Lost and Found - sequel to 'Love By Fate'

Read the first book before this one, or else you wont know how they met, or what is happening.

After being taken in the night, Niall and Alice have a hell of ride ahead of them. With thugs, kidnappers, gun men and more, will Niall and Alice escape in one piece. Or will they be seperated, only to be lost forever?


2. Lets get out of here!

"Niall... R u there?" I asked.

"Errr" I heard a moan coming from the corner of the room.

My eyes darted to that part of the room and there I saw him, Niall, beaten up and bruised.

I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around him, he did the same, holding me closely.

"Do you know where we are?" He asked.

"No, but I do know we need to get out of here" I said.

"How? The doors locked and the only window in here is held shut with rope, I've tried undoing it, but it's so tight and thick that I can't." He said worriedly.

"Don't worry, I have something that will help with that." I replied.

I pulled out the pocket knife and hobbled over to the window, I started to cut the rope with the blade, but I wasn't very strong due to being attacked for the past few days.

"Here, allow me" said Niall, taking the knife out my hands and cutting.

I actually had hope of us escaping, but that was long lived when I heard the door knob rattling.

Me and Niall looked at each other quickly, the fear in our eyes seeping through.

"Hurry!" I whisper yelled.

He picked up the pace and eventually, the ropes snapped and fell off. Niall pushed the window open quickly and gave me a leg up, once I was through, I gave him my hand and pulled him up.

We were free, as soon as we got out, we could hear yelling and arguing coming from the room. We didn't stay to hear the conversation, Niall clutched my hand, and we ran... Just carried on running.

A/N:sorry for it being short, but I'm still sick and I'm feeling really sleepy, will update later on. Xx
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