Forbidden Love

Lance has to find a way to see Kelly. There parents don't ever want them togther becuase....... well you'll just have to read to find out the rest. Don't waste time now read peope!


3. The Secert

Lance P.O.V

                   "Hey Kelly,come sit over here."I yelled. She turned and walked toward me. Matthew my friend said,"You like her don't you Lancey" he grins. Matthew stats to talk to Kelly. I started to say,"Kelly do you want to go to the mov...." Matthew cutts me off," Hey Kelly you should hang out with us."I start to think,"what will mom and dad say about her."She says," Well see ya'll around I best be going."

Kelly P.O.V

                 I walk to the lockers and put my stuff away and start to walk to the front door.Suddenly LAnce stops me and asked,"May I walk you home?" I answered,"Sure."we started home he waved goodbye and I went inside.I said,"Mom I am in love can you give me any tips." She said," I can give you tips but first, I have to tell you you can't go out with this boy because you are a werewolf, you would kill him in your sleep." I shout," NO, THAT CANT BE TRUE."I ran up to my room.

Lance P.O.V

                   I wake up and get ready I eat and walk out to the bus stop to find Kelly there."hey Kelly." I said. Then I muttered,"I really like you and will you Go Out to the movies with me Kelly."she responed quickly,"I'm sorry but i can't my mom has something planed" I said,"oh, well see ya then." I get on the bus and she follows.The rest Of the Day went by fast.

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