Lost and Found - sequel to 'Love By Fate'

Read the first book before this one, or else you wont know how they met, or what is happening.

After being taken in the night, Niall and Alice have a hell of ride ahead of them. With thugs, kidnappers, gun men and more, will Niall and Alice escape in one piece. Or will they be seperated, only to be lost forever?


4. A moment of pure happiness

Alice's POV:
I felt so safe lying against Niall's chest, with his arms safely around me. The water was hot, and it burned against my skin, but I liked it. It was the first time I had washed in days, and I was glad to be clean; physically anyway.

"Niall, I love you" I whispered.

" love you" he whispered back, kissing my head lightly.

I felt sparks fly through my body and I was craving for his touch, to feel his lips against mine. I sat up a bit in the bath and straddled him.

"What are you..." He started, but I cut him off by pressing my lips against his.

He ran his hands through my hair and across my cheek, soon the kiss deepened and I felt myself wanting him even more, each second that was wasted with kisses.

"Shall we move this to the bedroom?" He asked in between kisses.

"Mhmm" I mumbled.

I pulled myself off of his lap and let him stand up, he grabbed a towel, wrapping it around himself; then gave me his hand to help me up.

As soon as I was out the tub, I was pressed up the wall, Niall's lips met mine and his hands travelled down to my waist. I jumped up a bit and wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms wrapped around his neck.

"Uh... Niall... Bedroom... Now" I mumbled between kisses.

"As you wish, princess" he smiled.

We stumbled over to the bed, he dropped me on the bed lightly,dropping his towel and coming to hover over me; his arms on either side of my head.

"Your so beautiful" he said.

I couldn't help smiling, I love this boys so much, and I want him now.

I grabbed hold of his shoulders and pulled him down on my so I out lips were touching. I stroked my fingers along his arms, and moved them down to his 'member' and stroked the length, causing a few moans to let slip from his mouth.

"Mm... Alice..." He moaned through the kiss.

I wrapped my hand around it and started pumping his length, making his hips to twitch, and before I knew it, he came on my hand.

I smiled cheekily at him, when he suddenly shoved two fingers inside me, I gasped at the pleasure he was giving me.

"Oh god, Niall" I moaned, our lips no longer touching. I felt myself reaching my high, my hips twitch, my stomach knotted, and in seconds, I came on his fingers.

"Ready?" He asked positioning himself at my entrance.

I couldn't do anything but nod. He slowly entered me, I flinched at the pain, I will never get used to his size.

"Uh, faster Niall" I moaned.

He obeyed, and started picking up the speed, he thrusted into me, hard and fast, each time hitting my g-spot.

"Oh, Alice, fuck, your so tight... Uh" he moaned.

I smiled and continued to let my body lose control as he kept thrusting into me, getting harder each time; each time hitting my g-spot.

"Uh... Niall... I'm gonna cum" I moaned.

"Uh.. Me too babe" he replied.

And soon enough we both came together. His fluids filling me as mine dripped down his leg a bit. I leant up and licked them up, and returned my lips to him, kissing him lightly and falling into his chest; forgetting about this whole terrible situation.

He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead, whispering in my ear: "I love you Alice".

I smiled and we fell asleep together, feeling like the only two people on earth.
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