Forbidden Love

Lance has to find a way to see Kelly. There parents don't ever want them togther becuase....... well you'll just have to read to find out the rest. Don't waste time now read peope!


2. The Deep Thoughts

Kelly P.O.V

                 I walk into school hoping that my first class was with him.I went to my locker and got my books out and I bummed into the bully of the school. The punk said,"WATCH IT,SINCE YOUR NEW I LET YOU OFF WITH A WARNING." He walks down the hall everyone stares at me. I walked down the hall toward class. Someone yelled at me me," Hey stop!" I did as he said. He came up to me and said,"  I never caught your name." I blushed and said back,"I'm Kelly Rad, and you are?" He answer,"I'm Lance Cores,do you have english first class?" I said,"No but I have History second." Lance said,"well see ya at history."

Lance P.O.V

                  All through English I thought about Kelly."She is so cute how am I going to talk to her what am I suppose to say."I thought. The teacher smacks my desk,when she lifts her hand there is a pink slip for detention.She yelled,"You have detention sir no go turn that slip in."I walk down the hall I pass math class and I see her.I quickly rush down the hall.I hand the slip to the princlpe.

Kelly P.O.V

                 I see Lance walking back to class with a white slip. I started to think about his red shirt and his wavy hair and deep brown eyes. Then I thought to myself,"he would never like me I'm not his type he'd think.Maybe I should give him my number or email." I walk to history and it turns out that I sit next to Lance. I whispered,"Hey heres my number." I hand him a slip of paper. I'll see ya around.We went to lunch.  I forgot to bring money, So Lance gave me some.

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