Simple Mistakes (Louis Tomlinson Love story)

"It wasn't my fault!" I screeched, my makeup was running from crying so much. Sighing he shook his head.

"You were with him Aly! You two kissed! You cheated on me!" I shook my head this isn't happening. It can't be.

"Why can't you trust me?" I asked in a voice below a whisper. Sighing he turned his back to me.

"Because you cheated on my Aly."


2. Chapter Two


Chapter Two

                Lowering my fist I whipped my head around to see a guy wearing some Raybands, a hoodie with his hood up covering his brown hair, along with some sweats. Giving him a cold glare I shot back at him.

                “Why should I?” He gave me a small smirk.

                “Because that would be mean.” Rolling my eyes I stepped away from her retreating slowly, but staying alert.

                “And who do you think you are exactly?” I asked him whilst crossing my arms over my chest, tapping my foot on the ground.

                “Louis, Louis Tomlinson.” With that I heard Vanessa give a loud gasp. Before I knew it she was on top of Louis and screaming like a mad woman. He was flailing his arms around trying to push her off, but she clutched on to him like a koala bear.

                “I love you! I’m a huge fan!” I just stood there, in complete shock as she tried to rip off his clothing.

                “Get off of me!” He yelled. Shaking my head I rushed over and threw her off of him.

                “Are you ok?” I questioned him.

                “Yeah perfectly fine.” I could tell it was sarcasm, but I decided to ignore it.

                “Good ‘cause now I can do this.” Giving me a questioning look I doubled over in laughter. Tears were coming out of my eyes I was rolling on the ground laughing. I opened my eyes a bit to see a frustrated Louis standing above me tapping his foot impatiently. That caused another laughter fit from me.

                “Are you done?” He mumbled. Slowly I nodded my head and stood up.

                “Okay, now I’m done.” I assured him. Glancing at Vanessa I saw she was practically hyperventilating while staring at Louis as if undressing him with her eyes. Shuddering I turned fully to Louis.   “Now, what are you doing here?”

                “Recording our new album.” He shrugged his shoulders while shoving his hands into his hoodie pockets. Giving him a ‘mhm’, I asked him again.

                “Interesting, now tell me the real reason.” His jaw dropped in shock. I gave him an innocent smile. It was obvious he was lying, what can I say I’m good at reading people.

                “To escape, for a couple of days of course.” Nodding my head I turned on my heel.

                “Well, lovely meeting you, have a nice stay at the wonderful Sin city!” I waved and began to walk away when I heard him call out for me with a ‘hey.’ Stopping I looked over my shoulder to see him walking over to me.

                “Well since you live here mind giving me a tour?” I looked at him with disbelief.

                “Dude, it’s like what 3 in the morning?” I raised my eyebrow while pulling my phone out of my pocket. He simple shrugged his shoulders.

                “So what?” I gave him my famous are you serious face. He threw me a sheepish smile. I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help but feel a smile spread across my face.

                “Yeah hang-.” I was cut off by a slam of force that knocked the air right out of me. Catching my breath I saw Vanessa shoving herself at Louis.

                “I can do it, she’s a bitch anyway.” My blood boiled, I saw Louis trying to look anywhere but down. So he stuck to her eyes. Those god awful disgusting eyes.

                “Funny you say that, because a bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark grows on trees, trees are nature, nature is beautiful. You just gave her a compliment.” Her hands instantly dropped from his chest. She huffed and turned away from him.

                “Whatever, she is an ugly pathetic loser. Oh call me sometime!” She called out while strutting away. Or should I say limping away due to the broken heel.

                “Says the girl who tries to make herself look pretty!” I yelled at her. She stopped. Frozen in her tracks. Snickering I stood up and ran to Louis grabbing his hand. I inwardly gasped when I felt sparks. “Leggo!” I then began to run as fast as I could away from her while dragging Louis behind me. After a couple of minutes we were in the middle of a deserted road.

                “That was fun!” I shouted while throwing my fist in the air and bouncing around. I heard a chuckle behind me.

                “Yes it was love, now how about you give me a tour?” I raised my eyebrow at him, and smiled.

                “Sure follow me, this place is really fun. It can get cray-cray though.” I warned him, trying to act serious, but failed miserably. He playfully rolled his eyes, and grabbed my hand. There it was again, that spark. Well, I wonder what’s going to happen tonight…

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