes.

He cut them, and... slipped the knife into my hand. What, why is he helping me?

"What are you doing" I mouthed.

He winked at me, and walked out the room. I slipped the knife up my dress, so it was in my shorts.

"Come along then" he smirked.

He grabbed my wrist, unlocked the door to a  very dark room, and threw me in, locking the door behind him.

I stood up, my legs shaking.

"Niall... Are you there?"

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